Lawrence Things

I’m 200% positive he died and was resuscitated/had a near-death experience. 

He’s low key super witchy. Homemade “remedies”, lots of plants, little rock collections. I love it. 

Probably owns a copy of The Secret Garden. 

Talks to his plants and plays soft music for them on occasion. 

The perfect tenant/neighbor, you almost never hear a peep out of him.  

The dankest kush.

Doesn’t trust himself to own pets so he settles for Vincent. 

Has a preference for wide open spaces. 

Likes baths and adds herbs to them to help when he’s sore (murdering and hauling corpses ain’t easy on the back). 

Probably reads/writes poetry. 

Very grumpy when woken up. 

Needs tea right when he wakes up and goes to sleep. 

I can see him playing an instrument, like a string instrument probably.

Drinks Fiji water.