how dare you → tatiana maslany

❝ The one thing I always come back to is what the character wants and why they want what they want. For Sarah, it always comes back to Kira and keying back into Felix. For Cosima, it's about making my brain work quicker and making my internal workings more kinetic. For Alison, it's being uptight and trying to control things. For Helena, it's being a dick and trying to freak out the crew as much as possible. It's a dream job but it's fucking exhausting but completely rewarding.

Cute HDY moment *-*
  • Makino: "Domyouji…are you okay?".... "Domyouji!"
  • Domyouji: "Of course…I’m not okay."
  • Makino: "Why? Why didn't you fight back?"
  • Domyouji: "If I lifted a finger... I wouldn't have been able to protect you. I'll just say this... I even knew that you were the 'kotori.' (Kotori is a game of catch-the-child.)
  • Makino: "Dummy. You mean 'otori,' right?" (Itori means bait or decoy.)
  • Domyouji: "Oh..."
  • Makino: "If you knew, then why'd you come?"