WIP Wednesday, a little late

From The Gundam Called Deathscythe

Back at the St. Gabriel Institute, Violet was in her dorm room, preparing for equitation class, and was in a rush because she was running late.  Hearing the whinny of a horse, she turned her attention to what was happening outside her window.  What she saw was Hiiro riding Lightning, a white Arabian, at a fast gallop across the neatly manicured school grounds.  She smiled as Hiiro’s mount cleared the high wooden fence and let out an involuntary “Wow!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the class, including Relena, were in the paddock, mounted on their horses or milling about and gossiping while waiting for class to start.  Although she pretended to be busy, she couldn’t help but notice that Hiiro was absent.

“I see everyone’s here, so let’s get started,” the instructor said jovially.  "Today, we’re going to practice some new maneuvers, such as the pirouette, and I’ll explain the finer points of them while we’re working.“

"Hey, where’s Hiiro?  He’s not here yet!”

“Huh?  Oh, he’s probably off cutting class somewhere.  Why do you care, anyway?”

Violet walked up to the other waiting students, laughing as she approached.  "Trust me, that guy doesn’t need any sort of equitation lessons.  He already has a very pretty seat.“

Overhearing her friends’ conversation, Relena smiled a little.  Hearing that bit of information didn’t surprise her in the least.  She was beginning to think Hiiro could do anything he set his mind to doing, no matter how impossible it might seem to anyone else.  Death threat be damned; anything she could find out about Hiiro was pure gold, and it made her want to get to know him better.

On another part of the campus, the white horse Hiiro had ridden calmly grazed at the bottom of a bank of tall windows, his saddle now empty, and an open third floor window directly above the grazing equine.  Hiiro was in the records office on the third floor, sitting at the desk and typing away on one of the two computers there, talking to himself as he worked.

"Hmm… radio controlled deep water torpedoes… these’ll destroy Wing for sure.  They’re stored at the Alliance’s Naval yard… that’s not far from here!”

A moment later, he pulled a small optical disk from his jacket pocket, inserted it into the drive, tapped a few keys, and then continued his hacking.

“Now to make a few minor revisions to my records… Hiiro Yui… tuition, paid.  Admission fees, paid.  Boarding fees, paid.  Dining fees, paid.  Check on parents’ credit and finances?  No problem.”

somethingcleverandunique  asked:

So I don't mean to open a can of worms - but what are your thoughts on plus sized riders? Is there a point when someone shouldn't be riding? Should people be allowed to comment on weight? What about judges, especially if they know how toxic the culture is... just some thoughts :)

I think that people should find a horse that is physically capable of doing what they ask of them. May it be jumping, eventing, etc and carrying the weight of its rider while staying pain free. The issue is the same whether it’s a plus sized rider on a horse with previous back issues or one that isn’t fit enough to carry the weight or a slender rider on a small pony or unfit horse. The exact weight of the rider isn’t the issue, it’s how the horse is able to carry the rider and stay sound. Seat comes into play for this too. A tiny rider with a bad seat that jack hammers the horse’s back is far more likely to cause lameness than a quiet plus sized rider.

I think the only people who should be able to comment on weight would be ones working with the horse personally. If the horse is struggling physically or is coming up lame, it should be looked into and if it is decided by a professional that it is the rider who caused this, then it’s the rider’s job to fix it and do what’s best for the horse(selling the horse, working on their seat etc). This goes for any rider of any weight.

It isn’t anyone’s business to comment on weight if their knowledge is only from the outside. It isn’t anyone’s business to be snarky about weight. Leave it to the professionals. I have yet to hear of a plus sized rider who would continue to ride their horse knowing that it’s harming the horse for whatever reason.

People just like to toss around blame even if they have no reason to. You can’t judge a horse’s capacity to carry a certain weight and stay sound just by looking at a photo. Everyone carries weight differently, everyone rides differently. It’s a grossly inaccurate way to judge people.

With regards to judges at shows, I think the better rider should always win, regardless of weight. Obviously in classes like equitation, there are biases which sucks but it should be made more fair so that the better rider wins. Not who’s the thinnest.