Triple Red Shell

I know it seems like the King Shell is the obvious choice as a weapon from Mario Kart, but if I was really honest, I’d have to say that the Triple Red is my most desired weapon to get on Mario Kart… unless I’m playing Double Dash. The TRS is awesome because not only do you have three chances to annihilate other racers with homing shells, but before you use them they circle your kart like a shield, AND you can pick up another item!

Surely you can see my point, no one. Good, I’m glad we agree.


Not only is Kingdom Hearts one of the best reasons ever invented to pick up a video game controller, it has one of the most inventive weapons I’ve ever used in a game. Also, the huge amount of different Keyblades you can get bumps it up a few notches on the cool meter.

Beam Katana

So, I have to admit that I haven’t actually beaten this game yet. I just bought a Wii over Christmas, and since then I’ve gotten about halfway through the game (aka, as far as I could before I started playing Zelda…), but just from what I’ve played so far I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite games. Great characters and great weapons… not much more you can ask for.


When Goldeneye came out, I was screwed. Probably because of superpowers, or above-average intelligence, I’ve always been terrible at first-person shooters. I’m the guy running around aiming at the ground and blowing himself up with hand grenades. So when all my friends wanted to play was Goldeneye 64, the RCP-90 was the one glorious thing that could even the playing field. I rarely lived long enough to pick it up, but when I did it gave me what miiiiight have been my only one or two kills in a match.

So thanks, RCP-90, wherever you are.

Mega Blaster

This thing had to make it in here eventually. The Mega Man series is one of my all-time favorite game franchises, and one of there few where I’ve actually played every game in the series (even Mega Man Legends/64…. bleh). Definitely on my list of “Weapons I’d own in real life, if they actually existed.”

Earthworm Jim’s Blaster

This game still sticks in my memory as one of the most creative and hilarious I’ve ever played. Admittedly, I was a pre-teen at the time, so my sense of humor was pretty much relegated to fart noises and butt jokes, but still… launching a cow with a refrigerator? Pure art. Also, I really enjoyed killing crows with this blaster.

I’m starting a new little sub-project about all of my favorite video game weapons/items. This one’s a bit of a repost, but I’m adding the description…. so it’s like new.

Master Sword

Anyone who’s ever played one of the Zelda games knows that one of the best parts of any of the games is getting the master sword. All of the Zelda games are great, but a personal favorite of the series (and video game in general) is Ocarina of Time. The cutscene where Link gets the Master Sword in the Temple of Time always gives me chills.

Star Rod

Kirby’s Adventure was already awesome enough, especially when you consider the large amount of powers you could copy (UFO was awesome), but the final boss fight where you get to use the Star Rod Really tops it off. Who wouldn’t want to battle a boss while flying through space?

POW Block

I had the original Mario Bros. Game for my Computer with like… Windows 95. It was on a floppy disc, and it was awesome. The best part? Two player action with one person using ASWD keys instead of the arrows. Anyway, everyone knows about the epic power of the POW block. When you absolutely positively have to flip everything onto it’s back, there’s no other choice.

Yoshi’s Egg

If you’ve played Yoshi’s Island, I don’t have to explain why this item is on this list. If you haven’t just imagine a regular egg… FILLED WITH C4!!!

Now imagine you’re using that egg to kill little red kidnappers in “Scream” masks.

I think we’re all on the same page now.

Tri-Rocket Launcher

This is from, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite games I’ve ever played, and probably ever will play. My parents were never fond of shooting games, but for some reason blowing bug brains all over cavern walls didn’t phase them, so Jet Force Gemini quickly became the go-to shooter for me and my brother. All of the weapons are cool, but the sweet sound of a Tri-Rocket disassembling a crowd of Drones?… Ah, the memories.

Twin Swords

If you’ve never played any of the “Tales” games, stop whatever you’re doing right now, and go out and buy one. The game uses a battle system that’s like a cross between Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and it is awesome. Who wouldn’t want to learn a move called “Demon Fang”?

Vega’s Claws

Vega was never exactly my favorite character on Street Fighter (I tended to use Dhalsim, Blanka, Dan), but I do think he’s one of the most memorable characters in the franchise, and I always thought he had one of the best “looks” and weapons. Narcissistic, cocky, agile, and most importantly, a real weirdo. 

Little Mac’s Glove

I love Punch-Out. As a kid, me and my brother and cousin would spend hours playing Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out. We put Glass Joe in traction so many times… I’m sure the poor guy still pees blood. To this day, I can still tell you how to beat Mister Sandman and King Hippo, and I can still say every name from Super Punch-Out in the voice of the announcer.

Pester Ball

This has to be one of the most magical items ever. What can compare to the thrill of finally being able to snap a picture of a Dragonite, or getting all those special Pikachu pictures? Or maybe you just like making Pokemon angry… you sicko.

King Dedede’s Hammer

One of the first games I ever had for the original Gameboy was Kirby’s Dreamland. To a seven-year-old who was relatively new to video games, Kirby’s Dreamland was a welcome relief from the only other game I owned at the time, Megaman 2… which sent me into fits of rage more times than I care to remember. The boss fight with King Dedede in Kirby’s Dreamland is still one of my most memorable accomplishments.


I would be remiss if I failed to mention one of my favorite childhood games, Bonk’s Adventure. Whenever the little troglodyte would eat a big hunk of meat, it would temporarily transform him into a nigh-invincible bonk machine. And he looked funny.