Young Aedion and  Aelin 

continue with Galathynius/Ashryver family yeeeeeeeeeeh ? 

(Thanks to all for the commets and like for Galathynius family fanart <3)

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when you part of the fandom but don’t contribute much because you don’t know how to fanfiction or fan art right but instead make text posts with attached relatable gifs

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Creepy Thoughts About ACOMAF

What if Ianthe was just trying to get Tamlin to marry her? Like, she put the red rose petals there for a reason. What if she knew that Rhys and Feyre were mates and she was mated with Tamlin, which Feyre said was more understandable than herself and Tamlin…
Even creepier thought- Maeve and Rhys both have violet eyes and black hair. What if Rhys and Ianthe actually did it and their daughters were Mab, Mora, and Maeve? That is now creeping me out insanely!😩

Finished ACOMAF

Ok so i finally, FINALLY finished ACOMAF and i have a LOT of feelings and need to talk about them. Watching old live discussion videos about it on booktube and damn i want to be able to do this with someone(s) - why do i know NO READERS IRL?!?! 

  • Feyre: *listening to guys my age by hey violet while reading*
  • Rhys: *walks in quietly*
  • Rhys: *listens to words, then smirks* you know, Feyre darling....I've got a few years on you..
  • Feyre: *looks up, smirking back* oh yeah? Do you know how to treat me, Rhysand?
  • Rhys: *seductively slides finger along her collarbone* you know what they say; actions speak louder than words.
  • Feyre: *grabs his hand and kisses it softly*
  • Rhys: *picks Feyre up and carries her to bed*