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How the Signs Say ‘I Hate You’

Aries: “You can go to hell”

Taurus: *doesn’t even tell you, just stops communicating with you completely*

Gemini: “I’m not exactly saying you’re toxic, but I’m definitely slipping under”

Cancer: *Gives one-word answers*

Leo: *won’t, will talk shit behind your back*

Libra: “The way I feel about you now, it’s just not the way I felt about you then”

Virgo: “You’ve become a problem to me”

Scorpio: “I don’t wanna say I find you annoying, but you’re pretty fucking annoying”

Sagittarius: *2838123728709580 eye rolls*

Capricorn: “I like really, I mean REALLY, don’t like you”

Aquarius: “I’d be totally ok with getting coffee with you, but if you were to fall into a pit of fire I’d take a video of it”

Pisces: “Oh sorry I can’t go with you today!  I uh…my grandpa who I haven’t seen in 71 years is coming and he needs help grocery shopping because he uh…lost his legs during the civil war started by donald trump!”