era 8

VIXX Eyes Fan Art (1/6) Hakyeon

“This is a dream that’s like a nightmare, Someone is messing around with me.”

{Era: Dynamite
Honestly, the era for Hakyeon was the harderst to choose for me. I had a great debate with myself on rather to choose for the Dynamite era, or the G.R.8.U era. He honestly slayed in bothm but I ended up with choosing Dynamite as I really think that the guy just shined so much with every performance of the song. He looked like he was having so much fun and that’s what is so beautiful about Hakyeon whenever he dances or sings. He puts his all into it… Also, the killer smile/smirk got to me every time again.}


get to know me meme; 2/10 favourite tv shows: doctor who (moffat era)
“Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars! And you see how they roar their light. Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.”