half assed aradia i did for omeglestuck last night!! i left my gray at @vriska-blue-blood s house because im a cuck but feel free to do the quadrant symbols if you want to!! also i dont have gray so i guess this is vague human stuck

Story time.

Four years ago, at a crooked and botched convention in New Orleans (a con that took a lot of money and didn’t happen it’s was a mess), many of the would be tenants made our own little convention at the Audubon Aquarium. This was my first time cosplaying homestuck, as evident by my weak makeup game.

Where all out taking pictures, of each other, with each other, and with passers-by as they wished when a man approached me excited about all of us. He was clearly a tourist, and just happy to see some weird in New Orleans. Well the man asked if he could get a picture of me with his kids and of course I obliged! I love taking pics with kids when I’m cosplaying.

Well, I knelt down because I’m enormous when I saw a light bulb pop over his head. “Hey man, put em on your shoulders!” I was baffled, but the kids were excited about it. I asked if he was sure because it didn’t seem safe.

“No man its fine I just wanna get a picture pick em up in your shoulders!”

So I did. I hoisted these two children over never met, born to a man i was destined to never meet again, on my shoulders balancing them while many a picture was taken.

To date I have never had a stranger thing happen. It was like a twilight zone episode.


All of my cosplays of 2014
The photos aren’t in order entirely however the list is 
1. Rainbow drinker Kanaya Maryam (white eyes) - Katsucon
2. Dead Meulin Leijon - Katsucon 
3. Marceline the Vampire Queen - Katsucon
4. Kanaya with Chainsaw - CPAC
5. Short Haired Rapunzel - AnimeNext
6. Kanaya Maryam - Connecticon
7. Mandy - Connecticon
8. Rapunzel - Connecticon
9. Beachstuck! Porrim Maryam - Some beach 
10. Equius Zahhak - Connecticut Comicon (some random park tbh)
11. Meulin Leijon - Some field
12. Dolorosa - AAC

I’m so proud of my inprovement and I hope to grow and create lots more in 2015. I want to expand my variety of cosplays and grow as a cosplayer.

Goodbye 2014 cosplays you treated me well! ❤ 


D –> Happy New Year's 

:33 < furm all of us! 

D –> May your 2015 be STRONG  

:33 < and furry awesome! 

D –> Now let us participate in these frivolous humanb100d activities, Nepeta 

D –> You will join me 

:33 < sure thing equius!!