All of my cosplays of 2014
The photos aren’t in order entirely however the list is 
1. Rainbow drinker Kanaya Maryam (white eyes) - Katsucon
2. Dead Meulin Leijon - Katsucon 
3. Marceline the Vampire Queen - Katsucon
4. Kanaya with Chainsaw - CPAC
5. Short Haired Rapunzel - AnimeNext
6. Kanaya Maryam - Connecticon
7. Mandy - Connecticon
8. Rapunzel - Connecticon
9. Beachstuck! Porrim Maryam - Some beach 
10. Equius Zahhak - Connecticut Comicon (some random park tbh)
11. Meulin Leijon - Some field
12. Dolorosa - AAC

I’m so proud of my inprovement and I hope to grow and create lots more in 2015. I want to expand my variety of cosplays and grow as a cosplayer.

Goodbye 2014 cosplays you treated me well! ❤ 


D –> Happy New Year's 

:33 < furm all of us! 

D –> May your 2015 be STRONG  

:33 < and furry awesome! 

D –> Now let us participate in these frivolous humanb100d activities, Nepeta 

D –> You will join me 

:33 < sure thing equius!! 


[S] Equius, Aradia, Vriska & Eridan: Bowl with Little Luck

Except for Vriska because she had stolen all the luck from the three including lainedeer as she bowled strike after strike. Luckily for Aradia and Equius, Vriska seemed to target Eridan more; making him bowl the worst out of everyone in the lane.

Equius || Aradia


Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Equius Zahhak, Aradia Megido and all other mentioned characters