jacksonwang852g7: [KOREAN TRANS] You’ve worked hard today too our I GOT7 😊 Today, our best leader Jaebum hyung is handsome and jjang jjang! ( If I say this, Jaebum hyung will buy me meat right? 😝) keke Everyone I missed you a lot! Head home safely I’ll see you again next time! [ENGLISH] Thanks for coming today again! I GOT7 ! JB looked amazing today! ( he should buy me 고기 because of what i just said) LOL ! Get home safe I’ll see you next time! [CHINESE TRANS] You’ve worked hard today! Be careful on the way home! See you next time! ❤️  [JAPANESE TRANS] You’ve worked hard everyone! I really thank you! #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #SBS #inkigayo #JB #defsoul #igot7heartattack #leadernim


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