Equirox (For Emily)

“So this is your guide eh Dirk? He suits you nicely what with his robot and horse obsessions.”

“What can I say Rox, we bronnies just leer in more bronnies. He heard I had a Rainbowdash onezie and just swooped out of no where…neigh.”

“Aha alrighty then. What’d/ who’d ya prototype AR with?”

“Wasn’t me, it was that damn clown up to his no good mischief again. Think the guy’s name was Equius.”

Equius? That name sounds so familiar.

“Oh man, Fefeta talks about him all the time! She’s gotta see him or she’ll have a fit.”

“ D—> You must forgive me for interrupting your conversation, but this Fefeta you speak of, is she the product of combining Feferi and….Nepeta?”

Fefata said the guy sweats a lot but this is ridiculous, he’s sweating cats and dogs. He’s also much easier on the eyes than she described.

“Uh ya I’m pretty sure…”

“ D—> That’s all I need to know. Please take me to her as soon as you can, I must see her and apologize for failing to protect her.”

He’s holding my hand. Oh my goodness he’s holding my hand. It’s such a firm grip and yet…soft. You can even see a bit of his eyes through his glasses, such a stern gaze.

You grab his hand with just as strong a grip as his. You’ve always respected a man with a firm grip.

“Finally, a guy with manners! Ya I’ll take ya to her. Ay Dirk! I’m stealing your guide, see ya around.”

“Ya ya what ever, but you better bring my daughter back by dinner mister.”

You solute the general. “Sir yes sir! Come on Equius, we’re about to have a little fun, Roxy style.”

“D—> Pardon me, but that’s not my name.”

“Nope. Shushies, now jump.”

You grab your window and smash the glass with a spare wine bottle. Good wine gone to waste. Well you guess you couldn’t drink it anyway, you’re doing your best to stay sober.

“D—> Ah hem, after you…what was your name again?”

“Aha, I’m loving this whole manners thing! Name’s Roxy”

“D—> It’s a pleasure to meet you Roxy.”

After a lot of chit chat, the two of you finally jump into the window and start your long quest.