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hp aesthetics: the marauders + lily

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good”

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Everytime I think about the marauders I get so sad I literary start crying. Can you either convince me l that this is just a book or tell me reasons to not get sad about this all the time because fuck 😩😭

okay so I feel this and your pain but lemme just remind you of all the happiness the marauders brought to hogwarts and each other okay:

  • okay so james grew up in a really close family, with his dad working from home and his mum just generally smothering him
  • so when he turns up to hogwarts he really misses his mums hugs
  • he loves hugs
  • he’d never admit it around his cool new friends because he isn’t a loser okay
  • they just make him feel Safe and Secure
  • (the guys notice immediately because james can’t lie for shit)
  • they reassure him with pat’s on the back and hair ruffles throughout the day
  • by second year they’re all so comfortable with each other that remus has these long arms that will wrap you up all cozy and sirius is the one with a jacket so big and comfy so he will wrap you up like a burrito
  • peter gets excited and tries to lift james to cheer him up if he’s homesick
  • (tries being the operative word, they often end up a mess of limbs in the middle corridor on the way to class)
  • when james made the quidditch team the boys attended his first match - facepaint, glittery banner and all
  • they  trash talked the other team and cheered for james so embarrassingly loudly that in fourth year they got temporarily banned by mcgonagall for besmirching the name of godric gryffindor
  • living in a dorm with each other you learn peoples quirks and oh my godric did the marauders have quirks
  • sirius, predictably, is very eccentric
  • he likes his patterned blankets and is always sweeping around the dorm cocooned in about five
  • they later learn he also really likes cigarettes and defying any sort of authority
  • they also realise remus has a severe sweet tooth
  • his side of the dorm seems immaculate until you check under his bed where you’ll find an assortment of chocolate and sweets wrappers and a stack of 30 more bars
  • because “I have low blood sugar alright?”
  • “yeah but 30 remus? really?”
  • “I don’t see you complaining when you need a late night snack peter”
  • “fair point, mars bar please?”
  • “that’s what I thought”
  • james was the mother hen of the group and was always worrying that peter’s hands would get too cold and “sirius stop waxing poetic and eat fgs”
  • sirius was the tallest of the marauders until fourth year when james had a growth spurt
  • he was in shock/denial for a week when james outgrew him and the other marauders wouldn’t let him forget it
  • can you imagine the idiots in care of magical creatures or herbology??
  • *james points at an ugly crying mandrake* “look sirius, it you”
  • *sirius points at a bucket of flobberworms* “james the likeness is uncANNY”
  • when making the marauder’s map sirius insisted rather melodramatically that if they insist on him being named on this then they should name themselves something more ~tasteful~
  • the dorks came up with “the marauders”!!!!!
  • (the dorkiest squad name probably ever and I loVE it)
  • fireworks at mealtimes were a frequent thing
  • fireworks at all times tbh
  • confetti was also a favourite of theirs
  • they are the worst people to be at breakfast with if you are not a morning person
  • the gryffindor girls used to sit with them in fourth and fifth year but honestly
  • it takes a special sort of patience to deal with sirius black in the morning
  • this (rather unfortunately) became evident when marlene poured a bowl of porridge over his head in fifth year
  • having the boys vanish platters of hash browns as lily went to stab them and peter picking bacon of their plates meant the girls could only deal with the boys past 9am
  • despite this the nose elongating and hair dying charms that the marauders shot across the table in the great hall provided the rest of hogwarts with a laugh before the day had even really begun
  • the camaraderie of the boys propped up the mood of the school in hard times, and even when the school was reminded of the war brewing outside its walls the marauders managed to bring an abundance of warmth (and much needed mischief) to the cold castle