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Identity/Power Swap |  A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Credence is a young aristocrat, and Graves becomes his personal valet.

- Don’t you like to play love games, Mr. Graves? Careful, pick the wrong era and I will be the one in charge.

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5/6/7 from the most recent prompts list with wolfstar????? Sorry again I've really gone wild with the requests recently lol

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I chose 6) “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

In which the thing that causes Sirius to run away from home is being badly beaten by his mother.

**mention of abuse**

Remus’ window was open, letting the warm, August night air in while he slept.

He was woken by something tumbling through that window.

He was up in an instant, startling so hard his slammed his head against his low, slanted ceiling. His first instinct should have been to reach for his wand, really, but instead his hand went to his head, feet curling under him, away from the intruder. Instead, he let a whimper out, squeezing his eyes shut despite himself, his mind going to the last time something had come through his window.

For a moment, all he heard were harsh, shuttering breaths. He wrapped his arms around his knees, tucking his chin under them.

Please be dreaming. Wakeupwakeupwakeup-


Remus’ thoughts froze, his eyes opening in the dark space between his arms. He lifted his head, slowly, eyes wide. Because it wasn’t Greyback that had fallen into his room…

“Wh- Sirius? What are you doing-“ Remus’ eyes widened. The panic that had just left his chest flooded it once again as he took in Sirius’ appearance, “What hap…”

He cut off once again at the look on Sirius’ face. Through the black eye, the bloody temple, the split lip, Remus saw the fear; the familiar fear that only crossed Sirius’ face because of one person. Remus’ heart clenched.

“Oh Merlin… Oh god, Pads-“ He pushed himself off his bed, falling to the floor on his knees in front of Sirius, taking his shaking form in his arms. He felt Sirius’ hands grip the fabric of his t-shirt against his back.

“I- I left Reg there-“ Sirius gasped, breaths coming in harsh, sporadic intakes, “I left him-“

“Shh..” Remus rocked them slowly, trying to calm himself along with Sirius, “They don’t hurt Regulus, love. It’s always-“ His voice caught, eyes burned at the thought, “It’s always you… You were right to get out, okay? You were right.”

Remus felt Sirius fall limply into his chest, nose buried in his neck, and he just held him as tight as he could, fingers running over his spine, hand stroking through his hair. He seemed to finally be relaxing, when he suddenly flinched against Remus’ chest, breathing picking up again. Remus checked himself, trying to figure out what he’d done, but when he felt Sirius’ hot tears on his skin he realized. Sirius was just reliving the abuse, over and over.

“Hey, hey… Pads, it’s okay,” Remus pressed his lips to his temple, right by Sirius’ ear, “It’s okay…” He said softly, “They can’t hurt you anymore, I’ve got you…. I’ve got you.”

Sirius let out a shaky breath, “I know.” He wrapped his arms around Remus’ neck, bringing himself closer to the only person he needed right then, the only person he believed when he say they can’t hurt you.

I’ve got you I’ve got you

Sirius let Remus encompass him, let him bring warmth back into his body, “I know you do…”