equius in a dress

Ive come to the submissions with great marriages. :))

(some clarifications; the tiny black dots above the coloured dots are eyebrows, Feferi’s earrings are trans flag colours, and the one is the blue dress is Equius)


:00!!! mog i lov it! and nice trans fef is Good so is equius in a dress!! thank you for the submission!!!!

~ mod bee

Okay so if we’re going with this for who got gifts from who

Then Kanaya was going to send a dress to Equius?

And Equius was going to send a robot for Karkat to fight with?

Almost everyone else’s make sense for their character/ who they were sending it to originally but…

Eridan was going to send a sparkly version of his cape to Aradia? 

And a ticket for one free smooch?

Homestuck trolls according to my brother

(I gave him a word bank. He guessed then told me his first thoughts about each) 1. Gamzee

“Definitley Karkat- He looks like an evil clown”

2. Sollux

“Kurloz??  He’s probably emo.”

3. Aradia

“Kanaya, that’s Kanaya. Not to be mean, but she looks like the whore of the group.”

4. Kanaya

“ That’s Sollux. His shirt looks like a monster can. (Caleb, that’s a girl) That’s a girl???”

5. Nepeta

“Kankri? Probably into larping and Dungeons and Dragons.”

6. Terezi

“That is Equius. (Let me tell you something, she’s blind and can smell colors) She would probably have a heart attack in an art museum.”

7. Kurloz

“Cronus, it’s cronus right? Why are you laughing? He reminds me of The Day of the Dead”


“Her name is Nepeta. She dresses like a belly dancer.”

9. Equius

“Terezi? the oldest?? Probably blind.  Reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne.”

10. Kankri

“Tavros. Looks like a stereotypical 90’s teenager”

11. Karkat

“Gamzee. Reminds me of elevators. (I showed him Elevatorstuck by Octopimp) Was he even in that? He’s a sadist. I feel like he would kill people just because he could.”

12. Cronus

“That  is Eridan. (eh. closer than any other guess.) He makes me think of Fonzee. (????)”

13. And last but not least, Tavros

“Aradia, because that’s a girl right?? She’s emo and punk rock.”




Monday Nov 21: Fluff
Tuesday Nov 22: Horses (Riding them, watching MLP together, Centaurs…)
Wednesday Nov 23: ARquiusprite (A portrait of out favorite sprite! Or Hal and Equius meeting for the first time in their mental space)
Thursday Nov 24: Dress-up (Couple cosplay, Fancy Clothes, matching outfits…)
Friday Nov 25: Angst
Saturday Nov 26: Technology/Robotics (Hal and Equius working on something together, or Equius building/repairing Hal’s body…. etc )
Sunday Nov 27: AU day

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More Equius headcanons

-At some point he was introduced to the crossbow, or as he calls it the %bow. It satisfies his need for archery AND shitty puns AND engineering. Hes able to use it without breaking since it uses a mechanism to fire.

-Equius is too used to being treated as a creep he is unsure how to react when people are nice to him. Its incredibly easy to fluster him this way. 

-Equius values intelligence and courtesy among all else, and as such has developed crushes on most of the other trolls and humans who display these traits such as Jade, Rose, Roxy, Kanaya, Dirk etc. He has a lot of love to give. 

-He gets along so well with Dirk that Nepeta gets jealous and sometimes worried he will take the spot as Equius’s moirail, as a result Nepeta and Dirk fight often. 

-Equius is so strong, oftentimes Nepeta or one of his other friends can hang from his back or arms and he wont notice. Often when he finishes with his tinkering in his workshop, he’ll look behind him to see Nepeta, Aradia and Roxy hanging from his biceps like a jungle gym

-The kids he likes least are Dave and John. John because he deems his pranks as “Udder foalishness” and Dave because he finds the Striders constant cursing as being disrespectful. 

-He still wears AR sometimes despite being separated from ARquiusSprite. 

-Equius uses the puns of those he respects highly. Its not uncommon for him to use Fish Puns for example. 

-Nepeta was introduced into the X-Men comics and as a result for one year for halloween, she was dressed as Wolverine and Equius as Colossus, they performed the fastball special. 

-Eridan is jealous of Equius’s friendship with Feferi, but is too terrified to try anything. He is not even sure if Ahabs Crosshairs would even hurt Equius. 

-Despite the passive aggressive relationship he has with Vriska, he cares deeply for her, as evidenced by him saving her life. 

-Equius kind of likes it when Terezi licks him, though she doesnt like his sweaty taste. 

-Equius eventually overcame his love for the hemospectrem, this has been referred to as “Breaking the stallion” by most of the trolls. 

-He begrudgingly respects Karkat for all he has done

-He has little regard for Tavros or Sollux and they for him. 


Okay alright pretty cool LOTS OF SPRITES (TZ in Dave’s clothes oolala)

alright god tier Porrim, Nepeta dressed like Equius, Meulin with Horuss’ goggles cute meowrails…


Wait a minute. WHAT IS THAT?

is that Tavros dressed as Tinkerbell?

omg what an adorable dork xD


AMKE 2015: Saturday [Homestuck & Gorillaz]

On an impulse, the gang dresses captainsara up in krazorspoon’s Equius cosplay just before the photoshoot. Later on, Murdoc Niccals and Noodle crash into Dave Strider’s room and Murdoc meets a fan of Gorillaz. Everyone is partying until the Fire Alarm happens when pizza arrives. All is well, they continue to party with pizza!


Karkat/Dave || Sollux/Meulin || Jadesprite/Aradia/Noodle || Equius/Murdoc || Bellydance!Kanaya || Cronus 


Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Karkat, Sollux, Aradia, Jadesprite, Equius, Kanaya, Cronus and all other mentioned characters

Jamie Hewlett © Gorillaz, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and all other mentioned characters