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Being Sirius's stepsister would include...

Requested- Hi, if you have time could you please do a “Being Sirius’ step sister would involve”? Thank you

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  • getting really nervous when you first meet him
  • then you two hitting it off and becoming good friends
  • sharing the same bowl of ice cream while relaxing in the living room
  • him being all protective at school
  • “Who is that?”
  • “Just a classmate.”
  • “Why is he talking to you?”
  • him bringing his friends, the marauders, home
  • you meeting and entertaining them
  • James checking you out
  • “Padfoot, who is she?”
  • “My stepsister. Don’t you dare lay a finger on her, Prongs.”
  • being good friends with Remus
  • fighting with Sirius about anything
  • from him stealing your food (how dare him) to you seizing his seat at the sofas
  • throwing random objects at each other
  • like pillows, quills, clothes, or sometimes food
  • offering peace in no time
  • “Did you hear anything?”
  • “Ugh, our parents are banging again aren’t they?”
  • awkward silence following through
  • “This is disgusting.”
  • “Let’s play music.”
  • your relationship is like best friends, honestly
  • you two braiding each other’s hair
  • him picking out outfits for you
  • you helping him with his homework

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