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anonymous asked:

You're comfortable in 'your' home for now, but what about when you need a new host? You can't live there anymore, unless you kick out your current host or... /get rid of him/.

Ooh, nuh-uh, not goin’ there - 

I’ll figure out something, I’m sure…I’ll have to. 

At least I got a good grip on how to maintain a job for living expenses and stuff. I mean - everything’s online so - I guess I’ll just make sure I have a laptop by the time I gotta ‘move’. 

I’ll be fine. …I think. 

anonymous asked:

I bet he's a missionary guy. The kind that needs to see your face in order to cum. Yes please!!!

Just to be able to see your head drop back in pleasure and hear his name escape your lips. I could see his intense blue eyes and devilish grin as well knowing the pleasure he was giving you.

rin-fate  asked:

*whispers* her name begins with an R and ends in a ose

“Roses are actually my second favorite flower, random fact haha, uhhh yeah though, I’d totally love to meet her!”

Bonus of me while writing this:


*sees an ask where I’m probably supposed to introduce myself*

*turns red and decides to avoid meeting Lance because oh no I have to write nice things about myself then oh no nonononono must avoid this…until someone forcibly throws me into the room ohno*