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Next nerd incoming..... Eridan. Do you think he was justified by self defense in killing fef?


Eridan went grimdark for at least twelve panels.

Just look at his skin tone

Rose’s skin tone for comparison:

It was most likely triggered by his duel with Sollux and since Feferi was also a source of extreme stress to him (unreprocicated feelings, stubborness to not follow him to Jack, getting steamy in front of him with Sollux), he steered his anger at her too. Once both sources of his stress are knocked out/dead, his skin tone returns back to normal. It could also be because his next opponent is Kanaya, and Eridan has a particularly soft spot for Kanaya and the sole presence of her might be swaying his murderous genocidal complex.

I don’t understand why people keep using term “self-defense” in duels like Eridan-Feferi or Vriska-Tavros. Yeah, both Vriska and Eridan were attacked because this was simply turn of their opponent to make a move, but their response was not self-defense, it was a counterattack. Neither Vriska nor Eridan were really threatened by what Feferi and Tavros did and they could simply evade or walk/fly away. 

Vriska even finds time to slap Tavros before she pierces through him and this shows she could do many different things, but she chose to kill him. 

Eridan is no different. Sure, you could argue that Feferi if the strongest (well, second to Equius, probably) there is since she can easily carry a dead husk of a whale and she is a top tier fuchsiablood, but her fighting style is very much the same as Tavros’ - charge and hit, something that’s completely pointless if she cannot touch her target. And Eridan had a long-range weapon.

What makes you think she had a chance.

So, is Eridan justified in killing Feferi? I don’t think we can even talk about justification here. Eridan snapped because nobody cared about the fact he needed a proper archenemy to function without being a threat to everyone. Everybody carries a little blame for that. And Feferi’s response to Sollux getting hurt is appropiate - she starts a duel because she is angry and she pays for it with her death, because she isn’t prepared for what’s coming her way.

It’s identical case with Gamzee-Equius-Nepeta. Gamzee/Eridan (half)kills Equius/Sollux and Nepeta/Feferi tries to avenge him - but because she has no appropiate skills to fight someone who went into a special killing mode (murder mode/grimdarkness), she pays for it with her death.

In the end, would you say Gamzee snaps Nepeta’s wrist in self-defense?