I would say this was an experiment with styles but I’d be lying…I just wanna draw Homestuck (mostly the trolls… But I might post some beta and alpha kids just for the hell of it) ((I’m also very sorry for that first pic… It was 6am and I couldn’t sleep))


okay so if you ignore all the massive blood loss (just like equius is doing) vriska is basically stumbling into his hive drunk af, making a mess, acting a mess, and passing out on his floor. this is a lot more relatable than i expected at first glance bc my roommate does this like twice a month

… how often does VRISKA do this?????


ERIDAN: it nevver fails to make me mad just thinkin about the logic behind that line a thought

ERIDAN: outta a group a six four a them wwear shades one a them is wwearin goggles and one a them is wwearin a legit pair a glasses 

ERIDAN: i WWONDER wwho fuckin needs em

VRISKA: My avi8ors are PRESCRIPTION dum8ass. He does this sometimes, he just spouts 8ullshit he has no right 8la88ing a8out.

ERIDAN: 8ite me serket