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This is the new member of the family!
Finally I have my baby thanks to everyone that helped me with the commissions and watching my videos on Youtube. Thanks to you all I’m getting better equipment and my work is getting more professional :’D

This tablet display is not a Cintiq, it is an XP-Pen, works pretty good with the programs I usually use especially with Flash. it’s cheaper and bigger than the Cintiq I wanted to get for $1000 USD -  so yaaay!! I saved a lot of money that will be used to get to IndypopCon next year and even fixing my old glasses.

This is not only to improve my work, this will also help me with my health since I was starting to have a little bit of pain on my neck, back and right shoulder because of the posture I had with my other tablet. Now with this one I’ll start to fix the posture now that I can draw directly on the screen  (You can graduate the screen in many angles so it’s very useful). 

I’m really happy and I can’t wait to animate something with this baby <3 But it will be after my short vacations.

Thank you so much guys, I still here thanks to you! <3 <3 <3

Functional miniature crossbow! Made with a chopstick, metal wire and elastic thread.

Art by EoD, 24/8 2017

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Oh, it’s not your job? It is now.

This is a long story.

Intro and Backstory

My dad was a mechanic for 20+ years, and for as long as I can remember, I drove him nuts because I would go around the house with a screw driver he left out and take everything apart because I wanted to see how it work. As I grew older I developed an affinity towards computers and electronics, which led me to be “that kid” in High School who changed his grades, crashed the school districts servers, and used the NETSEND command with great success. I would spend my weekends either with my grandparents and uncle working on science projects or dragging my dad outside to help me fix my car (which consisted of him telling me that he would help once I got it taken apart). Those “figure it out” lessons were the probably the greatest gift he could’ve given me growing up.

I joined the US Army in 2004 and went into communications or “commo” for short (25U) where I managed to go from PVT (E1) when I joined to SGT (E5) by the time I returned from my deployment in 2006. After returning home, I was subsequently transferred from a Light Infantry Unit (walking everywhere) to a Mechanized Infantry Unit (Riding in an armored vehicle everywhere) and placed in charge of the Battalion Commo Shop as the current person running the commo shop was scheduled to retire in a few months and I was the only other NCO. This is where things got interesting and my Commo vs. Mechanics ProRevenge story starts…

Commo vs. Mechanics

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swords i drew a year ago for my first selfmade tabletop rpg ACHT’S equipment chapter. haven’t really worked on it lately :/

#digitalart #digital #art #digitalpainting #drawing #artwork #illustration #painting #weapons #weapon #sword #design #fantasy #historical #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #rpg #roleplaying #game #equipment #sketch #items #concept #conceptart #traditional #ink


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin (Kai)

Rating: 18+ (description of plane crash, explicit sex)

Word Count: 7,950

Summary: A plane crash leaves you stranded, somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean. Your only company is Kim Jongin - though whether this is better than being alone, you still haven’t decided.

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  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Psychic: what the fuck
Trans* Guide to (Socially) Navigating the Gym

This is a newcomer’s guide to the gym from a social perspective, focused on the trans* experience. This is not a workout program.

This guide draws upon my own FTM experiences, feel free to add your own experiences.

Disclaimer: I live in a diverse city and go to a left-leaning university. My circumstances could be drastically different from yours. Use your best judgement.

The Locker Room

  • Bring a friend (who you’re out to) along, they can affirm or stand up for your identity if anyone questions your presence.
  • Rarely is anyone looking at you while changing, especially in male locker rooms. Find a nice little corner and face the walls, or go to a stall to change. You’d be surprised at how many cis people do the same. I’ve changed tshirts in the locker room while wearing a binder tank after 4 months on T without any problems.
  • You can also try changing in a bathroom that has less traffic first, then walk to the gym. If the weather is cold, wear a hoodie or sweats on top, then take it off at the gym.
  • Avoid going at peak hours if you are uncomfortable, it is more likely that you’ll have to change in close proximity with others.
  • Avoid changing next to old people. They are very comfortable nude and will strike up conversations randomly.
  • I have never showered at the gym, but bring a towel to dry off my sweat, and deodorant to keep the scents fresh.
  • I find boxers to be easier than boxer briefs. If I’m wearing briefs, I either pack, or find a really good corner without people. Packing is personally uncomfortable after a especially hard session, due to shifting and sweating. Boxers sort of hide everything, and I feel comfortable standing in them for a bit to cool off.

The Gym (mostly the weight room)

  • You are NOT the only person who doesn’t know how every equipment works. You can:
    • Ask a staff for help
    • Watch YouTube before your workout. I sometimes pull up exercise videos during my workout to check how a machine works because I’m too introverted.
  • If you don’t like to talk to other people and want to avoid chit-chats:
    • Stare at the equipment as if you’re formulating your workout plan
    • Bring headphones.
  • If someone is at an equipment you want to use, you can ask them “how many sets do you have left”, which means how many more repeats of the exercise they will be doing. A common etiquette is to let you use the machine right after, if you’re hanging around. Be courteous and give the other person room to finish their workout.
  • Don’t walk between mirrors and the people training in front of it.
  • It’s ok to not like looking in your image in the mirror if it triggers dysphoria, but still try to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly by bringing a friend along to form check.


  • You are not weak. Everyone starts somewhere. The huge guy in the corner? He was once a lanky teenager. It takes immense dedication and discipline to reach the level you see in the media.
Sarge - Names (Drabble Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1341

A/N: Tags are now closed! This gets a little suggestive, but not smutty.

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

He knew he was in for it whenever she called him Sarge. It slipped out her lips when she was feeling flirty and coy, yet she hardly ever used it subtly.  He loved every second of it. There was no way he could ever escape her charm, especially not when that nickname was whispered in his ear.

They weren’t even a couple the first time she used it. After months of flirty banter, deep conversations, and lingering glances; it was clear there was something between the two of them. Not that either of them was doing anything about it.

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Boyfriend Yoongi

I got bored and for some reason thought about this topic and this happened.

very minor smut mention

no idea if I will do the others…

Originally posted by jinje-reactions


  • Probably develops slowly 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • “Nothing Yoongi why?”
  • “Want to chill in my studio while I work?” 
  • This becomes a thing
  • You sit on your phone or study while he works hard, to keep him company
  • Taking him coffee when he’s falling asleep at the desk 
  • Netflix break
  • At first you both just sit silently on two swivel chairs 
  • soon you share a blanket
  • The others noticing how close you have both gotten
  • “What? No nothing is happening between us.” 
  • Arriving to keep him company one time and he already has a movie waiting
  • “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”
  • “One movie is fine.”
  • ….3 movies later. 
  • First kiss he makes the move
  • leans in slow like he’s unsure you want it
  • Lips moving slowly
  • His hand cupping your face
  • He’s pretty cool about it after
  • But he low-key blushed when you weren’t looking 
  • First date is a 1 am struggle to find somewhere that has good coffee (Or even serves it)
  • You end up watching the city lights and having deep conversations
  • falling asleep in his studio 
  • Him covering you with his jacket
  • wearing his hoodies/sweaters
  • PDA is a no
  • But when you’re alone you better watch out
  • Breathy kisses
  • Neck kisses
  • Hands all over your body
  • Your hands sliding up his shirt
  • Low moans
  • “I want you.”
  • Rough sex
  • Lazy morning sex
  • But he’s also passionate 
  • He wants you to know he cares so much about you
  • How much everything means to him (He just struggles showing it)
  • Yet he also knows how to make you heat up from his touch 
  • But apart from that…
  • Dates where it’s just the two of you probably inside or getting coffee
  • He secretly loves to cuddle you
  • Likes it when you let him sleep on your legs
  • Running your fingers through his hair to help him sleep
  • You get to listen to his music first 
  • “What do you think of this demo?” 
  • Trying to teach you how to work his equipment
  • “What does this button do?” 
  • “…That’s the power button.”
  • “Well it needs a label…” 
  • He turns up the next day with a label maker
  • His random weird moments
  • Spoils you 
  • “Stop buying things for me…”
  • “How about no?” 
  • He likes touching you ( Not in that way, calm your brain.)
  • Whether it’s lacing your pinkies together
  • Or your knees touching one another while sat together
  • He struggles with telling you how he feels but you know
  • Patience within the relationship is key
  • It’s something you slowly develop together
  • Trying new things together
  • The first time he says it, it’s where his feelings began in the studio during a movie
  • “You like this movie?”
  • “It’s one of my favorites…”
  • “ah…yeah.” *Goes really silent* “….I love you.” 
  • You sit with a big grin 
  • “I love you too…”
  • He lets out a long breath like a weight is finally lifted from his shoulders
  • “Would of been awkward if you said nothing.” 

Bonus little bits 

  •  That one time he tripped over his own feet and tried to act cool about it
  • “Did anyone see?”
  • “Everyone saw…”
  • “Dammit…” 
  • The time you wanted to go to an amusement park for a date
  • “That’s not my thing…” 
  • “I’ll ask Jungkook then.
  • Suddenly he’s interested
  • “What? An amusement park, sounds amazing!” 
  • He can get jealous but tries to be low-key
  • When you’re with Hoseok, Yoongi is the third wheel 
  • “When did this happen?” 
  • It’s like date night with you and Hoseok, but Yoongi tags along
  • He doesn’t mind, he likes how close you are with the boys
  • “You gonna have kids one day?” Jimin randomly asks
  • “Ok slow down we already have Holly.” 
  • Yoongi makes a fool of himself more around you, but you love it


This could have been way better but I did this at like 4am and have never done something like this before.