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Hello there.

oh, I see you are just passing through.

Perhaps you can stay for a few seconds to read this.

I just wanted to say you are beautiful.

And I love you for who you are.

I respect your opinions.

You make me proud.

You have everything to live for.

You have low self esteem?

that’s odd.

Why would an amazing person like you have that?

Whatever the reason, you are amazing and you best believe it love.

Thank you for reading this.

You can keep scrolling now.

Sorry for wasting precious time<3

But if I made at least one person smile i’ll be happy ^,^ I know you guys are there. I know it.


Blue hair
Nose ring
Lip ring
Smudged eyeliner
Too perfect to be true
I know she’s not good enough for you
Arms and legs like spindles
It’s unfortunate that I like Pringles
We could….
Something about your hands
Makes me want to write another hit single
I don’t think I’ve seen you smile
But if you stay for awhile
And dial in to this type of love
I’m sellin you
I’m tellin you
This single Pringle
Who likes to mingle
With geeks and freaks
Will try her best to make you smile.

so fucking mad right now.

i asked that you could text me saying if you were on her way to see her. and i wait. and wait. and wait. and what do i get? NO FUCKING TEXT. so i thought “maybe the plan didnt go through.” and when i see pictures of you and her hugging and shit, i fucking cried. i cried because you knew how much it meant to me to talk to her and yet, you didnt even tell me. i had to know through fucking facebook. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING BESTFRIEND ARE YOU?! so now, instead of cutting myself, im punching my legs. so you know what. fuck you.