The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In

Phil didn’t really like to go out to gatherings all too often, mainly because he was content with sitting at home with Dan, spending lazy mornings together watching cooking shows and sipping tea.

They were always too busy to go out as well, seeing as they not only had to create and edit videos, but they also had to work at the BBC some days, not to mention that they were afraid someone might find out that they’re together.

Dan decided that they needed to socialize, however, and so he planned a YouTube gathering of his own; in their flat this time.

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prompt from phanfic: Can you imagine them having a serious buisness meeting or them talking to a very important person or something and the person being like “So what’s your profession?” And they’re like “We make videos for the internet.” And the person thinks they’re porn stars and starts asking them questions about it but they don’t even realize that that’s what the person thought until after…

“Hello boys,” Jennifer smiles, reaching over to shake the hands of her interviewers. “So what questions can I answer for you today?”

Dan is literally vibrating in his seat and Phil is bouncing more in happiness for Dan than for himself. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence was a beautiful woman, but he knows that this interview is Dan’s dream. He couldn’t believe that BBC let them interview her for the next Hunger Games film.

“We actually have a few questions from twitter, but we need to ask first: do you know who we are?” Phil asks as per his cue cards.

Jennifer tilts her head to the side, an embarrassed look on her face. “I’m sorry, should I? I’m horrible, I know.”

“No, no, you’re perfect, absolutely perfect,” Dan gushes and Phil laughs.

“We make videos for the internet,” Phil says with a smile, placing a hand on Dan’s thigh when Dan starts tapping out a beat with his heel. It was great to be this excited, but they still had to make it through this interview with their dignity in tact. “Together, I mean. We’re known as Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil.”

“Oh!” Jennifer seems surprised, eyes widening and a hand over her mouth. “Well…wow. That’s…that’s awesome! That’s so cool. And they let you interview me? I’m so…wow." 

Dan’s grin is wide. “So you’ve heard of us?”

"Well, I’ve heard of the profession, of course. Who hasn’t,” Jennifer laughs and the studio laughs with her. “But wow, I’ve never met people who made those sorts of videos for the internet before. I wish I was the one asking the questions now!”

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we're on fire now | harry/niall

summary; In which Harry and Niall are two of the best spies in the world, except maybe not really, because they’re enemies and one is not supposed to fraternize with the enemy, but it keeps happening anyway. Liam is very exasperated.
word count; ~5.5k
notes; spy!AU because this fandom needs more spy!AUs, okay.



“Stand down, Spitfire,” comes Liam’s voice in his earpiece, steady and maybe a little bit resigned. Harry wonders if there are cameras in the room. “We’re sending Joker in after you.”

“Can’t stand down,” says Harry with a sigh. No, he can’t indeed, not when he’s tied up by his feet and dangling five or ten meters in the air.

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Between friendship and love

Tytuł: Between friendship and love

Ilość stron: 5

Pairing: Larry

Opis: Anne i Jay są przyjaciółkami z dzieciństwa, od zawsze miały wspólne cele i plany. Jednym z nich jest to, aby ich dzieci przyjaźniły się tak bardzo, jak one. Louis ma 2 latka, gdy Anne przyjeżdża z kilkudniowym Harry’m ze szpitala i wtedy padają pierwsze słowa Lou do noworodka - będę cię chronił. Czy matki tych chłopców wiedziały o co proszą?

AU- alternatywna rzeczywistość, One Direction nie istnieje.

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