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i know we all love the romantic first meeting aus but lbr, realistically they'd probably meet in a walmart at 2 am death glaring at each other in the cereal aisle over the last box of count chocula. and gerard would probably be wearing the stupid skeleton onesie.

bonus points if frank’s high as a kite and is 100% sure he’s just died because there is a dude in skeleton pajamas clutching the last box of count chocula like it’s his only lifeline and all frank wanted was to eat, come on, man

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frank takes his 7 dogs out for a walk to the park and one of them gets loose and runs straight at gerard who is just minding his own business sitting in the grass and drawing and frank rushes up to them red faced and panting and saying 'sorry, im so sorry oh my god' and gerard is laughing and petting the pup and says 'hey no problem' and then sees all the others and asks 'you a dog walker?' and frank stammers and says 'ahh no.. they're all mine' and gerard awwws at him and frank offers to buy

him a coffee to make up for disturbing him and gerard grins and says ‘only if you join me’ and they go and get a coffee and gerard takes over three of the leashes and they walk and drink and chat until dusk and then gerard says he has to go home but 'here’s my number. call me?’ and frank nods and when he gets home and feeds the dogs he curls up on the sofa to watch tv but cant stop thinking about gerard and cant stop smiling, hasn’t stopped smiling all afternoon actually

“are you a dog walker” holy shit. this is great

VIDEO TEASER of a project organized by PH ARMYs and PH fanbases. Near MOA Arena, where the concert on July 30 will take place, we have this huge globe that can play video/ads. This will be shown on the 29th and 30th. All those names in the end are those who donated for the project. You can’t see it much but I had FYEAHBANGTANED placed on there when I donated hehe~ I wanted it to represent our little tumblr community here that works hard and loves Bangtan a lot. ^_^ (©SUGA_PH)

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lesbian frankie and gee trying to think of christmas presents for each other and trying to subtly ask for clues to what they want and they both know what they're doing so they just bring it up directly and they talk for a while and their eyes both light up when frankie mentions a kitty and they decide instead of getting each other gifts this year they'll adopt a cat together and gee nearly squeals she's so excited and tackles frankie and hugs her tight

all cats are lesbians and this is fuckin great

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frank high af and desperate enough to beg this dude to go halves with him so he hands over a few coins and they check out together and eat handfuls of dry cereal together in the car park and gerard pulls out a pack of smokes and frank takes one even tho he wasn't offered because hes a little shit

this is ideal thank you

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what's kind of dysfunctional abt ghoul and party's relationship?

idk, it’s just that they’re so volatile together? and unstable? like as I so often say, they can go from making out on the hood of the trans am to pranking ppl together to actively trying to beat the shit out of each other

in some ways they’re very similar, but in some ways they’re very different, and sometimes that means they work very well together, and sometimes it means they wanna kill each other

like they’re both pretty messed up dudes; bring em together and you often just get double the messed-upedness

USUALLY they get along great!! bros 4 life, let’s cuddle dude.
but when they fight, they fucking FIGHT, knock-down-drag-out-no-holds-barred-low-blow FIGHT
they know exactly how to push each other’s buttons and cut deep (because they’re so close) and they’re both too stubborn/proud to rein themselves in

and they don’t really ever…. talk? like about their feelings n shit. they don’t ever try to get closure about shit, so it’s so tough to get things resolved. usually party just wants to try to pretend like nothing happened and things can just go back to being normal and ghoul’s like “um? fuck no I’m gonna stay PISSED”
cuz they’re such opposites in that eay– Ghoul holds grudges forever and Party can’t be bothered to hold them at all
(probably they’d stay fighting for ages if the other dudes didn’t intervene and knock sense into the two of ‘em)

BOTH of them are fucking hypocrites about repressing feelings n shit; like if Party won’t deal with some emotional issue or whatever, Ghoul will try to force him into addressing it, but at the same time, Ghoul refuses to acknowledge that he himself is maybe not the stablest guy around???
yeah, a lot of times it’s something like that, with Ghoul trying to fix/help/change Party but repressing his own shit (not that he’s totally wrong– Party is definitely a train wreck and needs help, but Ghoul is crap at going about it)

sometimes it’s just pettier shit, like they simply get on each other’s nerves– just various contradictory personality traits clashing between them. simple. there are some ways in which they are exactly the same, and others in which they are polar opposites, and then they clash, and they clash hard.

the juxtaposition of their similar qualities against their different ones often creates a fuckload of tension– it’s like they’re so CLOSE to being the same or smth, but there’s just something between them and it can be frustrating, like when they fight

the fact that they decided to add casual sex into the mix probably doesn’t help either; even though they aren’t romantically involved, the tension that comes along with an arrangement like that can be trying.

it’s just… so complicated.

they have this weird setup, this brothers-bestfriends-crewmates-lovers-foils deal, and it’s just? complicated. like take the weirdness of that relationship and add it to the stress of life in the zones plus the general instability of both Party and Ghoul and you get this really…. dysfunctional relationship

they just love each other so fiercely that a lot of times they can’t really… step back
they feel everything with such intensity that they get all caught up in shit, you know? it’s so life-or-death with them sometimes

to reiterate tho: most of the time they get along FABULOUSLY. it’s just that when it’s bad, it’s really, really bad.

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frank and gerard taking wedding pictures it starts pouring down rain and gerard starts to get a little upset and the cameraman is like suggesting they leave and find another day but frank just pulls gerard in real close by his collar and grins against his mouth really wide before kissing him hard and gerard gets flustered and frank coaxes him into finishing out the photoshoot and they end up being the best pictures and a few years down the line there's still a framed photo -

- on their bedside table of them drenched in rainwater and holding eachother so close with their smiles pressed together (it was a candid that ended up being the best shot and they’re so obviously in love and they still look at eachother the same exact way they did that day every day)

bless you