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I heard my favorite writer is taking requests and I would adore some Meowrails owo

of heckin’ course my dude

“I cannot fathom how you get this filthy.”

Equius peeled off Nepeta’s shirt and dropped it into the garbage pail. She made a strange, catlike chirping noise in complaint.

“No. There is no saving that. It is gone now.” Equius said. He lifted her up by her armpits and set her into the steaming bath water. “There. Now-”

“It’s too hot.” She said, following with a yawn wide enough to show all her teeth off. 

“We need the heat to help get this, grime, off of you.” He replied. “Now, hold still.” 

He picked up a brush and began to scrub at her. She hissed sharply, but held still as he cleaned her. The stench of whatever she’d gotten into (He suspected a stenchbeast. Er, skunk. D*rn lowblood vernacular was rubbing off on him.) filled his nostrils, but he merely grimaced and continued on. If he ddin’t clean her, there was no telling when she’d get clean. 

After a few minutes, Nepeta began to purr softly. She closed her eyes and leaned her back against the edge of the tub. 

“Thank mew, big guy.” She said. “Sorry for coming hive like this again.” 

“You are welcome. It’s fine. It’s merely inconvenient.” He replied, continuing to scrub. 

“Well, how ‘bout after this, we watch something and I can brush mewr hair?” She asked. 

“That would be enjoyable.” 

“Consipurr it a date.” 

Equius smiled slightly and considered away. 


There was a colorstuck post but I don’t know where it went or who made it, and I can’t find the original post since they changed their tumblr name. So if you are the creator of these, please say so I may credit accordingly! I just didn’t want people to not see these like holy shit they’re amazing. o_o

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