Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer Volume 01 Release


And here it is, the complete first volume of Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer! Included are a variety of NEW pages and REDRAWN pages, along with that there are character sheets, a creator commentary corner with Kazutaka Kodaka and Youichirou Koizumi and an Afterword by Mitomo Sasako!

Special thanks as always to: 

@ahogehope, for translating the first chapter

Comun for translating chapters 2-3, along with the new pages, commenteries and afterword.

NotEqual00, for cleaning and redrawing chapters 2-3.

@taichinchin, for translating a lot of Sound effects and quality checking the releases

and everyone who read it! Stay tuned for the newest chapter of Killer Killer soon along with other manga! - Manlyronpa


Are you ready to experience DRAGOON SIMULATOR 2016?!


Glamours I’m planning on.  I’ve been waiting to get some pieces or upgrades before doing them so that I don’t have to re-glamour a piece again.

DRG on top.  If ever get the damn Viking Helm from Expert dungeons, I’ll use that and probably dye everything a very dark blue.  But the Viking Helm doesn’t exist, so that’ll probably never happen.

Next up is Healer.  Trying to get Yafaemi healer top before doing it.

Then MCH.  Gunner Maid, anyone?  I may have gone a bit anime on this one.  Will likely dye the dress Sunset Orange. 

And last is SMN.  This one I’m actually using already.  I originally wanted to use the hands and legs of the Skywicce’s set, but the hands don’t match and the legs will not drop, so whatever.  The Oasis legs work perfectly, so no loss.

TL Attack E09: DongRaeGu

TL Attack this Sunday will be with Complexity-MVP's DongRaeGu. Since he hasn’t been doing as well in foreign tournaments, we feel this will be a good chance to let fans console him about the problems he’s been having recently in ZvT. If you want a chance to play against him, just log on to Bnet NA server and we’ll be giving instructions on which channel to go to. 

TL Attack will be hosted this weekend by Chill and Hot_Bid. Special thanks to Milkis, who will be on hand to translate English to English when necessary. Kulas extreme and SC2BW may make an appearance as well. If you don’t get in, don’t worry, we’ll be streaming every minute!

The show will begin Sunday, Sep 25 12:00pm EDT (GMT-04:00).

Note: TeamLiquid Attack is a fun, casual event where a popular professional StarCraft 2 player plays custom 1v1s against community members. Typically, the player attempts creative or non-serious strategies while sharing friendly banter with the hosts. The show is a great way to get to know the personality of the popular player that might not normally be seen in serious ladder games or in tournaments.