I’m Legit (Jughead x Reader) /request/

Request for Shelby; Unnoticed sweet girl changes her look over the summer and catches everyone’s attention

I hear my alarm, and groan. It’s the first day of school, and I really didn’t feel like waking up, or going. I guess I have to anyways. I look way different than how I used to look, which is a good thing for me. I went very unnoticed last year. I wasn’t ugly, I just didn’t give the best effort into  clothing. I wore baggy shirts everyday, and old jeans. I only had one pair of shoes, and those were my gross converse which had dirt and grass stains all over it.

I walked into my bathroom and took a semi-short shower. Once I got out, I curled my light brown hair, and did my eyeliner. I then proceeded to my outfit. It was a black crop top, black jeans, and black boots. I topped it with my favorite leather jacket. I know that I looked good, and I was proud of it. This year, I’ll be different, that’s for a fact

Not like people payed attention to me before, but I hope they won’t be too surprised. I walked downstairs, and went outside to get into my 1969 Pontiac Gto. My car is honestly my baby. I drove to school, listening to classic rock on the way. I pulled up, and felt dread. I wanted to be here, but I’m used to going unnoticed. I shut my car off, and walked out, grabbing my bad along the way. I began walking towards the school, and felt eyes on me, and guys whistling at me. I looked down and blushed, and continued my journey to school.

I walked inside, still looking down, and bumped into a guy. I fell to the ground, and looked up at who did it.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going” I said looking up at the guy. 

I felt my shy personality coming back, and I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t be rude. Last year, I was shy, and super nerdy. Now that I think of it, I can’t stand my old self. Now I’m still smart, but extremely outspoken. I know I’m nice, but unapproachable 

He held out a hand for me, and helped me up, “Yeah, I could see that” he said sarcastically.

I looked at him. He was beautiful. He had blue eyes that you could get lost in. His jet black hair was under a crown shaped beanie. I think I could look at him all day.

“Yeah, anyways, watch where your going next time” he said walking away 

I stood there kind of confused as to who he was. I’ve seen him before, I know that, but not up close. I snapped out of my trance, and started going to my locker. When I opened it, someone stood at the side of it. I looked up to see the one and only, Reggie Mantle. Another kid that I knew, but never met.

I rolled my eyes, “May I help you?”

“Do you like tapes and CDs?” he asked me

I looked at him confused, “Um yeah, I guess so. Why?”

“Cause I’m gonna tape my dick to your forehead, so you can see these nuts” He responded, looking at me dead serious.

I looked at him with surprise, trying not to laugh. I close my locker, and walked away from him slowly. His joke was really funny, but the fact that he didn’t laugh, weirded me out. I let it slide, I’m pretty sure all the guys are trying to play around with me or something. 

This is how it went throughout the day. Guys coming up to me, and flirting with me. I’ve made friends throughout the day, which I was really grateful for. Last year, I wouldn’t even think that I would be like this. Having friends, or having guys flirt with me. It was different, and I felt special about it.

I walked into my 3rd class, which was computer applications, and seen that we had seating charts already. I found my name and sat down. I was in the far back corner, which was fine. I could text or eat back here without my teacher noticing.I looked at the name next to me: Jughead Jones. I wonder who that is, his name is weird, but unique.

The door then opened, and there was the kid with the beanie. I got excited when I laid eyes on him. Something about him really intrigues me, and I want to explore it. He started looking for his name around the room, and seen the seat next to me. He looked up at me, sighed, and sat down. Hm, okay. He probably doesn’t want to sit with me or something, not that I really care. 

“What’s your problem?” I snapped looking at him.

He turned and looked at me, obviously surprised by my outburst. I don’t care, if I’m going to sit next to a kid for the whole year, I should at least get to know what his deal is.

He scoffed, “Nothing? I haven’t even said a word to you, so how would I have a problem?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you sat down next to me, and sighed like I was the most unpleasant human being, but that’s a maybe. I wouldn’t know the full story, huh?” I snapped again while glaring at him.

I didn’t know why I was being so rude, I just was fed up with him at the moment. He doesn’t even know me, but is already being mean to me. He’s still cute though. 

My teacher walked in, and began to talk about really boring things that I didn’t care for. I jumped when I felt a hand on my knee. I looked up at Jughead, who was looking at the teacher, and copying what was being written down onto his notebook. His right hand was under the table, and I could see the corners of his mouth twitching up into a smile.

I shook my leg, but his hand began traveling up to my thigh. I then tried  to push his hands off, but he gripped onto my jeans. His fingers brushed my crotch and I felt my core tingle. I liked it, a lot. My teacher then turned and asked me to read something off of the paper that was given.

I started reading it, and felt my eyes widen when I felt Jughead’s fingers undo my jean button, and pulled the zipper down.I coughed and tried to concentrate on what was on my papers. My voice trembled when his fingers slipped into my underwear, and I tried to squeeze my legs shut so he could’ve at least waited until I was done. 

I finished, and then another student went. His fingers brushed my skin, and I didn’t try to stop him this time. He was smirking as he rubbed my clit with his index finger.

The teacher then went back to his desk and continued writing notes. Jughead’s whole hand started rubbing circles around my clit and I clenched my legs shut.

“No, Shelby” he whispered, then leaned down to my ear, “Do you want me to finger you, Shelby?” and he tugged at my earlobe.

I bit my lip and spread my legs, I felt his middle fingertip tease me, and he ran his finger up and down my slit. His hand came over and wrote something in my notebook. My vision blurred while I tried to read it:

‘you’re so wet babygirl’

and he was right. I knew I was wet, and I craved him and his touch. His finger entered me unexpectedly and I moaned. Everyone in class turned to look at me.

“Is there a problem, Shelby?” the teacher asked me.

Jughead sped up the pace, and I gulped and shook my head

“No sir, I accidentally gave myself a paper cut” I replied to him.

Everyone turned and returned to their work. Jughead’s fingers kept pumping in and out of me. I closed my eyes and his thumb pressed against my clit, and he added another finger. I almost moaned again, but stopped myself by biting my lip. I felt close, and then he started touching my g-spot. My mind went hazy, and I clenched around his fingers. He groaned, and kept pumping. 

I felt myself release, and went into pure bliss. I calmed down from my high, and looked to Jughead. He smirked, and leaned in and kissed me softly. I was already bothered, and I wanted more from him. 

I reached across, and wrote my number on his notebook paper. I wanted to know what he felt like inside me, and I was determined to find out.

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Another Year Older
To start off with: Little warning about attempting suicide here - this is Dazai we’re talking about and this is going to be pretty angsty. It’s not going to be meticulously detailed or anything (I won’t be describing what he’s doing in a super graphic way) but there will be some mentions of blood and descriptions of mildly graphic-ish scenes? I don’t know what’s graphic or not and I wouldn’t say it’s too bad but it’s  a bit more detailed than what I’ve done before so keep that in mind, thanks.

19/6 - The day I hate more than any other

Dazai hated his Birthday, every year it was just a reminder to him that he was another year older.

“Where’s that damn idiot Dazai?” Kunikida asked angrily.

“I don’t think he’s coming in today,” Kyouka said.

“Oh yeah, it’s his Birthday today, isn’t it?” Atsushi added.

“He never comes in on his Birthday, I wonder why…” Kenji mused.

“Well it doesn’t matter, he better be in tomorrow or he’s going to seriously regret it.” Kunikida closed the discussion there and got everybody working again.

Dazai was sitting in his house, the windows shut, the lights off, the curtains drawn. He sat like this every Birthday, although no one knew he did, even in the Port Mafia, no one knew why he never appeared on his Birthday.

Dazai sat there, listening to the ticking of the clock. He still had a few hours to go. He glanced across at the various knives strewn on the floor. Along with the knives, there was rope, bandages, tablets, and many other things.

Now he reached across for one if the knives, turning it over in his hands and staring at it dully. He hated knives and he hated pain but this was the one day he didn’t care.

He cut himself.


He watched the blood drip onto the tiled floor of the kitchen. He’d already taken painkillers to numb the pain, although that was also an attempt at an overdose however he didn’t have enough of those pills and threw the rest of the tablets across the floor in frustration. However, he knew they would eventually wear off and leave him with the consequences of his actions.

He did it again.


He dropped the knife and picked up another, bigger one. He idly trailed it down his leg, creating a swirling ribbon of blood that slowly began to spread. The cut wasn’t deep but it would leave a scab and perhaps a scar. Dazai didn’t have the willpower to do himself any serious harm at the moment, for him, it was just too much effort.

He continued to trace patterns on his leg, each one accentuated with blood. Once all the space had run out, he switched hands, creating more blunt, cruder, lines on his other leg. they dug slightly deeper as this was his non-dominant hand and he had less control. he watched the blood slide to the floor, creating a slight pool around some areas of his legs.

Eventually, he simply dropped the knife, not even flinching when it caused a gash on his thigh. He sat there for a while, completely still, listening to the sound of the blood dripping from his wrist and feeling the blood pulsing and sliding down his legs. he didn’t know how long he sat there for, only that when he next glanced at the clock, he found that he only had four hours left.

“Four hours…” He slowly stood up, ignoring the blood that now slid down to cover his feet and continued to mark the floor.

He shuffled over to a length of rope, tying it into a noose without thinking. He dragged a stool to the only bar in the kitchen, standing on it and typing the noose to the bar.

“Here we go…” Without any forethought, he put the noose around his neck and stepped off the stool. He hung there for a few seconds, barely writhing, before the sloppy knot undid itself and he folded onto the floor, the noose still around his neck.

He lay there for a minute or so before sitting up again, looking at the rope dimly. He stood up and went over to the kitchen sink, hoping to drown himself. He filled it up and stuck his head in, waiting for his lungs to burn from lack of air and the water to rush in to take its place. Despite his attempt, he was still standing, and as he blacked out his legs gave way, causing him to slump to the floor, dragging his head out of the water and causing him to cough due to the impact.

Chuuya stared at his calendar, wondering what his brain was trying to tell him.

“Nineteenth of June…nineteenth of June…what’s so special about today?” Chuuya wracked his brain until it finally came to him. “Oh…that idiot’s Birthday…” Having not seen Dazai properly for four years, Chuuya had forgotten about Dazai’s unusual Birthday habit. “May as well go see if he’s still as odd as ever…”

Chuuya made his way to Dazai’s house, muttering under his breath, wondering why his brain had convinced him to do this. Once he got to Dazai’s house he banged on the door, not hearing any reply, he assumed Dazai was at work. A quick peek through the window told Chuuya that he wasn’t.

“Ugh…back to his house again…” Chuuya mumbled.

Back at his house, Chuuya knocked again before trying the handle, to his surprise, the door opened. Clearly, Dazai didn’t think anyone would check on him today.

“Dazai?” Chuuya walked down the hallway, glancing in each of the room in turn until he reached the kitchen at the end. “Dazai?” His eyes widened at the state of the room.

Blood was smeared all over the floor and various knives also had blood on them. A bottle of pills was spilt all over one of the worktops and more were scattered on the floor. The kitchen sink was still full and there was water on the floor around it. A bar on one side of the room had been bent and a stool still lay on its side underneath.

Chuuya took a hesitant step into the room, his eyes searching for any sign of Dazai. He spotted an arm sticking out from behind the worktop. He immediately rushed over, calling out Dazai’s name.

Dazai was covered in various cuts of different sizes and severities along with a few bruises that had begun to bloom. His bandages were only loosely on and Chuuya could see the various scars that covered his body. where they had come away.

“Dazai? Dazai can you hear me?” Chuuya shook him and pressed two fingers to his neck, feeling for a pulse. It was mildly erratic, but it was definitely there.

A small sigh of relief escaped Chuuya’s lips as he was glad he didn’t have a dead body on his hands. He then tried to wake Dazai up, shaking him gently but firmly and calling his name.

“Dazai, Dazai can you hear me? Come on, Dazai, wake up.”

Dazai stayed still for a few minutes before eventually beginning to stir. Chuuya stopped and sat back on his haunches, watching.

Dazai’s eyes groggily opened and he groaned. It was cut off, however, when he noticed the figure beside him.


“It seems you were passed out on the floor, care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Time…” Dazai’s eyes widened slightly and he crawled until he could see the clock. “Only…only ten minutes…”

“Time? Ten minutes? What are you talking about, Dazai?” Chuuya followed him, aware that he was still bleeding from various wounds.

Dazai ignored him, picking up a knife and beginning to cut himself again.

“Woah, woah, woah, Dazai stop!” Chuuya lunged at him and took the knife off of him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“I have to die…I need to die…” Dazai simply picked up another knife and continued, this time cutting a little deeper.

“Dazai stop!” Chuuya took that knife off of him as well.

Dazai simply stood up and tried to grab some pills. Chuuya followed, sweeping them off the table and out of his reach. Dazai, however, was frantic and he leapt after them, trying to pick them up. Chuuya dragged him away, causing Dazai to stumble and fall onto yet another knife, cutting his hand in the process. That didn’t stop him from picking it up, frantically trying to inflict damage on himself.

“Dazai, stop! Please!” Chuuya ran after him, grabbing his arm and twisting it to make him drop the knife, holding him in a lock to prevent him from doing any more harm to himself.

“No! No! Let me go!” Dazai struggled frantically, his eyes wide as they stared at the clock, watching the seconds pass by.

“Dazai! Just stop it!” Chuuya clung on tightly, desperate to force him to give in.

“I only have two minutes!” Dazai struggled relentlessly and Chuuya was worried he might bite his tongue as the last resort so he stuck his thumb in Dazai’s mouth, wincing as Dazai struggled, biting down hard.

Two minutes later Dazai stopped struggling, he let out a small cry and went limp.

“Dazai…?” Chuuya took his hand out of Dazai’s mouth, shuffling out from underneath him. “Dazai?”

Dazai simply lay there, an almost inaudible sound coming out of his mouth.

“Dazai what’s wrong?”

“I failed…” He whined. “I failed again…”

“You failed? Dazai what do you mean?”

“I’m a year older…I failed to die before my Birthday again…before the moment I was born…”

Chuuya looked at him, a little shocked, then he glanced at the clock which now read one minute past five. “You…you wanted to die before you were another year older…?”

“Yes…” Dazai sniffed. “And I failed…again…”

Chuuya was, once again, a little shocked. He’d never seen Dazai like this before.

“One more year has passed and I’m still not dead…”

Chuuya realised Dazai would just lay there and despair unless he gave him a hand. “Alright, Dazai, let’s get you cleaned up, ok?”

“Why…why can’t I die…?” He wailed.

Chuuya bit his lip.

“That’s all I want…all I want is death…Why…? …Why is that too much to ask…?”

Chuuya looked away.

“Why…?” Dazai continued to lie on the floor, sobbing quietly.

“I…I don’t know…” Chuuya responded in a voice barely above a whisper. He stood there, listening to Dazai for a while, unsure of what to do. Eventually, he couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to walk out, however, something stopped him. He wasn’t sure what, but he had a suspicion that it was the same thing that had him come here.

Dazai didn’t look like he’d be moving anytime soon and Chuuya was a little concerned about the amount of blood both on Dazai, around him, and on the floor.

He sighed and took off his coat and hat, hanging them on the hook on the back of the door, out of reach of all the blood.

“Alright, Dazai, let’s get you cleaned up…” Chuuya took one of Dazai’s arms and draped it over his shoulders, gritting his teeth and trying to ignore the fact that his clothes would probably be ruined. He dragged Dazai over to the sink and tried to get him cleaned up, eventually giving up and dragging him into the bathroom. He set him down on the floor and filled the bath before undressing him and getting him in. The water immediately turned red but Chuuya left him there while he cleaned up the blood in the bathroom, giving everything a good clean and then going off to find clothes and a first aid kit.

He came back a few minutes later to find Dazai had slipped down in the bath. He dumped everything on the nearest available surface and grabbed his arm, dragging his head up out of the water again. Dazai coughed and Chuuya sighed in mild annoyance.

“Right, now shower off.” He pulled the plug and got Dazai standing up, not caring that the water was cold when he turned the shower on. Dazai flinched but Chuuya held him under there until all the excess blood had been cleaned off. He then dragged him out, gave him a towel to wrap around himself and sat him down on the lid of the toilet.

Chuuya then began to disinfect, stitch and bandage all of Dazai’s various cuts, starting from his shoulders and working his way down his arms and torso. Dazai kept quiet, strangely comforted by the fact that someone was here fixing him up, and he wasn’t expected to do anything.

Once Chuuya got down to Dazai’s legs, he was surprised at the patterns Dazai had drawn. In fact, he thought them quite beautiful if it weren’t for the fact that they were cut into his skin. Even on his left leg where it was obvious Dazai was using his non-dominant hand, The patterns, though less intricate, still held a certain beauty to them.

Chuuya made sure to stitch them carefully so as not to ruin the patterns, not noticing Dazai watching him. Once he had finished, he got Dazai’s clothes. “Do you think you can put these on yourself?”

Dazai simply took the clothes and started getting dressed slowly. Chuuya waited for him to finish and led him to his bed. “Now sleep, you look tired and I can’t have you doing something stupid again.”

Dazai didn’t protest and climbed into bed, setting down.

“Now sleep.”

Dazai closed his eyes and Chuuya watched him until he was sure Dazai was fast asleep.

Once that was done, Chuuya went back into the kitchen and switched on the lights, biting his lip at the scene. He shook his sadness off and got to work cleaning it all up. First, he picked up all the knives and threw them in the still-full sink, then he collected all the rope and put them in the sink as well. he then swept all the pills and anything else he could get rid of into a dustpan and chucked it all into the bin.

Once all the knives were clean and the rope had tried to be cleaned before being chucked away as well, Chuuya got to work on cleaning the floor. He found the cupboard under the stairs and pulled the seemingly unused mop out along with its bucket. He filled it with warm, soapy water and proceeded to mop the floor, making sure every inch of it was clean.

He sighed and looked at the seemingly clean room, deciding he needed to give it a dousing in antiseptic just to make sure. With that, he checked Dazai was still asleep and left to buy a big bottle of it. He was relieved to find Dazai asleep when he came back and got to work sterilising every surface in the kitchen. It looked cleaner than ever when he was finished with it.

Next up was the bathroom. He gave the bath and shower a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, even pouring a small amount down the drain to make sure. He then cleaned the rest of the bathroom and threw all of Dazai’s dirty clothes in the wash, checking on Dazai every now and then as he did so.

Once everything was clean, it was already nine in the evening and Chuuya decided it was less effort to stay the night. He changed into some of Dazai’s clothes and put his own dirty clothes in the wash as well. He then sat down in a chair in Dazai’s room and promptly nodded off.

The next morning, Dazai woke up to find he was in his own bed and not on the floor surrounded by his own blood as he usually was on the day after his Birthday. He noted the bandages and the pain and wondered what had happened. Then he saw Chuuya sleeping in the corner and he faintly remembered Chuuya getting him all cleaned up.

He got out of bed slowly and tiptoed across the room and out the door so as not to wake him up. He was, again, surprised to find the kitchen sparkling clean and smelling strongly of disinfectant. It didn’t take him long to realise Chuuya must have done all of this after he’d fallen asleep.

What Dazai couldn’t comprehend, however, was why Chuuya had done all this, or why he’d come here in the first place. No one ever came to find him on his Birthday and in the Port Mafia, no one disturbed him. Chuuya knew that and yet he still came. Dazai shook his head and went to open the windows, the smell of disinfectant a little too strong for his liking. He then set about making himself a cup of coffee, finding himself almost subconsciously making one for Chuuya as well.

Once the coffee was done, he crept back into the bedroom and left it beside Chuuya for when he woke up. Unfortunately for him, the sound of the cup hitting the table woke Chuuya up.

“Hm…?” He rubbed his eyes and blinked, focusing on the slightly startled Dazai, hunched over as if he really was trying to sneak around, in front of him. “Dazai…? You’re awake…”

“Uhhhh, yes…that’s correct.”

“What are you doing sneaking around like some kind of thief?”


Chuuya glanced across at the coffee on the table. “Is that for me?”


“Huh…well even if it isn’t, I need it.” Chuuya picked up the cup and took a long drink. “Mmm, that’s good…” he sighed contentedly and continued to sip at the coffee. Dazai patiently waited until he had finished before he sprung the question.



“Why…why did you help me…?”

“Huh? Oh, well, I couldn’t just leave you there sobbing and bleeding out on the floor now, could I?”


“But what? I helped you because I wanted to, ok?”

“But no one has ever come to me on my Birthday before…”

“So what? I did and I found you as an absolute mess! You obviously get depressed on your Birthday so what were you expecting me to do? Leave?”


“But what, now, Dazai?”

Dazai paused. “…thank you…”

“Than- huh?”

“Thank you…for doing that…”

“Oh, uh, well, you’re welcome, I suppose. Jeez, why do you get so depressed about it? Sure you want to die and all but seriously, getting depressed because it’s your Birthday and you’ve lived for another year is ridiculous.”


“Just enjoy your Birthday like everyone else, ok? Just…think of it as you’re another year closer to dying or something.” Chuuya said in a bit of a huff, although it was partly an act.

“Another year…closer to dying…?”

“Yeah, that’s right. You’ve got to die sometime, right? Well, every Birthday marks another year closer. Sure you can’t exactly celebrate your death day as it hasn’t happened yet, but Birthday is close enough.”

“Oh…that’s one way to look at it…”

“See? So there’s no need for all the drama, ok?”

“Yeah…ok…” Dazai pondered over what Chuuya had said, wondering why he hadn’t thought of it like that.

“Oi, stop thinking and get me some food, I’m hungry and I had to deal with you and your mess-of-a-life last night.”

“Hey, since when was I your slave?”

“You are now. You seem to know how I like my coffee so I’m sure you know how I like my eggs, now get on with it.”

Dazai chuckled and took Chuuya’s empty cup, going to make him some breakfast.

So this ended happily, which was a surprise, but sorry for the angst for Dazai’s Birthday, I just had the notion that he wouldn’t like his Birthday because he is another year older and it represents another year full of failed suicide attempts. Also, Dazai being all depressed, probably wouldn’t be happy about the fact he was born, which makes the whole ‘Birthday being your day of birth’ even more depressing for him.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and are glad I managed to lift it up at the end!

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Inoo's reaction to finding out that he's going to be a dad? c:

Title: Tiny Baby Inoo-chan
Pairing/Relationship: Inoo Kei x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pregnancy, mild language
Genre: Romantic fluffy sweetness
Type: Oneshot

Summary: Kei finds out he’s going to be a Papa. (Jump appears in a chat at the end of the drabble)

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Moments Make Great Love 

by asphodelknox (7k)

“Well, I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you. I didn’t realize how much I took for granted a clean kitchen every day when I get home.” Harry said fondly.

“You know, I’m actually glad I started doing that… Lacey! If I hear you incorrectly recite Helena’s lines one more time, I’ll have you hand write them sixteen times…” Louis sighed. “Why did I decide to teach high schoolers?”

“Because you love children, you get to instill an appreciation for theatre and old English literature in young people, and I think you’re super sexy when you’re surrounded by kids.” Harry said promptly.

Louis was silent for a moment. “My heart is for your eyes only, Harry Styles.” The teasing from a moment ago was gone and replaced with tender honesty. It took Harry’s breath away for the millionth time that Louis could go from joking to serious in a heartbeat.

“I’d give up everything for you.” Harry said in reply, the same earnest honesty in his voice.

‘BabyGirl’ Part 1- Serpent!Jughead x Reader

For an anon request ☺️ I twisted this request around quite a bit Im sorry. This is a little less angsty (with mentions of an argument) and a little tiny hint of smut and los of teasing. I do hope that this is all okay for you. 

WARNINGS: Hint of smuttiness and teasing - swearing (Slight mention of a daddy kink)   MASTERLIST  Part 2

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

You waltzed into the bar that night. You and Jughead had, had an argument that morning about how you were his and his alone. How you would never show that you were his and it frustrated him. This all came from one incident last week when some young serpent at school decided to press you up against your locker in the way Jughead did and try and have his way with your lips. What Jughead hadn’t seen as he had pulled the twit away by his neck was that you were very ready to knee him heavily in the groin. You wore his jacket around your shoulders tonight and a constant smirk. You were used to arguing with him. You knew how this would play out.

It wasn’t long after you had downed one shot that you felt his hands on your waist, tight and demanding. Just how you liked it.

Jughead had changed since becoming a serpent. He was more confident and more at home and my god did you love it. Betty gaddamn cooper had left after she found out but you were always there and that’s what put you here, in this bar again but with his jacket  - not your own, and his lips inching evidently towards your ear,

“And what do you think you are doing wearing this?” His grip tightened on your waist before trailing down your hips to thumb and the very very short skirt. His body was pressed up against yours keeping you facing the bar,

“I’m being adventurous” you purred. You knew exactly what to do with him, “I thought you would want people to know I’m yours.” You turned your head to look at him still not able to turn around fully and pretending he wasn’t on about your skirt.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl. And there are more ways of showing you’re mine.” He almost growled the last word as his darkened eyes locked with yours before his lips planted themselves firmly on your neck, sucking and biting quickly and leaving a deep purple mark.

“Juggle! We’re in public”

“And you still decide that something so short is appropriate. Therefore I think this is appropriate.” His lips connected to your neck again and you sighed in content that you had gotten what you wanted - his full attention.

“Juggie, babe, come play pool with me?” You asked doe eyed as he looked down at you,

“Not tonight. Not while you are wearing that. Flaunting your ass to the whole bar? Not on baby girl. That ass is mine” he squeezed your behind firmly then placed a light smack on it.

“Oh I just remembered” you said sarcastically as you finally managed to turn in his arms, “I can do what I want” you smirked and pushed away from him, joining some of the guys in a game of pool.

You liked teasing Jughead for one reason - he would finally release his full dark side, he was dominant and possessive and you loved it on nights like this. You made a point of laughing a little louder and sweeter, and you certainly made a point of bending over the table a little in his direction, either squeezing your chest or allowing your skirt to ride up even more. The guys knew you were Juggies. Damn, every one knew you belonged to Jughead and with him being the leaders son, they didn’t touch you. They knew better than that. The third time you bent over you felt someone’s hips press up against you, their hands on your waist again and a hint of excitement in their pants. With his firm grip and large hands, Jughead managed to pull you up so you were standing flush against him once again and with a single nod, the guys you were playing pool with had left, heading for the bar.

“You need to cut this out, Darlin’. Now.”

“And why the hell should I. We’re having a lovely game here aren’t we boys” you shouted to them and smirked at how they were a little to scared to answer. Jughead had managed to establish quite the reputation for dealing with people who tried to deal with his woman.

“Now you are playing dangerously.”

“And when have you ever known me to be tame?” You teased back wiggling yourself against him. With a firm tug and a grip that would surely leave a mark - that you were sure he would add to later, he pulled you tighter against him and moved to wrap his arm around your waist pulling you away from the table and towards the back door.

As soon as he got you out into the abandoned alleyway you were up against the wall, “how dare you be like that in there” he demanded, “blatantly flaunting yourself like that like you were everyone’s to fuck and see! That’s not how this works (y/n).” You refused to give in and simply leaned closer.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do, Jughead?”

His lips found yours ferociously, his tongue winning immediate dominance, before he detached your lips and moved downwards. Down your neck and pulling his jacket away from your shoulders so he could reach your very exposed chest. The cold air had chilled you but you felt two warm hands slipping up your skirt almost ripping it with how tight it already was,

“Don’t wear shit like this unless you want shit like this to happen, baby girl” you sighed and smirked but he had caught you. “you did this on purpose, didn’t you. You wanted people to see you, you wanted me to do all the hard work with you didn’t you”

You hummed against his lips as you pulled him closer, “yes daddy.”

“Fucking hell, baby girl” he retracted his hands from your skirt quickly and grabbed your wrist harshly as you continued to smirk. His dads trailer wasn’t too far away so, ignoring the fact you were wearing heels, he pulled you to it. Throwing open the door and pushing you in before him he closed and locked the door. Immediately his face was close to yours again,

“You wanted me to get like that hmm? Lose control with you? Expose you fully, didn’t you?” His voice was so low it was almost a growl, here he was. The darkness. You nodded refusing to speak and break the smile on your face, “fine then” he pushed you into the bedroom and you went to lay on the bed but he tutted, “na ah, not yet baby girl.” Kicking off his shoes and socks he laid out on the bed, his hands behind his head as he watched you, eyeing you up with care. “You wanted to be exposed so badly, then strip for me, baby girl.”

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but she doesn’t know who i am 

by jaerie (9k)

Published : 2017-06-21

“Stop following me!” she growled out firmly, squaring her shoulders and pulling herself up to her full height plus the added inches of her heels that made it feel like she was towering above him.

And… that wasn’t the voice of a woman.

His jaw dropped in shock but he couldn’t tell if his face physically matched that expression or if it was a mental jaw drop. He hoped the latter but knew at least his eyes had grown wide. It wasn’t what he had been expecting.

Nightmare: Loki

pairing: Loki x reader

summary: you have a nightmare, and when you go to make yourself a cup of tea Loki surprises you in the kitchen. he offers some help

warnings: none

Sweat beads dripped down your face and your neck as you shot your head up and let out a strained scream. Your latest nightmare was more vivid than the regular ones you were used to. With your breath coming out in short pants, you attempted to calm yourself down before you woke anyone up. Laying down was not going to help ease your mind into the state of calmness it once was resting at, so you quietly got out of bed to make a cup of tea. It seemed like a routine at this point; waking up at 2 in the morning, and having to calm yourself down into a false sense of security.

You didn’t even notice Loki, the God of Mischief, quietly reading a book on the couch under lamplight as you shuffled through the main room and into the kitchen. With your hands still shaking from panic, you opened the cabinet and grabbed the familiar pink mug. After setting it onto the marble counter, you began the works for the cup of tea. Putting a pot of water on the stovetop to boil, you leaned on the counter, and continued to take in short, choppy breaths.

“Are you alright, Lady Y/n?” A silky voice quietly asked, startling you. You turned to see Loki grinning at you over the pages of his book, and you smiled at his civilian appearance. He had a cat sweater on that Thor must’ve given him, and sweatpants.

“Mhm, just couldn’t sleep.” You shrugged your shoulders, technically it wasn’t a lie. No one needed to know about the demons that plagued your sleep. You also wouldn’t be able to get more than four words out with his intense gaze locked on you. Something about Loki caught your eye in a special way, but you weren’t quite sure what.

Loki squinted, “Why are you lying to me about your well-being?” he pressed.

You snapped back, “I am not.” The water was boiling on the stove, so you took it as the perfect moment to break eye contact and get your tea together, and maybe even head back to your room. You poured the boiling water into the mug and hurried off past Loki and back down the hall. Before you were even in your room, he teleported in front of you and blocked the path to your room. Loki insisted once more that you were lying.

Instead of arguing with him any further, you tried to duck underneath his arm. He caught you, however, before you could even attempt and quickly swept one arm under your knees and the other cradling your back and picked you up. You couldn’t protest without waking up the rest of the Avengers, considering the two of you were smack dab in the middle of the hallway. It was a miracle you didn’t spill your cup of tea everywhere as he carefully held you against his chest and carried you to your room.

“Nightmares, I presume?” He whispered as he gently set you down back in your bed, took the cup of tea out of your hand and placed it on the bedside table. All you could do at the moment was nod tiredly and wonder in the back of your mind how he knew about your nightmares.

Loki, instead of returning to his book in the main room, moved to the other side of your bed and crawled in next to you, draping his arm around your waist. You were blushing like mad and tensed up a bit. He must have noticed, because he tightened his grip on you and buried his face in your hair. Loki snaked his other arm underneath of you, fully pulling you into a warm cuddle. You didn’t expect this type of treatment from someone as cynical as Loki, but fully welcomed it. His embrace finally started to sooth the fear from your nightmare. You felt safe wrapped up in his arms.

sparkleywonderful  asked:

Everyone always see Nesta and Cassian fight and banter, but they never see those sweet moments. You know those moments of holding one another after a rough day, the laughter of a tickling match, the excitement of a shared book, really anything full of sweet fluff.

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

His skin was soft for a warrior’s.

We lied in my bed, the sun had long ago set outside the windows of the townhouse. My fingers were tracing the tattoos along his arms, his chest, as his lightly brushed the small of my back.

My eyes found his half closed, but watching me, intently. “You’re thinking.”

I scoffed. “I’m always thinking.”

A breathy laugh escaped his lips. “You’re thinking of something specific.”

I sighed. “When did you get so good at reading me?”

A shrug. “Not long after I met you, sweetheart.”

I tried not to smile, but I failed. 

It was true, too, how he was the only person who completely understood me. He knew my every emotion by my body language, when I had spent so many years building up the walls around me.

He poked my side, making me squirm, as if to say, So?

I bit my lip. “I was just thinking what our lives would be like….if we weren’t….us.”

“What do you mean?”

Realizing he took offence to what I had said, I shook my head, quickly. “No, no- I meant….if you weren’t Commander and I weren’t….well, whatever I am, what would our life, together, look like? Who would we be?”

One of his eyebrows raised, and I hated that look, because my body reacted wildly to it. “If we were human, you mean.”

I shrugged. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Well,” he pulled his leg up so that it escaped the blankets and gave me a teasing view of his thigh, “I’m assuming you have an answer, so I’ll let you continue.”

I resumed tracing his ink, just so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. “We would live on the countryside, just outside of town. Close enough that the others could visit, but far enough away where we could often be alone with the children.”

I felt his chest shake with silent laughter. “You imagine us with children?”

My cheeks burned, but I didn’t let him see. “Of course, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed, softly, confidently. “We could start now, if you wanted.”

I glanced at his thigh, and the burn increased. “Hush.”

I could sense his smile as he pulled me closer. “Keep going.”

“Our home would be big, but not so big that it feels empty….and white, with a white picket-fence. Elain would help us plant a garden, and we’d teach the kids how to care for it. We’d have horses, and cows, maybe some goats. I wouldn’t care for them, of course, but you could.”

“Could you picture me caring for livestock?”

I laughed. “Yes, but only shirtless.”

“Of course,” he agreed. “I never do dirty work fully clothed.”

He nipped at my earlobe, forcing a giddy giggle to escape me. Not so long ago, I wasn’t aware I could make such a joyous noise. 

His lips found mine, slowly, tenderly. The look in his brown eyes made me want to run my hands down his body, my lips not far behind.

“If that is the life you want, my Nesta, I will give it to you.”

“But, what about what you want?” I shook my head, constantly overwhelmed by the things he said to me. “Surely, there must be something you’d like to add.”

He shook his head, his adoration being laid bare. “I want you to be happy. I want you to be free from your past life, where you were afraid to live, and laugh, and love. If I can give you that, I have everything I want.”

I kissed him, then, and we made love for the second time that night. I did want that life, that simplistic, rustic life with him by my side for the rest of eternity. I wanted his children, with brown, curly hair and dangerous, beautiful wings. I wanted to watch him teach them how to fight, how to love. I wanted him to teach me those things, too.

“I will give you that life,” he promised, the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. “If it is the last thing I do in this lifetime, I will give you that life.”

Is anyone else picturing Cassian pulling a Noah from the Notebook and building his woman’s dream house? Because, I am (shirtless, of course). I hope you enjoyed. I wanted to make it short, and sweet, and full of Nessian love. Thank you for your prompt submission! There’s nothing I love more than a precious prompt.

- Tara