er i ca

Imagine Cas wiping your memories and seeing you again after you've moved on...

You threw back your head and let out a roaring laugh, nearly spilling your drink on your nearby friend in the process. It had been a long time since Cas had seen you laugh that hard, far too long. The worry lines and tear stains were gone from when he’d last seen you, replaced instead with a blissful peace and happiness.

He had sensed your presence in an instant and no matter how much he told himself to not check on you, he simply couldn’t keep walking. He didn’t want to risk undoing the block on your memory, but he had to see your smile once more.

Your guardian angel, that’s what you’d always called him, but there had come a time when he couldn’t protect you anymore, so he did what he said he would never do. He’d left and made sure you could never remember.

Cas swallowed hard and pulled his jacket around him tighter, he wasn’t cold, it just felt comforting somehow. He took a deep breath and stole one final glance.

You looked up in that moment and maintained eye contact, he felt his heart skip and a smile tug at his lips but it dropped when there was no spark of recognition in your eyes. Why would there be anymore? He was simply another stranger now.

You gave him a polite smile and broke it off to carry on with your day, probably only to forget about the blue eyed man in the tattered, beige trench coat.

  • Paul while working with Paulie: "Your boy"
  • Me: "Who's boy? Lol nobody wants you!"
  • Paul after planning to blindside Paulie with Bridgette and Natalie: "Your boy"
  • Me: "That's right! MY BOY! Not yours! Not yours! Not yours! M-Y B-O-Y! THAT'S👏MY👏BOY👏AM👏ER👏I👏CA👏!!"