Bad (Actually very, very fucked up) romance - one-shot

Summary: A year ago, a boy died falling down the stairs of A Block. A year later, Phil Lester who accidentally lets the ghost of the dead boy possess the body of school bully and his own personal nightmare, Dan Howell.

 Was “How not to science” but I listened to Bad Romance and thought hey ho that sounds like my fic plus there’s like 4% actual science in this

Genre: I have no idea

Words: 3K

okay this is weird af i mean you’ll probably hate it but yolo


He died a year ago. It wasn’t really a huge thing to be honest, it was inevitable really. He shouldn’t have been completely engrossed in that stupid Neko Atsume game, because he’d overheard Phil Lester was obsessed with it. He was planning on maybe possibly talking to the boy at break, but he always seemed to get tongue tied and end up turning and walking away, before he even neared Phil.

He might have laughed at the irony of dying playing Neko Atsume, but obviously couldn’t. Before he had really any acknowledgement of maybe-possibly being seconds from death, he was tripping over his own feet or maybe the shoelaces that had been untied all morning. So maybe that had been foreshadowing his death or at least trying to warn him. But it was far, far too late. Before he knew it, he was falling, tumbling, his body rolling over and over and over, his brain smashing against his skull. His phone was already falling from his grasp and smashing onto the marble steps of A Block stairs. But he kept going. He kept falling and falling and falling until…


And funnily enough, the last thing he ever saw were them damn Neko Atsume cats.

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Source: Svensk Damtidning