Be Rough (EquiusXKarkat)

“I do notunderstand. She is high enough on the hemospectrum that, should he ask it, he would surely be obligated to accept the matespritship.” The blue blood adjusted his sunglasses, sending another crack shooting through the left lens. “Why does she simply not command him to do so?”

“Even Gamzee knows that shit and his thinkpan is practically liquefied!” The shorter, angrier of the two growled at the first for interrupting one of the most important scenes in the romcom. “Aside from being completely fucking ridiculous, it would also ruin the entire film. You can’t just force a quadrant down another troll’s protein chute, you didn’t force Nepeta to be your moirail, did you? …Did you?”

“N-No, of course not.” The higher ranking troll now felt rather foolish for wondering that out loud. Surely, you can’t just STRONG arm someone into any quadrant, except perhaps the ashen.

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