apologyrl  asked:

I recently started rewatching the show after like 6 years of silence (I'm at season 4), and, honestly I've never seen a character as strong or as charismatic as Peyton's on tv. I feel in love with her all over again from the first episode. Bless you for running this blog and keep up the good work!! :) x

Thank you! It really means a lot!

Peyton has always been my favourite character. I connected with her so much during the seasons of OTH. She always gave me so many emotions. She had a whole journey, she has always been a particular character, different from any other.


oh guys…I LOVE YOU. i got so many lovely messages during the last weeks, and i’m kind of ashamed of answering so late. anyways, i was o busy and everyday i received more and more and i just want to remember you guys that i NEVER delete these messages. i will always answer! sometimes it just takes a bit time…i don’t really have the right words to say thank you, it means so much to me. you mean so much <3

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