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‘New York Dolls’ model: Ola Rudnicka, Esmeralda Saey-Reynolds - photographer: Boo George - fashion editor: Giovanna Battaglia - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Hiromi Ueda - nails: Fleury Rose -set design: Gille Mills -  W Magazine September 2014

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  • Matchless London trenchcoat - Equipment sweater- Dian von Furstenberg turtleneck - Joie skirt - Dooney & Burke bag - Bally boots - Tory Burch turtleneck - See by Chloé skirt
  • Joie dress
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anonymous asked:

top 5 sam outfits?

Okay, Anon, I spent a good hour on this and then my browser crashed. So let’s try this again.

1. The lovely gray/black v-neck sweater we see in 8.08.
I love love love Sam in these comfortable sweaters. He’s worn some great ones over the last few seasons (the one in 8.20 comes to mind, too), but this one is just… Guh. It’s tragic how little he wears these: in the scene with Amelia, as sleepwear, and in promo pictures, but I need more of them.
In terms of a good alternative to constantly dressing poor Sam in plaid, this is the best one. These things look amazing on him. I mean, just look at how this one drapes over his shoulders and chest. It’s enough to make my heart ache.
Also it looks super comfy. And I want one.

2. The yoga outfit in The Purge (9.13)
As a Sam girl, I’m contractually obligated to include this one, right? Whatever. Because, seriously, this might be the outfit I will never recover from. Arms. Chest. Legs. Hot damn.
As a girl who has done a lot of yoga during her lifetime, sign me up for these classes. I’ll be at every single one, with my mat front and center, doing the best damn shoulder stand you have ever seen. And then I totally climb him like a flagpole in the equipment closet.

3. The sweater vest in 8.13.
I love me a man who can rock a sweater vest, and Sam Winchester can rock a sweater vest. To the confusion of everyone else sitting in the living room right now, I just sat here fanning myself.
Look. Throw on a pair of hipster glasses, and this is the type of coworker I would fantasize about at night. Probably teaching history and law. (”Hey, I broke the copier again. Help?” “Hey, I’m teaching genetics. You’re teaching law. Want to co-teach a few lessons this week?” “Yes I will chaperone this field trip with you!”) Boy could read the phone book for an entire class period and his class would still be absolutely enraptured by him.

4. The blue/yellow/white plaid shirt (8.14)
I love this color scheme on him. Overall, it’s just a really glorious shirt that I need to find a female version of for myself. But, beyond that, the symbolism in the colors and his tendency to wear it in season 8 are utterly fascinating to me. Royalty, intuition, balance, and growth. It’s all very poignant.

5. That soft green plaid that originated in 11.06.
Hot damn this is some nice-looking plaid. I have a plaid shirt in a fabric like this, and it’s honestly the most amazing thing ever, so I totally understand why Sam would own this in multiple colors. And it looks so fucking good on him - especially with the way he’s paired it with that V-neck. I just want to bury my face in that little bit of V-neck we can see and just… Stay there.

Other highlights include the rusty bacon shirt (both original and blue flavor), the purple whippet shirt, shirtless soulless!Sam (that’s totally an outfit and I will fight you on this), and any of the adorkabley college-like shirt/hoodie/jacket combos he wears during season one.

Hey, Everypony! For this year’s GF Holiday Secret Santa, I was lucky enough to draw @thesnadger, so here are the requested Stan/Dipper kerfluffles. (Guys! She speaks my language!) So, here we go!

 It was a cold and snowy evening.

Stan had just settled down for the night, switching on the television when he was alerted by a vaguely familiar, awkward teen voice behind him.

“Grunkle Stan?”

Instinctively, he paused the set and turned around, slightly startled before recognizing the small form of his great-nephew, looking so much smaller and pitiful without his usual drawn-up courage.

“Gah! You’re gonna give me a heart attack one of these days, kiddo!”

The boy stuffed his hands in his pockets, a smile bearing a hint of nostalgia appearing on his face as he rocked slightly on his heels.

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LOTD: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The beautiful, and might we add flawless, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was spotted out in about in Los Angeles wearing a look that we instantly fell in love with. The Victoria Secret model turned actress is wearing a striped Equipment sweater under an army green trench with a leather Isabel Marant mini skirt. She accessorizes with a cherry red Kurt Geiger bowling bag and Givenchy ankle boots. To get her stylish daytime to nighttime look, shop our similar and more affordable pieces below.  

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley street style  - October 26, 2014.

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So I did something in honor of Kabby week for @yes-everhopeful and @kabbyme. I thought their idea was cute :D


She’s not just cold, but freezing. The bright sun she had caught a glimpse of from their room had betrayed her. The thin, cotton jacket she swept up from the back of Marcus’s chair provides no protection against the harsh weather that stretches on for miles. She regrets her decision immediately upon stepping out onto the camp ground, but hopefully her mission for more boiling water for medical will only take a few minutes.

White puffs of steam rise from her lips and she’s shivering by the time she reaches her target. There are numerous, small fires scattered throughout the grounds for various purposes; some for cooking and others for solely warmth.

Her teeth chatter together as she calls out his name.

He’s covered heavily in a thick, black sweater with numerous layers of clothing underneath. The straps of his guard equipment keep the sweater close to his body. On top of it all, he wears a heavy jacket that’s been helping maintain a stable body temperature while he tends to one of the fires needed for his people.

Turning around and seeing her in nothing more than a gray shaw, how her lips are pale, and the way her arms are crossed over her chest to keep whatever body heat she has left, he frowns.

“Abby, what are you doing out here,” he asks while slipping his arms out from his leather jacket. “You need to get back inside,” he says before throwing the jacket over her shoulders, wrapping her in the warm confines of his clothing. It’s too big for her, but he figures she won’t complain. She shivers again, but this time in pleasure, as the warmth spreads across her torso. She doesn’t slip her arms through the jacket, but instead, slowly moves closer to him.

A time not too long before this, she would have been satisfied with just his jacket. But everyone in camp already knows about their relationship or doesn’t care either way.

Her arms slip around him as she seeks out more of his body heat and her shivering stops when her chest meets his firm side. She marvels at how perfectly she fits here, against his side, and suddenly the harsh winter is her favorite season. Her hands are locked together, resting on his hip, and she stands there with her arms around him.

“You’re going to get sick,” he states as he wraps one of his arms around her, holding her close against him while he manages to tend the fire with his free arm.

“Well that’s why you’re going to keep me warm while I’m out here,” she says above the crackling and popping of the fire in front of them. It’s hard to fight the grin that’s forming on his lips, and he pulls her to stand in front of him. Her back is pressed against his chest, his arms snake around either side of her, and she lays her hands on top of his, which are clasped together over a heavy stick he’s been using to poke the fire.

There’s no better feeling in the world than being in his arms. The fire in front of them is an added bonus, she thinks.

“You shouldn’t even be out here,” he whispers as her head falls back against his chest, her eyes closing at the feel of the burning fire in front of her and Marcus’s firm chest behind her.

“Medical needed more clean water,” she explains. “Jackson is already coming down with something. I don’t need him out here when I’m perfectly capable of getting it myself.” She can’t see it, but he’s smiling behind her, his stretched lips brushing against her pony-tail.

He hates to do it… dreads it, actually, but he slowly pushes her away from his body and back towards the safety of the Ark. She’s fighting him, letting her head fall to the side and she pouts.

“Just a few more minutes.”

“I’ll bring you the water.” He’s quick about the kiss he presses to her lips. “Now go.” She huffs in frustration, more white steam rising from her breath, and he watches with a smirk as she waddles in his over-sized jacket, back inside the walls of their home.