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astrid physically abuses him in both movies!

I honestly can’t tell if you believe the shit you’re spewing.  If you truly believe that’s physical abuse then enjoy the rest of your life in a bubble.  The closest Astrid got to abuse was in the cove in movie one.  After Hiccup t o u c h e s her first. Furthermore, She gave him a chance to explain.  He lied to her face and touched her.  The jackass.

Astrid is not abusive.  She’s a viking with restraint and Hiccup pushed the boundries of that restraint.

After they become friends and she punches him?  Is that what’s bothering you?  Because know this: If Hiccup told Astrid, directly, seriously, to stop—that it bothered him—she would. He hasn’t.  He grumbles and tisks and accepts whatever form she’ll later make it up to him.  At no point in the past five years has Hiccup told Astrid to stop hitting him (harmless hits too, come on).  Astrid has a lot more experience l i s t e n i n g to people than Hiccup does, and she would absolutely listen to him over something that upset him.  He doesn’t even cower.  His body language accepts it.  He knows it as communication.

She doesn’t give a shit if it upsets you, however.  Part of her charm, I guess.