The Punnett Square for the foal my barn is expecting is AAGG, AaGG, AAGg and AaGg which is going to be a dominant Agouti and a dominant Grey gene no matter what and I don’t know how the Equisim system decides on the genes of the foal but I think it’s most likely going to result in AAGG

I’ve got three Andalusians, two for breeding and one for showing. My brood mare is already expecting a foal and I’m planning on starting a strong Andalusian pedigree with them.

And I’m also thinking of starting a few barns for rarer breeds (Morabs, Showers and Quarabs) so I’m going to set up at least two pairs of parents in each barn and there may be some third generation inbreeding somewhere along the line but shhh irrelevant

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