Part 1 of my pictures from the Homestuck meetup at NärCon 2014!

This was a lot of fun and I even met new friends and people! Once again i was cosplaying so I don’t have pictures from all the photogroups. Sorry =/

Part 2

louchastain as clownhunt!Terezi
lovan-senpai as Gamzee
nepetamotherfuckingleijon as godtier Kankri
neapean as Feferi
mixaciii as trickster!Dirk
swirleytwirley as Lil Cal (standing up)
babydollprincess as trickster!John
accarano as godtier Terezi
tyrannicaloverloard as Spades Slick
tentaclepasta as Snowman
bindilover as Equis w/ maid apron and bonnet
saffronbunbaker as Jane w/ a plain white tshirt in the back row
as Davesprite

if you see anyone else you recognize or see yourself please send me a message so I can put you here! Thanks =)