era ghost stories


I love that song. And so far, when we’ve played A Sky Full of Stars in the few concerts that we’ve done, there’s such a collective feeling of “Fuck it, let’s just sing.”  … It’s the most important song we’ve ever had, lyrically. Because every time I sing it I’m like “Yep, that’s how I want to live my life.”- Chris Martin on A Sky Full of Stars x

Ghost stories: why the Victorians were so spookily good at them

Kira Cochrane writes:

What had raised all these apparitions from the dead? The most straightforward explanation is the rise of the periodical press, says Ruth Robbins, professor of English literature at Leeds Metropolitan University. Ghost stories had traditionally been an oral form, but publishers suddenly needed a mass of content, and ghost stories fitted the bill – short, cheap, generic, repetitive, able to be cut quite easily to length.

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