‘Opheliac’ is a medical term I came up with to describe the condition of a girl who has been driven to the point of madness by her environment, her relationships with men, and herself, and subsequently, what she chooses to do about it…I had never intended to be an Opheliac, but I found myself living that life, and very nearly dying that death, and the similarities terrified me. Making this record is how I came to terms with my own tendency toward self destruction.
—  Emilie Autumn
Marry Me
Emilie Autumn
Marry Me

Marry me, he said – god, he’s ugly, but fortune is ours
Running in the gardens enjoying men, women, and flowers 

Then I break a glass and I slit my own innermost thigh
So that I can pretend that I’m menstru…well, unavailable

My life is arranged but this union’s deranged
So I’ll fuck who I choose for I’ve nothing to lose
And when master’s displeased I’ll be down on my knees again