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TL Attack E09: DongRaeGu

TL Attack this Sunday will be with Complexity-MVP's DongRaeGu. Since he hasn’t been doing as well in foreign tournaments, we feel this will be a good chance to let fans console him about the problems he’s been having recently in ZvT. If you want a chance to play against him, just log on to Bnet NA server and we’ll be giving instructions on which channel to go to. 

TL Attack will be hosted this weekend by Chill and Hot_Bid. Special thanks to Milkis, who will be on hand to translate English to English when necessary. Kulas extreme and SC2BW may make an appearance as well. If you don’t get in, don’t worry, we’ll be streaming every minute!

The show will begin Sunday, Sep 25 12:00pm EDT (GMT-04:00).

Note: TeamLiquid Attack is a fun, casual event where a popular professional StarCraft 2 player plays custom 1v1s against community members. Typically, the player attempts creative or non-serious strategies while sharing friendly banter with the hosts. The show is a great way to get to know the personality of the popular player that might not normally be seen in serious ladder games or in tournaments.

a decade & closure

I woke up Sunday morning excited for my blogger brunch with Lauren. Ready to start my day, I completed my morning routine [brush teeth, wash face, comb and straighten hair], got dressed, and headed downstairs to whip-up a batch of waffle batter.

The morning came and went. We had a delightful breakfast complete with what’s the future look like chatter. Lauren packed up and headed home. We slayed the pile of dishes in the sink, poured another cup o'joe, and settled into our respective chairs on the patio ready to soak in the sun and knock out a pile of Sunday morning reading.

and then I remembered that it was April 15th

I had forgotten (that entire morning) about Dustin. About the day that changed my life [our lives, really] forever. Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of his death.

Half of me felt heavy with guilt that I had let my entire morning pass without remembering what that day meant…

while the other half of me felt that- after 10 years- it was finally time for me to let go. That his memory will always be such a part of my young life but I also feel that those years- an entire decade- have allowed me time to heal. That after 10 years of lingering memories of loss, he would want April 15th to just fade into another day of the year.

For the first time in 10 years, I didn’t preface April 15th with an abominable mountain of emotions. And for the first time in 10 years, I looked at this day with a new peace.

9 years ago was sadness, 2 years ago for memorieslast year was for reflection

and, as it appears, this year was for moving on.

I’ll store his memory in my mind for the rest of the days of my life. His laughter will echo in my ears for as long as I can hear. His silly left handed writing, his ineptitude for the Spanish language, his red truck, and his adoration for my Mother are all things I hold close to my heart. Those are the things- no matter how many years may pass- that will never change.


So there, the news came out. Direk Rico is leaving Party Pilipinas. What’s the reason? That, I don’t know.

Sobrang affected ako sa balitang yan. Ever since he did “One Earth, One Journey”, hinangaan ko na siya. Kaya sobra ang tuwa ko nung nabalitang isa siya sa magiging directors ng PP. It may be a rough start for him and his team but eventually they got the gist of the show and on their every turn, they give us a really good show.

Direk Rico believes in talent. He pushes the artists to show more of what they can already do. Binigyang importansiya niya ang mga may karapatan naman talaga sa stage na iyon. He brought out the best in each artist. O sige, diretso na. Siya ang nagbigay ng chance at naniwala sa kahalagahan at talento nina Kyla, Jolina, Rachelle Ann, Julie Anne at Elmo. I especially love what he did to Kyla. He pushed her and believed she can do a sing and dance, as in DANCE, prod number. So tignan mo naman ngayon, wala na kyeme humataw sa sayawan si K.

He listens to the fans and viewers. Negative man yan o positive comments. He always want a great show more than high ratings.

Party Pilipinas will never be the same without Direk Rico. I’m still hoping for a miracle that he’ll change his mind. Magbakasyon ka lang Direk, please? :(

april 15th

Dearest DRG:

It’s been ten years since we donned our caps and gowns, preparing to vigorously take the world by storm. Ten years since we celebrated our ‘senior year’ with a spring trip to the beach. Ten years since we ripped open envelopes to see which colors we would be sporting on Saturdays in the fall. Ten years since we shared french toast during first period Spanish [rolling your r’s can be a bit tricky with a mouth full of syrup].

And today, it’s been nine years since we lost you.

For some, April 15th is tax day. A day of stress, chaos and filing away everything from the past year into a cardboard box.

For me, it’s just the opposite. It’s a day of remembering. Of unpacking the memories of those wonderful years of friendship. Of taking a few minutes hours to talk with you. My angel. And then taking time to celebrate your life.

Eight years ago this was a day of grief. Five years ago this was a day of reflection. And today this is a day of remembering. Rejoycing that I had the pleasure to spend my young adult years with you by my side. These nine years have allowed us all a chance to grow. To digest your impact on who we are today. Trust in knowing that you may be gone but you will never ever be forgotten.

All my love.




Looking forward to watching:

Destiny- Been a Destiny fanboy for a while. Mainly cause he is just such an entertaining guy. Not the best sc2 player but he was just a great personality. Lately that has been changing, I still think there are tons of things he needs to work on (maybe like getting more than 1 build) but I want to see how he will do in a tournament setting vs multiple people.

HDstarcraft - I always thought of him as a shoutcaster rather than a good player so I’m interested to see if he will make it past first round.

Liquid tyler- Waiting to see if he can rise to his BW success again.

Liquid TLO- Always fun to watch with his innovative style and after his MLG interview I am looking forward to seeing him back in action :) Haven’t seen him play since his 24 hour stream and I am really looking forward to see how he developed his nuke play.

Liquid seth- I want to see how the newest member of Liquid does at MLG

DRG- This dude is the new rising star of zerg. People are saying he is top 3 in the world. Honestly I don’t know too much about his play but I wonder if he is just a GSTL hero or if he can actually be an amazing player (main doubt stems from him not being in code a even).

Megumixbear- Biggest name female player going afaik, and probably one of the better female players right now, will be interested to see how she does.

Boxer - honestly I am a zerg so not feeling TOO much love for terran especially since this man with iloveoov reinvented terran into the zerg facestomping machine it is today and he has done so much for esports I would love to see him take home a major tournament win.

Idra- I want to see if stays in a game long enough to win.

Kiwikaki- One of the best NA toss IMO but havent seen him play since he joined reign so I want to see if he can match his previous success and maybe even take a win.