er i ca

  • *kicks down door* YOU'RE LIVING IN AM ER I CA *smashes chair* AT THE END OF THE MILL ENN IUUUUM *jumps on table* YOU'RE LIVING IN AM ER I CA *smashes in lights* LEAVE YOUR CONSCIENCE AT THE TOOOOOONE *jumps off table and kicks through the wall* WHEN YOU'RE LIVING IN AMERICA AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM

“First Born” reactions. Quick summary: liked almost everything with Dean and Crowley and Cain, hated almost everything with Cas and Sam. (Except the hug. I did like the hug.)

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  • Paul while working with Paulie: "Your boy"
  • Me: "Who's boy? Lol nobody wants you!"
  • Paul after planning to blindside Paulie with Bridgette and Natalie: "Your boy"
  • Me: "That's right! MY BOY! Not yours! Not yours! Not yours! M-Y B-O-Y! THAT'S👏MY👏BOY👏AM👏ER👏I👏CA👏!!"