era: one of a kind


…And then there’s me.”  I asked his fans to describe Louis in one word, here’s the result. (some words are repetitive because I put every word that people used to describe him, the repetitive ones are by different people mentioned again +click to enlarge)

Can I just take a minute and say how proud I am of Green Day? I mean they’ve been around for like 5,000 years and they’re still making music and videos for their fans? I love how they manage to stay relevant and they fit right in with today’s bands, they have this amazing ability to stay forever young. That’s pure talent right there. In real life they’re not considered old by any means, but being that they’re in the music industry and it has this obsession with youth, once you start getting older people don’t pay attention as much. But not Green Day, they always capture everyone’s attention and they still sound better than the younger bands. It’s all about the music for them, that’s what makes them stand out. I applaud them for never changing who they are but also for being smart and knowing what younger fans like. That’s why there will always be new generations of Green Day fans. Thank you Green Day!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I finally made some new Nessies! These guys are all made from upholstery fabric and are one of a kind! It’s been a bit since I’ve made any of these guys but they’re so cute! I kinda want to keep a couple of them lol. Buuuut they’re for sale. If you love one grab it because I only have enough of each fabric for one!

Pattern made by the amazing @beezeeart.

For sale here.

Mike Dirnt is such a special individual…He has literally always been there for Billie when he’s needed him even at his worst…He’s an amazing dad to his kids…He is always there for Britt especially when she underwent chemo…and all the while being a fucking unreal bassist….I have so much love for him!!!