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SJ: Y'know…it’s kinda like a corsage, for guys?? Suits?? Er, I can’t really have a corsage on my wrist since I’ll be wearing a suit.
hullo, i saw your post about jimin selling flowers for the prom so i did this!!
your art is so cute and nice by the way~~
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Jimin: A simple red rose? understood! here you go!

(YOOOO thank you for the kind compliment! Guess who’s back? School is over so that means i can focus on prom coming up) -kat

‘I guess for me, it has to be lavenders.’

So this is another part from Sakura Hiden I really enjoyed. Damnit the first part of the Hiden is always so bittersweet. Think there probably have already been translated versions of the Hiden up till this point, but I’ll write this up anyway since I like this portion. :9

Context: Sakura and Ino are talking about Ino’s team mates, their love stories, whether Ino has found anyone yet, etc. :9

Note, Sakura is running a children’s pychosomatic ward in Konoha - to help children with mental scars. She’s really made a name for herself as a top medic but also a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and many people look up to her. However, her friends have noticed she’s become increasingly immersed in her work - and has no life. Sakura does this to take her mind off a certain somebody. ;w;  

Sakura misses Sasuke. ;w; Of course she would. See you later, but when is later? : (

Excerpt Translation
“So, Ino, how about you then? I mean, in terms of guys.. and stuff..”

“Well… Uhh… I guess… there is someone.” Ino replied shyly.

“Ehh, you got yourself a boyfriend?”

“Er, not quite. It’s just… there’s a guy I think I really like.”

“Ehh!!” Sakura subconciously shuffled closer to Ino. “I had no idea! Well, well, who? Who is it?”

“Woah Sakura, you’re totally in to this!”

“Well, of course I would be curious about it!! Gimme a hint, just a hint!”

“Hint???” After thinking for a few seconds, a faint blush dusts Ino’s cheeks and she murmers “… It’s someone who’s really good at art.”

“Uhhh,  that’s not a hint, that’s an answer!” laughed Sakura. “I see, so it’s Sai, eh?”

“It’s not really that surprising though, is it?”

“Well, I guess it’s not.”

Ino seemed to show a faint interest in Sai from the very beginning, when he joined Team 7 to cover Sasuke’s abscence. His physical appearance was handsome and slightly resembled Sasuke.

“At the start, I did think he was pretty hot, but that’s different to actually liking someone, you know? But now, I’m really taken… w-wait what the hell?!! You just made me say some really embarassing stuff!!! Aaaaah!! Nuuuu!!!”

“Calm down, it’s okay!!’ Soothed Sakura. “Well in that light, have you confessed or anything?”

“Aha… not yet…” Ino mumbled in a small voice.

Sakura was surprised at her reaction. Ino was usually pretty chill when it came to dealings with the opposite sex. Usually, she would be the type to just decide on something then take action, but this time things seemed quite different.

“… Lavenders, or Flowering Dogwood? I can’t choose.” Said Ino.

“Lavenders, or Flowering Dogwood?”

“Mmn… In the language of flowers, Lavender means ‘I am waiting for you’, whilst Flowering Dogwood means ‘Please accept my feelings for you’. If I can set up the right timing to confess to Sai, should I tell him that I’m waiting for you, or should I just go for it and tell him straight up that I like him… I’m really unsure.”

“Ah, I seeee.” To be able to explain so much about flowers, Ino was truly the daughter of a flower shop owner.

“Ino, dogwood flowers suit your image more… or so I think, anyway.” answered Sakura.

Ino nodded in agreement. “You’re right, I guess it does suit my personality more.” As Ino raised a hand and settled her palm over her forehead in a gesture of worry, Sakura thought she looked very cute.

 As for me, though… thought Sakura. I guess, it has to be Lavenders. Rather than saying, ‘please accept my feelings’, Sasuke is still amidst his travels, after all.

At this point in time, Sakura could only wait.

But… wondered Sakura,

For how long must I wait…?

- Excerpt End -

  • Me: Yeah I guess you could say I'm a bit of a Supernatural fan, but I'm not like one of those crazy ones haha
  • Friend: Hey, what are those stickers you have on your laptop?
  • Me: Oh, that's Sam, Dean and Cas haha. I guess I thought they were cute and...
  • Friend: ...and the one on your record player?
  • Me: Er well that's the tattoo Sam and Dean have on them to protect from demons but...
  • Friend: ...and the pin on your backpack? The poster on your wall?
  • Me: Well they're these hilarious SPN ship fan arts I got but I mean...
  • Friend: What's that shirt your wearing?
  • Me: Okay yeah it's a Devil's Trap t-shirt but I don't...
  • Friend: ...and that outfit I saw you in the other day?
  • Me: Well I mean it's a Dean Winchester Cosplay so yeah maybe I'm a bit...
  • Friend: What's that book your reading?
  • Me: Yeah okay it's a small collection of essays written by SPN fans it's actually really cool it even has an article by Misha but look I swear I'm not...
  • Friend: Also, why were you late today?
  • Me: I got caught up drawing Cas's face...
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me: sonavabitch.