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Who doesn’t like a mouth full of kiwi?

(Never too early for gravy, mashed potatos and whipped cream on pie, @enchantingdovely! :D)

Soldier: It is MANDATORY to show up for thanksgiving dinner! You are a TRAITOR if you don’t show up. Also, he put alot of effort into the pie, so don’t be rude and please just show up to have some. Also, he wears the seasonal ‘kiss the turkey’ apron with matching mittens, nothing else. ‘Its in the spirit of Thanksgiving!’ Side note: Make fun of him, and he will swing the turkey at your head (see the Thanksgiving of ‘65)

Pyro: They’re the ones cooking all the food, because usually after 3 PM, Soldier burns half the food, so Pyro had to speed-cook everything. They also make the biggest plate, and all it takes for no one to be paying attention for about 10 seconds, before they then back to see Pyro has emptied their entire plate. No one sees them eat, or move the mask to do so.

Sniper: This man. Steals. all. the frickin’ Cranberry sauce. He always denies it, he always tries to blame someone else. But we know the truth.

Heavy: Always likes bringing up the violent history of America’s first Thanksgiving, while calmly munching on a turkey/stuffing/gravy sandvich. It’s incredible how awkwardly quiet he can make the room.

Scout: Usually tries to grab a truckload of food and escape but no. There is no escape… not from the Turkey costume Soldier tries to stuff him in. ‘It’s in the spirit of the holiday, son!‘Then why do you sic the dogs after me?!‘THANKSGIVING DAY SPIRIT! Gotta get the blood pumping!’

Demoman: He helps Solider with the food… he’s also the reason that the pies for burned the first time. Dammit Demo, don’t tell Soldier to speed-cook the desserts with the rocket launcher!

Spy: Like father like son, He’s also going to try and escape the festivities… until he realizes he gets to expose Snipers food stealing habits, and goes on his merry way.

Medic: He tries to bring the turkey back to life… during dinner.

Engineer: Sitting to the side, calmly strumming his guitar while everything goes to shit around him.

It’s still one of everyone’s favorite holidays. They don’t ever say it outloud, but the entertainment is just too good.


blueberries are yummies

I sometimes forget that I, as the writer, have the power to just say “nah I’m not writing this” and skip over whole sections of time. 

The phrase ‘an hour later’ or ‘several days later’ or however long I need it to be will never stop being a life saver. 

On a semi-unrelated note I just reminded myself that I have 6 full packs of life savers and I am now going to eat them in celebration of skipping over what would have been a very boring scene. 


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theme thursday: harvest + halloween finds

harvest-time sweets by xocolatlchocolate

i’m closing out this theme thursday with some harvest-ready sweets from chocolatier xocolatlchocolate — they specialize in tasty truffles as well as baked goods that are autumn-ready, like these maple pecan truffles and sprinkled leaf cookies!


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gourmet foodie finds for thanksgiving dinner or brunch by lemonbird