era loud

  • "are you happy?"
  • me, screaming from my bedroom floor: no??
  • "are you going to do something about it?"
  • me, very offended: no????
APUSH music videos

If you’re a musically-inclined person, these might help you retain information better. Or, you know, if you just need a break from studying…

General US History

Colonial Era (1607-1775)

American Revolution, the Constitution (1776-1789)

Federalists, Republicans, the Era of Good Feelings, Jackson (1789-1848)

Antebellum, the Civil War, Reconstruction (1848-1877)

Gilded Age, Second Great Awakening (1865-1900)

Progressive Era, Great Depression (1900-1939)

World War II, Affluent Society, Civil Rights, Cold War (1939-1970)

Vietnam War, End of the Cold War, Conservative Revolution (1964-present)

Check out the AP Euro edition here.


Aggressive, funky, loud, Red Hot Chili Peppers. 


Sirius rolled his eyes at the way Remus’ face lit up when you entered the room. You looked at Remus as you began walking over to sit next to him, the same smile on your lips.

“We need to get them together,” Sirius said, looking at Lily.

Lily laughed slightly, “James is probably going to kill us.”

“Yeah, but he won’t say anything to you, and I know he is in love with me,” Sirius grinned, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

Lily laughed before nodding, “Alright, what’s the plan?”

Ben Barnes as Sirius Black

Lauren Ambrose as Lily Evans

Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin

I don’t know, I just think it’s pretty funny how some of you interpret that scene after Snape’s Worst Memory because Remus is like 

“Well, Snape was a special case…” 

And these people go “see? This is canon, in his best friends words: he proceeded to bully Snape, what a heartless monster.

And then Remus says

“He never lost an opportunity to curse James so you couldn’t really expect James to take that lying down, could you?”

And they be like “ok but consider this: he is lying™. He is James best friend of course he is gonna protect his ass. Totally biased. Let’s just ignore what he just said.

Personally I think if Remus had any intention to protect James, he wouldn’t mention that James still used to hex Snape in the first place? That would be alot easier? So I’m assuming he was being honest?