Oooh yes, some trolls… I love that Karkat in the last picture….  and that Aradia… 

Fantasystuck Feferi

Cosplayer (X) | Photographer (X)

Normal Kanaya

Cosplayer (X)

Nepeta and Equius

Nepeta (X) | Equius (X) | Photographer (X)

Karkat and Sollux

Karkat (X) | Sollux (X) | Photographer (X)

Dead Aradia

Cosplayer (X)

Normal Karkat

Cosplayer (X)


Feferi // Eridan // Gamzee // Equius // Vriska // Terezi // Kanaya // Nepeta // Sollux // Tavros // Aradia // Karkat // Photographer

You don’t even know how incredibly happy I am that we finally had our group. We don’t have that many cosplayers here in Finland if you compare to other countries, so getting 12 people into your group may be hard as hell. But we made it after all♥


Well, I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy for seeing all these photos together! This cosplay group was such a hard thing to do, but I’m so proud and happy of the result -and I’m so proud and happy of my friends.
You’re awesome, guys. We made this happen.

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