equius asked:

what kind of tattoos would you have wanted to get?? (also high-five from your fashion fan in utah!!)

(i’m meeting so many utahns on here lately hello!!! how are you?!?! how did you all find me?!?!?!!!!)

okay here’s what i wanted that i know i would have 100% regretted:

  • a devil wing and an angel wing on my shoulder blades
  • a tramp stamp
  • hello kitty
  • a heart with that little heartbeat zigzag
  • the little mermaid
  • like so many bright neon stars????
  • eridan

equius asked:

i just moved to texas like two weeks ago and i am overwhelmed by all of the texas things, like, i went to HEB and there was cheese shaped like texas i was crying??

like other states make fun of texas but they genuinely fail to grasp how texan texas is we have texas shaped everything

texas shaped gravestones

texas shaped mirrors

texas shaped cheese

texas shaped pools

texas shaped glasses

honestly i could go on tldr is that if you can think of it you can probably buy it shaped like texas