Housemates 10

Part 9

Day 12: Lazy Day  

The day after a full moon was always a slow one. No one woke up before noon and even then it was only James and Y/N tiptoeing about.  

“What do you want for breakfast?” James whispers as they make their way downstairs.  

“Can we make pancakes?”  

James sighs. “Why was I expecting that.”  

“Soo… yes?”  

“Yeah, whatever, get the flour.”  

“Yay!” Y/N squeaks and gives him a quick peck on the cheek before dashing off into the kitchen before James has even reached the bottom stair.  

James, being the resident chef, grabs the necessary tools while he instructs Y/N on the ingredients.  

“Why do we need rainbow sprinkles?” Y/N wonders aloud but tosses James the packet anyway.  

“Don’t question my methods, young protégé.”  

The next half hour goes well as Y/N dances around the kitchen to a Fleetwod Mac record (James’ favourite) and James joins in with his own little booty shake from time to time. Things are going well until Y/N’s sock clad feet slip on the tiles and she sends the first batch of batter flying.  

James stares at the spilled mixture with an unreadable expression then glares at Y/N, who’s covered in the stuff and trying not to laugh.  

A thick blob of mixture drops from the ceiling and lands in James’ hair, startling him so much he drops the spoon and more mixture goes flying.  

“What the actual heck is this.” Sirius mutters, rubbing sleep from his eyes as he takes in the scene before him. “Obliviate!” Y/N cries and Sirius’ eyes go blank.  

“Y/N WHAT THE HELL!” James gasps.  

“I’m sorry! I panicked!”  

“What’s going on in here?” Sirius asks as he stares at the messy room.  

“Um…” James looks around nonchalantly as he slips his wand from his sleeve. “Obliviate!”  

“Petrificus Totalus!” The spells hit Sirius at the same time and he falls backwards.  

“We’re terrible people.” James whispers.  

“He knew too much. Clean this up, I’ll take care of the body.” Y/N points her wand at Sirius and he lifts into the air as Y/N walks out.  

By the time she’s returned from putting Sirius back in bed James has cleaned the kitchen and is pouring out pancakes on the frying pan.  

“Smells good.” Y/N comments, snatching a finished one off the plate. “Holy shit these are the best you’ve ever made!”  

“Y/N, babe, I love you from the bottom of my heart.” James says, flipping a pancake expertly. “But I don’t trust your cooking skills. Stay out of my kitchen.”  

“That’s cold Potter.” Y/N whispers but backs out slowly. “This isn’t over…”  

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This is an important message!

Do you pronounce anon as:
1) ah-non
2) uh-non
3) other (say how you say it)

And era as:
1) air-uh
2) eh-ruh
3) ee-ruh
4) other (say how you say it)

Reblog this with how you say these words! My friends and I were talking about this today and I’m really curious as to how the majority of people say these phrases!

Okay message over

The signs as My Chemical Romance eras
  • Aries:The Black Parade era
  • Taurus:Danger Days era
  • Gemini:Revenge era
  • Cancer:Bullets era
  • Leo:Danger Days era
  • Virgo:Bullets era
  • Libra:Post MCR era
  • Scorpio:REVENGE era
  • Sagittarius:Bullets era
  • Capricorn:The Black Parade era
  • Aquarius:BULLETS era
  • Pisces:Danger Days era