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Phone Transmission

Phone Transmission

When the transmitter on MCR’s website was still active, if you hit the flashing numbers in a certain way, it would reveal the code “017602783136.” What most of us didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just a string of numbers–it was also a phone number. If you called the number “1 760 278 3136,” you’d hear a muffled transmission. Some of the words are hard to make out, but the word “Draculoid” is quite clear. One fan realized that the recording contained Morse code, and translated it to the following:

…  ….  .  ..  …  …  ._  .._.  .  ._  ._  ._

S H E I S S A F E A A A or maybe


Another fan pointed out that “AAA” means “stop.” I don’t know how long this recording had been active, but it essentially told us the fate of the girl after the “SING” video.

At the time of writing this, you can actually still call the number and hear the transmission yourself. Or you can simply listen to the recording above!

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Have I mentioned how much I love danger days’ concept?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days’ aesthetic?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days headcanons and theories on this website?
Have I mentioned how much I love all the danger days fanart out there?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days?

Has anyone noticed how messed up the Killjoys Wiki pages are?

Like seriously for Party Poison It doesn’t even talk about him it’s about some guy from Danganronpa

His name on there is “Daddy” (makes sense tho). His gender is an attack helicopter, which also makes sense tbh. aND LOOK AT HIS NICKNAMES

Fun Ghoul isnt much better tbh. 

His nicknames are great and the fact that his weakness is his height (same) and Party Poison is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Up next is Kobra Kid 

Apparently we should now refer to him as Yeet McGeet…

And Finally Jet Star

His nickname is Precious Princess Fro Fro, which again makes sense


Anyway the Killjoys wiki pages are fucked up man