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let’s talk cosmic consequences

Since I don’t think I’ve actually written this reasoning out yet, and I kinda mentioned it on the podcast… I’m being contrary again and not intending to.

They doubled down on there being consequences for the specific action of breaking a blood oath, which Cas did by killing Billie.

And yet none of the terrible things that happened in the last half of the season were a consequence of that action.

Cas died by Lucifer’s hand. Lucifer was out because Crowley didn’t let him go back to the cage, but he was out in the first place because Cas let him out. The events of the finale were the culmination of decisions that had been made by Cas and Crowley themselves, which resulted in their deaths.

And if we wanna trace this whole series of events back, Cas let Lucifer out of the cage in order to help defeat the Darkness, which was let due to Sam’s endless search to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm, which Dean took willingly at Crowley’s deliverance in order to stop Abaddon, who would have not been a problem anymore if Dean hadn’t convinced Sam to not finish the trials to seal the gates of hell. *deep breath*

And the Men of Letters appeared in response as a response to all of those events as a side effect - another type of consequence.

I look at Cas’s decision to kill Billie, and if have to compare it to something else contained in this season, two things are coming to mind: Dean’s original deal with Billie in order to escape the military, and Mary’s deal with Azazel.

(Side note: I have always just considered all of their stupid deals to be stupid decisions. All of their deals have been stupid decisions, but not all of their stupid decisions have been deals. Point being: I equate the two quite heavily.)

We never got to see the consequences of Dean’s deal because it was broken, but we knew what the consequences were: a Winchester would die.

Mary brought John back to life, which set off an earlier series of events and another series of consequences, which Dean listed off for her one by one by one. Sam’s powers. Being Lucifer’s vessel. Going to hell.

Other stupid decisions have a fairly defined path of consequences. And Cas’s specific stupid decision of breaking a blood oath should have consequences specifically tied to that decision.

When this show has been fairly consistent about how ‘there’s always consequences’ and 'there’s always a price that you pay in blood’ and when they mention 'consequences on a cosmic scale,’ I just don’t get why they would pull this weird gimmicky 'there’s always consequences EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE TIME.’

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“First Born” reactions. Quick summary: liked almost everything with Dean and Crowley and Cain, hated almost everything with Cas and Sam. (Except the hug. I did like the hug.)

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