Pll theory: Charles

After watching tonight’s episode I am almost certain on this theory I came up with. Sara Harvey has barely been a part of this show. Clearly their is a reason as to why she is on the show now. I think that Charles has dual personality. He acts as Charles and then becomes Sara when he gets in a certain mood. Think about it. Let’s say Charles is mrs.D’s son. Remember that flashback in the Christmas episode… Mrs d had two dresses and didn’t want Ali to tell her dad maybe because her dad wasn’t aware that his son has that serious of a mental illness. Also if Sara/Charles was in Radley then that would connect Bethany and mrs d, because her son/Charles/Sara was in Radley so maybe that is why mrs d was on the board. It would also explain why sometimes we see a obviously girl figure and guy figure. And I bet next episode they still won’t have A because it is Sara Harvey/Charles. That is the perfect escape for them to still be A but no one will expect it cuz they seemed like a victim. Anyways sorry for any grammatical errors. Pease out homies

💫 Time to Pretend 💫

Ok, so pretend you are A.
You just woke up, it’s 7:45 am. You shower, have breakfast, and then you sit on your bed and write out your to-do list for the day.
What is the first thing on your to-do list?