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“It’s not that bad!” she shouted, her voice barely carrying over the crash of the waves. He shifted his weight uncomfortably, his toes curling in the sand. This was not proper, not at all, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.

“I would much rather prefer to stay here,” he shouted back. She laughed, splashing in the cool blue water, surrounding herself in sparkling droplets of light.

“I can’t hear you, Eq! Come here!” she was waving, summoning him to her with her long, delicate hands. Equius fidgeted, and took one tentative step towards the water. He grimaced as the cold waves splashed against his legs, but he would not disobey her.

Feferi watched him slowly and hesitantly inch further and further into the waves. She bit her lip and giggled before diving under and propelling herself back to shore. She burst up from the water right in front of him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You did it! I knew you could!” she exclaimed. He grinned, an incredibly awkward thing that Feferi absolutely adored. His hands were hovering just above her waist. She rested her hands on his chest and smiled. He looked at her for a moment before shifting his gaze to the sunset behind them.

“It’s…very beautiful. The sea,” he said. His voice was soft and low, and she could feel it rumble in his chest as he spoke.

“Yes,” she said, still watching his face, “You shouldn’t be afraid of it.” Equius looked back at her, frowning.

“I am not afraid of the sea, Feferi,” he told her. His hands were finally on her waist, his grip firm. “But it is not my place.” Feferi scoffed.

“Your place is wherever you want to be!”


OH HO HO!!! I little teaser from my EquiusFeferi fanfic masterpiece!! It is SO. LONG. I’m so excited about it you guys!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH WEH!!!

The Carnival Princess

AUTHOR: Laylah

PAIRING: Feferi/Equius



ADDITIONAL TAGS: carnival AU, murder, #cannibalism/vore, written for HSO 2012

EXCERPT: Feferi retrieves her double-ended trident from the water, a flashy golden weapon that the marks often think is a simple costume prop. You know better. “Bring us the prisoner!” she demands, pointing the trident at you. You tremble with adoration. Even here, exiled and debased to the level of carnival attraction, her nobility shines.

“Hey, come on,” the human says. “I didn’t do nothing, we were just—”

“Silence,” you tell him, as you pull him into the radius of the gaslamp. “You will answer her majesty’s questions and no more.”

“That’s right!” Feferi says. “Nofin to fear if you cooperate.”

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Ummm… Wow. You’re like… really good at picking things I actually ship.

Equius<3Feferi is actually canon in my Lives Under the Pink Moon series. Not that it has had the chance to come up much. I suppose the best way to put it is that in my headcanon of what the post-scratch trolls’ lives were like on Beforus, Equius is in a really good position and mindframe to flush for Fef. It works out well. One of the most stable relationships, not that I want to say too much or else risk spoiling. They work for each other on Beforus because of Equius’s devotion to the system of service, and Feferi is the pinnacle of service to the lower classes. Feferi loves him because he’s so disarmingly charming to her.

Aradia<>Karkat ALSO is canon in my Lives Under the Pink Moon series. They happen when Aradia, traveling through the city, encounters Karkat being attacked by some indigobloods. She pretty much OWNS them with her telekinesis and hauls Karkat back to the safety of his current residence, carrying around several large rocks with her telekinetics to protect them from the sun. Karkat and her just fall into pity pretty naturally. She swears to protect him no matter what, he swears to help her find what she really wants in life. Seriously, you’re TALENTED at picking things I ship.

Dirk<3Jane I don’t ship (yet). I imagine that what works here is their bonding over putting Jake on a pedestal. There’s also all of that subtext earlier about Dirk always helping her and protecting her and seeing that she leads them right. Maybe it happens with them talking more about how Jake tore them apart a bit. Maybe Jane isn’t exactly fully sober. And maybe, just maybe, Dirk really likes it when she kisses him.

Fef: I’m strong too!! S———EA!!!!

Eq: HNNNNNNNNNnnngggg……yes….quite….

Eq: …………..

Eq: …………………this is highly inappropriate.

Fef: S)()()()(…..only cuttles now….

Fef: Dance with me!!!

Eq: No, Feferi, this is not the proper place for dancing.


Eq: ………is that….is that an order?

Fef: ……yes! 38O