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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Angst

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, brain-washing and mature themes

Word count: 4.4k

Synopsis: The government hired you to cure Kim Taehyung from his madness, yet, every time you see him in that damn white room you lose sanity and yourself a bit more.

Author’s note: I should really really thank my lil Rosie and the sweet Mari for supporting me so much! This is dedicated to both of them <3 and of course feedback is always appreciated!  

part 1 // part 2 // drabble

                                                                       “He whispers things into my brain,

                                                                               assuring me that I’m insane.”


First session

The room smells like disinfectant, medicines and something ferrous you can’t quite define. Everything is white – almost blinding, you think –  the walls, the floor, the table you are sitting behind, the chair in front of you and also the sole window on the left. A window equipped with bars, of course.

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just a little bit of love (is all you really need) | pjm

summary: jimin’s something of a legend at gymnastics, but suddenly you walk in and turn his whole world upside down. quite literally, might i add. 
pairing: jimin x female reader
word count: 4.5k
genre: fluff
warnings: none!
a/n: inspired by this post which, if you see my tags, is pretty much this entire fic laid out straight up. i power wrote this before a football game, so it’s unedited. also, flexible jimin?????

Jimin’s always kind of been flexible. He remembers playing in the park with his brother when he was three, jumping around and playing as three-year-olds do, when his brother taught him how to do somersaults in the grass. That summer, any time Jimin was presented with a flat surface in front of him longer than two meters, he’d do somersaults over and over and over, to the point where his neck would be sore and his head would be dizzy, and he loved it.

The following autumn was when his mother decided that enough was enough, and that if Jimin was going to be tumbling around the carpet in her house, she might as well get him into lessons where he can tumble elsewhere and get good at it. So she signed him up for toddler’s gymnastics at the local gymnastics center, and by the time he turned four that October, he was somersaulting like a pro.

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Holic | Im Jae Bum | One-Shot

jb (got7) + you (reader)
word count: 2,896
warnings: yeah a curse word here and there, it’s a smut but there’s no intercourse just some good ole dry humping it’s hot when done right okay enjoy and don’t judge
a/n: this is some shit i wrote it in like two hours don’t hate me for putting a fic out that is such low quality haha sometimes i just gotta write some random crap in between all the other crap to make myself feel good lol

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kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Choi Seungcheol/ S.coups
-befriends and plays with everyone
-encourages everyone, even the shy kids, to play and spend time together
-happily gives piggyback rides to his classmates
-tosun caretaker #1 (class pet rabbit)
-challenges people to wrestle with him bc he knows he’ll win

 Yoon Jeonghan
-pranks classmates and blames other classmates for them so he’s never caught
-sleepy for the whole day but when it’s naptime he’s Wide Awake
-actually a nice kid
-encourages his classmates to make up when they fight
-also a really active kid when no one notices
-never found during hide and seek
-hogs the slide
-hates vegetables and gives them all to joshua

 Hong Jisoo / Joshua
-the most respectful kid
-falls for jeonghan’s pranks for a while then gets used to it
-the first in his class to learn to read but only in english
-his lunchbox often includes fruits and vegetables
-shares his food with everyone but no one eats his vegetables
-eats his vegetables and likes them
-bikes to school with his lil trike w/ training wheels

Wen Junhui / Jun
-a pro in all playground equipment especially the monkey bars
-can hang upside down from the monkeybars
-quirky personality but then after a while gets shy and flustered
-brings in adult coloring books to look cool but colors outside the lines like everyone else

 Kwon Soonyoung / Hoshi
-fingerpainting enthusiast
-chases his classmates with paint on his hands
-trips and falls easily while playing
-always has a few bandaids on him of different designs
-plays with his food
-competes with jeonghan for the slide

 Jeon Wonwoo
-attempts to read books on a whole other level for a kindergartener but he can’t read yet
-is offered picture books by the teacher instead
-goes behind people and scares them
-befriends stray cats

Lee Jihoon / Woozi
-very shy
-brings a baseball bat and mitt to school but is too shy to ask anyone to play with him
-loves the swingset on the playground
-stuck on the high end of the seesaw often and gets frustrated

Remember: Josh Dun fanfic

A/N: Just a reminder that I’ve gotten all of your requests, it’s just a matter of finding the time to write and post them. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll get to them soon! Love you guys! xoxo

Anonymous said:
Hey! May I request a Josh Dun imagine? Maybe like where the reader gets drunk and they come home to Josh and the reader’s all like “kiss me” and Josh does but he stops her before they do anything else bc Josh wouldn’t take advantage of the reader and it’s all cute and shiz lol. Love your writing! :) <3

*gender neutral

Bright lights, fancy awards, elegant attire, loud applause, crisp champagne, a crowd full of people, and your two best friends, it was a night like no other. Ever since Tyler and Josh’s new album hit the top of the charts, they had been busy as hell. Whether award shows, parties, interviews, concerts, touring, music video filming, or just traveling on the road, they always seemed to be the center of attention. It didn’t surprise you that they had won another award, but you were surprised when they decided to go to the after party. Usually they would bow out, decide to go back to the tour bus, and instead, blast music, eat cereal, and do their own little thing. They were never usually ones for parties. But however, winning an award and just finishing tour, going to a grand scale celebrity party must’ve sounded like the perfect way to celebrate. “Come on, y/n,” Josh insisted. “It’ll be fun. We don’t even have to drink or anything, we can just go there, talk to some people, dance for a little bit, that’s all.”

“Just a couple hours,” Tyler agreed.

“I never said I wasn’t going,” you narrowed your eyes. “I’m just double checking that this is really what you guys want to do.”

“Why? You doubt me and my partying abilities?” Tyler playfully gasped, putting a hand to his chest and acting deeply offended. “Believe me, y/n, I can bust a move like nobody knows.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m just making sure none of you will chicken out on me halfway through the night.”

“Never,” Tyler shook his head. “I’m on top of the world right now, and I don’t think I want to come down anytime soon. How about you, Josh?”

“Huh?” Josh lifted his head from his phone. “I was just scrolling through the group chat. The party starts in a couple minutes. I’d start heading over now.”

“Teenagers and their phones,” Tyler clicked his tongue.

“I’m researching,” Josh laughed. “I have to find the address somehow.”

It wasn’t long before you guys had arrived, and sure enough, it was just as you had imagined it. There was a plethora of people crowding the dance floor where a professional DJ and live band were playing music, a kitchen equipped with a bar tender serving all sorts of drinks and foods ranging anywhere from a five-foot-tall chocolate fountain to gourmet French fries, a longue where people were smoking and snorting who knows what kind of drugs, and of course, the usual pool table in the corner. “They went all out,” you shouted to Josh over the music as Tyler led you both towards the kitchen.

“Typical party,” he shrugged, putting an arm around you as you approached the bar tender. You and Josh were just friends, but you had to admit, you had a tiny crush on him, and when he put his arm around your shoulder, you couldn’t help but feel a small tug on your heartstrings. You tried to ignore your stupid feelings and took a seat next to Josh before asking for a drink.

“I’ll have a tequila,” you ordered. Josh eyed you strangely. “What?”

“I don’t know,” he tried acting casual. “I think I’m just going to stick to Red Bull tonight.”

“You should have at least one drink,” you argued, thanking the bar tender with a nod as he handed you a glass and you downed a shot. “Loosen up, celebrate, have some fun.”

“I’m already having fun,” he chuckled, popping open the tab of his can before taking a sip. “As long as I’m with you, I’m enjoying myself.”

“Flirt,” you smirked, trying to ignore the blush in your cheeks and ordering another shot. “You sure you don’t want one?”

“Somebody’s going to have to drive us home, remember?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Tyler already agreed to do that on the ride here,” you pointed out. “Here, I’ll order a margarita and you just have a sip or two.”

“Y/n,” Josh began to protest, but you were already waving at the bar tender to hit you up. You started on your next drink and Josh took a deep breath. “Maybe you should pace yourself a little bit. There’s still a lot of the night to go.”

“I’ll be just fine,” you rolled your eyes. That’s when Josh looked down at his phone. “What’s the matter?”

“Mark Hoppus just got here,” Josh explained. “He wants to congratulate me on the award and some stuff, talk for a little bit, catch up. Is it okay if I leave you here?”

“Yup,” you nodded. “I’m not going anywhere!”

“No more drinks,” Josh narrowed his eyes. “Not until I get back anyways, got it? It will only take a couple minutes. Look, Tyler’s right over there talking to Pete Wentz if you need somebody.”

“Don’t worry about me,” you groaned. “Go talk to Mark. I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

“Okay,” Josh complied hesitantly before sliding off his seat, gulping down the rest of his Red Bull, and then heading off to find his friend.

The rest of the night was basically a blur. You remember someone sitting down beside you, either Joe Trohman or Brendon Urie, and they had convinced you to have a couple more drinks. The bar tender had eventually cut you off because you had reached your limit for the night. One of your favorite songs came on and you stumbled onto the dance floor, slurring out the lyrics noisily, a random stranger picking you up off the floor, and then Tyler coming to save you. “Woah there,” Tyler steadied you. “You’re a mess.”

“Where’s Josh?” your incomprehensible attempt at speaking tumbled out of your mouth.

“Hmm?” Tyler cocked an eyebrow. “Oh, I think he went back. He couldn’t find you.”

“He left?” you slurred out.

“Yeah,” Tyler nodded. “To his hotel room. It’s getting late anyways. You should probably go back too. He’ll take care of you, I’ll leave you with him for the night. How about that?”

“I’d like that,” you responded happily.

“Goodness gracious, y/n, you’re reeking of alcohol,” Tyler frowned. “How much did you drink?”

“Just a little,” you replied.

“Uh huh…” he murmured. “Well how about we get you home?”

“Is Josh at home?” you sputtered out excitedly, your mind nothing but a jumbled mess of thoughts.

“He’s at the hotel, yeah,” Tyler answered. “But come on. We’ve got to get you in the car and then drive there too.” It took a while for him to drag you out to the driveway and help you into your seat, but eventually you were sitting shotgun, buckled in, and somewhat sane as Tyler drove down the road.

“Can I talk to Josh?” you wondered.

“Of course you can,” Tyler laughed. “We’ll see him in a little while.”

“No,” you whined impatiently. “Right now.”

“Right now?” he raised his eyebrows, gaze flickering from the road to you. “Uh, sure. You can call him if you want.”

“I can?” you asked eagerly.

“Sure you can,” he chuckled. “I mean, we’ll see him in just a couple minutes, but if you have to talk to him so bad, you can go right ahead.”

You fumbled for your phone in your pocket before pulling it out, somehow by miracle able to properly call Josh on the first try. The phone rang several times before he answered. “Hey y/n,” he greeted. “Sorry, I got kind of sleepy and I asked Tyler to take you home. How are you doing?”

“I’m so happy,” you sighed, slurring your words. “You should’ve been there.”

“Oh gosh,” Josh groaned. “Did you drink some more?”

“Just a little,” you insisted.

“A lot,” Tyler piped up.

“Don’t listen to him,” you argued. “I’m just a bit tipsy, that’s all.”

“You want to stay with me tonight?” Josh offered. “In case you get sick or something? I’m sure you won’t be so happy in a couple hours when all that junk starts to ruin your system.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Tyler explained loud enough for Josh to hear. “If that’s alright with you.”

“It’s cool,” Josh replied. “You’ll be sticking with me tonight, y/n.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you grinned.

“Don’t get too excited,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “You’re probably going to have a killer hangover tomorrow morning.”

When you rolled into the parking lot of the hotel, Tyler could barely get you standing on your two feet. “I’m kind of dizzy,” you admitted. “Maybe that’s why my feet don’t work.”

“I’m dizzy just looking at you,” Tyler laughed. “Come on, let’s get you upstairs and to Josh’s room.”

“How do I walk if my feet don’t work?” you pouted.

“Your feet work just fine,” Tyler sighed. “You just need to try to use them.”

“I want Josh,” you insisted, swaying a couple times before Tyler stood you upright.

“I’m about to give up on you,” Tyler glared playfully. “Don’t make me call him down here to carry you.”

“I’d like that,” you giggled cheerfully. “I’d like that a lot.”

“Y/n, you are so drunk,” Tyler rolled his eyes.

“I want to see Josh,” you complained as he tugged you towards the door of the hotel, shoving you towards the elevator. “I love Josh.”

“Oh, I’m sure you do,” Tyler smirked. “You don’t have to be drunk for me to figure that out.”

“I love him so much,” you repeated.

“Well you better behave yourself,” Tyler narrowed your eyes, helping you out of the elevator and supporting you as you ambled down the hallway to Josh’s hotel room. When Josh opened the door, he stared at you, widening his eyes.

“Oh geez,” he muttered. “I thought I told you not to drink anymore!”

“You got it from here?” Tyler asked, pained look on his face. “I’m dead tired. Y/n’s been quite the handful.”

“Hey!” you snapped. “I’ve been an angel!”

“Have you now?” Josh chuckled.

“I’m going to turn in for the night,” Tyler sighed. “You have fun with that one.”

“I’ll try,” Josh teased. He lugged you into the room and sat you on the couch. “Try to get some sleep, okay?”

“No!” you whined, tugging at his arm when he tried to walk away. “I want to stay with you.”

“You want me to stay out here for a little while until you fall asleep?” he wondered.

“I want to fall asleep with you,” you corrected. “Pretty please? With a cherry on top?”

“You’re cute when you’re drunk,” he rolled his eyes.

“You’re cute all the time,” you insisted.

“Sure,” Josh laughed. “Come on, how about you join me and we can go to my bed?”

“Bed?” you raised your eyebrows and grinned.

“Stop it,” he shook his head. “I mean so we can sleep.”

“You want to sleep with me?” you smiled slyly. “Joshua Dun.”

“You’re just being silly,” he argued. “Come on, we’re going to go sleep. In bed. Now.”

“Whatever you say,” you shrugged, goofy grin still plastered on your face as he just laughed and scooped you up in his arms, carrying you to the hotel bed and before tucking you in. “Bridal style.”

“That’s right,” he chuckled. “I don’t want you falling on your face, it’s best if I carry you.”

“You carry me like a bride,” you yawned happily. “Does that mean we’re going to get married?”

“Sure,” he joked. “If you want.”

“That would make me so happy,” you sighed, turning over to face him, scooching closer to him underneath the sheets. “You and me, together forever.”

“You’re so drunk,” he laughed. “I bet you won’t even remember any of this tomorrow morning.”

“Is that when our wedding is?” you tilted your head. “Tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, why not,” Josh decided.

“Can I ask you something?” you frowned. “It’s important.”

“Of course,” he smiled. “Anything you want.”

“Can you kiss me?” you inquired, hopeful eyes gazing up at his. “Please?”

“Uh…” Josh stared at you for a second, debating it. “I’d love to, really, but I think you’d rather have me kiss you when you’re sober. So you remember, you know?”

“So you want to?” your eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I’d love to. But I’d also want you to remember.”

“Maybe I don’t need to remember,” you offered. “Maybe it can be our secret. Just tonight.”

“Just tonight?” Josh raised an eyebrow, still contemplating it in his head. You were being awfully tempting, and those lips looked so soft and sweet, but he knew it was wrong. He shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with sober. Much less, he had just confessed that he wanted to kiss you! He was crazy! What if you remembered that tomorrow morning? What if it was just your drunk self-talking? Questions swirled around in his brain and doubt began to eat away at him, anxiety slowly seeping into his brain.

“Please,” you begged. “Come on, Josh. Just one kiss won’t hurt.”

“I guess it won’t,” he agreed shyly.

“Then come on,” you insisted, staring at him. You lowered your voice to barely a whisper. “Just kiss me.” He leaned in and rested a hand behind your head, pulling you close and kissing your lips gently, lingering a moment before pulling back, opening his eyes and staring at you.

“I love you,” he breathed, still lost in your eyes, trying to figure out what he had just done, much less, said.

“I love you too,” you grinned. “Come on, let’s not stop there.” You leaned in for another kiss but he shook his head, closing his eyes tight before opening them again.

“Not tonight,” he took a deep breath. “Maybe when you’re sober, but I um, I shouldn’t have done that y/n. You’re not thinking right.”

“I’m thinking perfectly fine!” you rolled your eyes. “Please Josh, I want more.”

“So do I,” he mumbled. “But I really don’t think we should do this now.”

“Josh,” you stated his name and reached forward to grab his shirt, snaking your hands down his chest and trying to tug it up. “We can’t stop there.”

“Yes,” he chuckled. “We can. We should.”

“I want this off,” you whined, tugging up his shirt again but he just laughed nervously, tugging the hem of his shirt back down to his waist.

“Let’s try to keep our clothes on, okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “I think it’s best you get some sleep, clear your head, and we’ll try this again some other time.”

“Not another time,” you complained. “Now.”

“I know, but we can’t,” he insisted. “It’s not right.”

“Didn’t it feel so good though?” you argued. “Your lips on mine? Being so close? Just the two of us, in this bed, together? Didn’t you feel something?”

“I did,” he nodded slowly. “However I think you just aren’t in the right circumstances to do any of that right now. You probably don’t even understand half of the things you’re saying. How about we cuddle and fall asleep, is that okay?”

“I want more than cuddles,” you persisted.

“Look, y/n, I’m sorry,” he sighed. “But please, I’m not going to argue with you anymore. Let’s just go to sleep. Please?”

“Okay,” you mumbled.

“Thank you,” he sighed. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Goodnight sweetheart.”

A couple minutes passed before you fell asleep, eyes closed, wrapped in Josh’s arms. You both laid there in silence, a mixture of soft snores, quiet heartbeats, and shallow breathing. That was until the sun filtered through the blinds and there was a churning, horrible, miserable feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you stumbled out of bed, escaping his arms and staggering to the bathroom, flinging open the door and retching all the contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl. Vomiting wasn’t a pretty sight, especially during a horrific hangover, and you felt absolutely embarrassed you had caused the mess in Josh’s hotel bathroom. You heard him stirring in bed, calling your name, and your face instantly turned red. Your head was spinning, a terrible migraine overtaking you, and sure enough, you found yourself puking up even more. You felt Josh kneel beside you, rubbing small gentle circles on your back, brushing your hair out of your face. “I’m sorry,” you sputtered out. “Shit, I’m so sorry-”

“It’s okay,” he reassured. “Don’t apologize.”

“I feel miserable,” you mumbled and he frowned, handing you a towel to clean your mouth and flushing the toilet, helping you up and giving you a hug.

“I told you not to drink anymore last night,” he reminded.

“Did I?” you wondered, watching his eyes soften as he released the embrace.

“You don’t remember anything… do you?” he whispered.

“Why? Did uh, did something happen?” you looked around and started to realize how strange it was that you slept in Josh’s bed, he was cuddling you this morning, and you supposedly got absolutely wasted last night. “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, nothing happened. I just let you stay here for the night because I was afraid you might get sick. I’m glad I did, I mean, I wouldn’t want you all alone with a horrible hangover.”

“Thank you,” you stuttered out. “Goddammit I feel absolutely miserable.”

“I’ll get you a glass of water and some Advil,” he decided. “Just take it easy, okay? When you’re done you can just lay on the bed. Got it?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly. “Thanks so much.”

“No problem,” he gave a small smile. “I just really hope you feel better soon.”

You took a wet washcloth and wiped your face, taking a deep breath, then heading to the bed, rolling underneath the sheets. Josh approached you, handing you a cup of water and a couple Advil, which you downed and thanked him before resting your head on the pillow. “Can you, uh, stay with me? Maybe?” you asked shyly. “I don’t really want to be alone.”

“Sure,” he replied, pulling up the covers and lying beside you. Without thinking, he put an arm around you, pulling you closer, and you smiled. “Uh, is this okay? If I do this?”

“It’s more than okay,” you laughed. “I just wish I didn’t feel so shitty so I could enjoy it more. It’s not often I get cuddles.”

“You got plenty last night,” he chuckled.

“About that…” your voice trailed off. “What um, what did I do exactly? Last night?”

“You were fine,” Josh reassured. “I kept you under control. Tyler made sure you behaved.”

“Behaved?” you took a shaky breath.

“Yeah,” he smirked.

“W-what did I do?” you stammered.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I mean, obviously you don’t really remember. And when you were drunk you promised it would be our little secret.”

“Josh-” a worried, embarrassed, scared look spread across your face.

“Don’t worry,” he insisted. “Much to your disliking, I made sure we kept all our clothes on.”

“What does that mean?” you grew quiet, twice as self-conscious now.

“You really want to know?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I sort of do,” you admitted. “I mean, if I’m as rambunctious as you say I was.”

“Maybe I should tell you when you feel better,” he decided.

“I want to know,” you argued. “Now. Please?”

“You were getting sort of, um, suggestive last night,” he explained. “You wanted to do stuff, but I told you no cause you were absolutely wasted. You got all mopey and sad and kept persisting and we uh, we kissed, once. But then I made you go to bed.”

“We kissed?” your face turned bright red. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, look I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s okay,” he laughed. “I’m fine. I just thought that um, you might want to know.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly. “So… was it a good kiss?”

“Maybe you would’ve remembered if you weren’t so drunk,” he rolled his eyes jokingly.

“No really,” you persisted. “Or was it awkward?”

“Maybe you should find out for yourself,” he suggested.

“What do you mean?” you narrowed your eyes.

“You know exactly what I mean,” he whispered. You stared at him for a second before capturing him in a kiss, pressing his lips on his and feeling him pull you closer, eyes closed, mouths opened, tongues moving in syncopation, his body so close to yours. When you pulled away you both opened your eyes, staring at each other, and you blinked twice.

“Did that really just happen?” you wondered, gasping for breath.

“Yeah,” Josh breathed, eyes staring into yours. “It did.”

“No, like last night,” you clarified, taking a deep breath and still unable to move your gaze away from his. “Did that happen?”

“Not as intimate, no,” he shook his head. “And uh, I don’t know about you, but I liked this one a lot better.”

“Me too,” you smiled. “Hopefully I’ll remember.”

“You think, uh, we should do it again?” he hinted. “Just in case?”

“Josh,” you laughed. “I don’t think I’ll be forgetting any of this anytime soon.”

“Do you still feel horrible?” he tilted his head to the side.

“I feel much better,” you replied. “But like you said, I think another kiss wouldn’t hurt.”

“You know you didn’t have to be drunk to kiss me, y/n,” Josh reminded. “I would’ve kissed you sober just fine. All you had to do is ask.”

“I was scared,” you admitted. “I mean, hell, what’s Tyler going to think?”

“I think he already knows,” Josh laughed. “You told him you were in love with me last night.”

“I did?” you widened your eyes. “What else happened that you never told me about?”

“You wanted my shirt off,” he added.

“I still do,” you teased.

“I’m pretty sure I can make that happen,” he gave a sly smile.

“Yeah?” you grinned.

“Yeah,” he murmured.

“I think I found the perfect cure to a killer hangover,” you chuckled.

“What? Kissing?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Nah,” you shook your head. “You.”


Tyler Joseph X Reader

Request: could you do one where a creepy guy starts hitting on y/n and being really pervy and you get really scared and then Tyler or Josh sWOOPS IN AND SAVES THE DAY cause that would be amazing. thanks (I love your writing so much !!)

A/N: SO THIS CAN BE A BIT TRIGGERING SO BE WARNED. THIS IS NOT A SMUT. IT DOES HAVE SOME SEXUAL CONTENT HOWEVER. I’ll list the warnings down below!!! I apologize for the lack of content recently, I’ve been very discouraged about writing and I just haven’t really had much time to write either. I hope you guys enjoy this one, however. I promise I’ll try to be more consistent with my writing, but please bear with me if I’m not. You guys are the absolute best! Thank you for sticking with me.

WARNINGS: sexual harassment, language, some mild violence, uncomfortable situations

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Jon Huertas’ new restaurant.

Castle actor Jon Huertas, who played Detective Esposito, has opened up a restaurant called Clutch Venice. It is location on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice California.

The restaurant is described as a Cali-Mex roadhouse. It is also equipped with a bar for those who prefer beers or wines to other drinks.

The restaurant has several menus, including: a lunch menu, a brunch menu, dinner menus, Taco Tuesday menus (yes, the restaurant celebrates the beloved day of the week), and a Happy hour menu.

You can reserve a table at the Cali-Mex restaurant, or if you’re like me and you prefer take out, you can place an order online.

Critics seem to enjoy the restaurant. One review reads: “This Venice restaurant doles out tasty Cali-Mex BBQ, including Santa Maria Tri-tip, carne asada fries, and smoked duck tacos. The time honored tradition of Taco Tuesday is practiced here, and you can indulge in some of the tastiest, cheapest tacos this side of the border.”

If you’re looking to visit the restaurant or get in touch with them, the address listed for the eatery is 427 Lincoln Boulevard. The phone number is (310)396-8749. You can also reach them via email at: info.clutch@gmail.com and the hours are:
Monday: 11:30am - 10pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30am - 11pm
Friday: 11:30am - 12pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 12pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 10pm

Love in New York

PAIRING- reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight angst, but also fluff :) 

Request from @you-should-love​ -Hi darling how are you today ? I don’t know how do you feel about one shots based on songs but with you do and with you are comfortable of course . Can you write a one shot with Steve about the Music New york by Ed Sheeran ?

I now love this song and can’t stop listing to it! I would recomend listing to it before reading this, or listen to it while your reading! I hope you enjoy it!  

You can listen to it here - New York Ed Sheeran 

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Marching down the hallways of the Avengers Facility you had a purpose to your walk, it was your ‘get out of her way before she kills you’ walk that Sam had so kindly dubbed it. There was no stopping you; then again there was hardly anyone around to stop you. It was a Friday night and practically everyone on the base was either down in the communal area (equipped with it’s own bar and dance floor, Tony really did think of everything) or groups of agents gathered into cabs and ventured out into Manhattan for a night of revels. Normally you would have joined your fellow Avengers into the thriving nightlife of New York, but the increasing absence of your leader confused and irked you somewhat. Steve Rogers may be the man out of time, but by your reasoning and logic the man deserved a night out. The fact that your embarrassingly third grade like crush had something to do with it. Natasha had practically forced you to ask Steve out.

“It’s not the dark ages anymore (Y/N) you can ask a guy out. You’re a strong confident woman just ask him already”

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After providing urgent medical care, MSF has launched a major distribution of building materials, hygiene kits, water storage equipment, blankets, and energy bars to benefit 10,000 families living in the remote mountain of Sud-Ouest, the region of Haiti most severely affected by Hurricane Matthew.

MSF has relied on a partnership with community members to ensure the success of the initiate. “In the presence of MSF staff, the beneficiary collects the items for his or her family [an average of 7 people] from a community representative who previously accepted the items at the time they were delivered,” explains field distribution coordinator, François Giddey.

More than 205 MSF national staff and 39 international staff are still active in the post-Matthew  response. MSF has carried out emergency response in departments of Grande Anse, Sud, and Nippes. 

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I would like to see a AU with the Eldarya guys/people in a coffe shop

Let’s be honest: it’s going to be the single least efficient coffee shop in the city. But people will keep coming for the eye candy… >u>

Warning: Longest head-canon, ever. 14 characters, each with their own little stories.

Nevra, the Head Waiter

Naturally, this snake oil merchant with fangs ladies’ man is going to be where the action is: on the main floor, catering to all the customers personally. (Because no one can trust him in handling kitchen or bar-top equipment.) He’s got the drive, the guile, the inbred hospitality, and the metaphorical eyes on the back of his head to pull off even a morning or evening rush single-handed. And later brag about the triple-figure tips, phone numbers, and juicy gossip he collected that day to his coworkers in the back-room, even when his voice is hoarse and his feet have lost all feeling. Nevra actually keeps track of his ‘scores’ in his personal agenda-book, always ready to outdo himself every month. (Because let’s face it… there is no competition for him from the rest of the servers.)  

Though quite a few of his coworkers feel like putting fresh garlic in his next espresso (for himself or for his ‘beloved customers’), they can’t do it for a few reasons: 1.) The customers and tips that Nevra brings in make up half the café’s total income. The place will sink without his pretty, monocular face on the floor. 2.) He’s actually generous with his coworkers. Newbies on the staff know they can rely on him (until they’re used as customer bait during evening rushes for ‘experience’). And he never keeps any of his tips for himself, always making a point of strutting to the collective tip jar to put in what looks like the price for a new smartphone. So whether they like him or not, the gigolo has to stay.    

Nevra is quite proud of his job, and hopes to eventually see the café become the city’s next ‘must-see destination’ (or, more likely, buy and renovate the place as part of his network of high-end dining spots). So he doesn’t tolerate unprofessional shenanigans on his floor (beyond swapping phone numbers, which is sanctified activity as far as he’s concerned). What’s guaranteed to tick him off: if a customer is boorish to one of his babies junior serving staff, if one of his coworkers half-asses an order, or if he catches anyone stealing from that tip jar he’s filling. In either case, the criminal party can expect to find themselves sheepishly shuffling to the door under the force of Nevra’s gimlet smile.

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Fallen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 5~

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Stiles’ screams echoed through the night sky as my body suddenly took control, my silver eyes scanning through the road as my legs pushed on. I had no idea how I had managed to leave the rest of my friends behind, and somehow ended up in the middle of the road, with only one goal in mind: finding Stiles. Consciously, I had no idea what was going on, but somehow something in the back of my mind and the pit of my stomach told me he was in danger. My vision darkened for a second before I found myself standing in the middle of the school parking lot, just a few feet away from the unmistakable jeep. I gasped and somehow managed to regain control as I watched Stiles run off toward the school, a boy hissing and chasing after him.

“Stiles!” I cried out, following after. My eyes widened and my body seemed to hesitate in disbelief as I watched the boy I now recognized to be Donovan stop and turn to face me. He huffed through gritted, pointed teeth, blood pouring from his mouth before he hissed and ran after Stiles once again.

“Stiles!” I called out, running in through a different entrance. At this point, I was following instinct as I ran through the dark, vacant hallways of the school. My heart beat pumped hard against my chest in both fear and panic, the adrenaline enhancing my hearing as I continued to push on my legs that begged to stop. I came to a screeching halt as I realized what I had gotten myself into.

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Red Moon Over Manhattan

While cocktails with liquid nitrogen smoke or a deep almost-black hue are cool for Halloween and all, not every home bar is equipped for that. That’s why this cocktail – essentially a combination of whiskey and wine – is so doable and just as spooky thanks to its deep ruby red color.

The key ingredient here is red wine but don’t use just any red wine. Now, I’m a bit of wine snob (as in, you won’t see me endorsing the wine that rhymes with Mellowrail or Zuplake) so my preferred wine is a California Pinot Noir (more “fleshy” than Oregon – which where my favorite Pinots are from) but it really depends on my mood. And the bourbon I’m using.

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She’s Taken: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

A/N: Hello again! For like, the third?? time today. I’m on a roll filling out these requests (which makes me SO happy). Anyway, this is another Anne Nonnie request for Y/N and Spence secretly dating, and while on a case, the detective from there gets too flirty. - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A

Warnings: None that I can think of?? 


Touch, sometimes it seems like the most important sense, and you may think that sounds ridiculous when you consider sight, sound, smell, taste.. But late at night, when you’re curled up in bed, and your loved one comes in and pulls back the covers, sure that you’re asleep, and settles in beside you in silence, and without second guessing it, they wrap their arms around you. 

Or, in the early morning, when you’re wishing it was bedtime again, and they walk into the kitchen and pull you in from behind, holding you against their chest and standing without speaking, marveling in the simple fact that you’re together, and the sun is shining. 

Hand holding, legs draping across one another, heads on chests, lips on skin, subtle grabs and firm holds. Now it doesn’t seem so funny, does it? 

But when you’re 1,239.1 miles from home, you don’t get that freedom. You don’t get those stolen kisses, or late night cuddles. What you get are desperate eyes, and fleeting moments where you “bump” one another. 

Dallas, Texas was far enough, but when you were on a case, it felt even farther. You didn’t get the safe feeling of being in your own home, or even out to dinner at a local restaurant when you’re sure that nobody would come across you except for strangers. 

“I miss us” you had murmured, in one of the fractions of a second that the two of you had throughout the day, between meetings, interviews, when other people were nothing to worry about for the moment. 

“I do too” he had whispered, straightening up as Hotch joins the two of you. “Detective Torsman will be leading this investigation with us, as I’m sure you’re aware, he’s going to take Y/N to the crime scene to take a look at anything they might have missed”. 

“I’m going too, right? To take my own perspective from it?” Spencer’s voice had almost been panicked, but you knew that wasn’t how it was going to work. 

“Yes, Reid you’re going with and I’ll go with JJ to interview the neighbour” his words were direct, and as Spence smiled gleefully at your shocked face, your trio headed out of the room and into the bright afternoon. 

“It’s more than hot enough” you muttered, unbuttoning the sleeves of your dress shirt, and pulling them up to just above your elbow. “Yea, it is pretty hot, but when you’re from Vegas you don’t whine” Spence teases you, and you laugh.

“You get used to it, don’t worry” the detective was a young man, about 26, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and he stood about 6ft 4, his body wasn’t lanky, but it wasn’t rippled with muscle either, he was an in between.

“I sure hope so” you sighed, as you climbed up into the truck, emblazoned with the Dallas PD logo, and equipped with a full bar of red, white and blue lights. 

“The air conditioning should help” he said and accidentally sets his hand on top of yours, as the two of you reached for the dial. 

“Oops” you said, pulling your hand back, and he grasps lightly at your fingers, but not well enough to hold onto your hand. “Sorry about that” he drawls, as he pulls down his sun visor and wheels out of the parking lot. 

“Not a problem” you say, hoping that it eases the slight awkward air about the vehicle, as it starts to chill. 

“Now don’t go getting too cold” he says, and you nod, not really paying attention. It would be getting dark within the next couple of hours anyway, and then the temperature would drop just enough for it to be comfortable. 

It’s a short distance, but it gives you enough time to cool down, and stop sweating. Instead, like a glistening blanket of frost, your body is covered in the chilled remains of your sweat. 

As he pulls into the drive way, you prepare yourself, and undo your seat belt, he reaches out and puts his arm across the front of you, and rolls over a pothole in the cement, causing you to pitch forward, against his skin. 

“Sorry, knew that was coming and I didn’t want you to get hurt”, you smile graciously, and nod. “Thanks, not the first time I’ve made that mistake”, you’re sure you see Reid stiffen in the rear view. 

The scene, sitting still and silent since the murder, was untouched, like the beautiful blemish on the perfect society. He leads the way, lifting the caution tape for you, and grazes your elbow as you duck under it. 

If he keeps up with the nonchalance, Reid’s going to get angry, and you knew it. 

“So, Doc, what are you going to do while Y/N and I go upstairs to the bedroom?” his face is smug, and your eyes widen as you search for the right words to say in your own defense. 

“I’ll be right with you, because I have to take my own mental notes based on what you think you’ve found” Reid’s words harbor a tone of sarcasm and frustration, and you just chew on your lip. 

“Righto” Torsman breathes, pointing to the stairway, “After you” he says, and you swallow hard, jogging up the stairs in an attempt to make your own statement, that you weren’t taking this lightly.

“By the looks of it, there was a struggle by the window, which means to me that he was seated at his desk when the unsub broke in, and tried to save himself, but the unsub plants the ice pick in his carotid and watches as the blood sprays across the room. Once the male is taken care of, unsub moves down the hall, only to come face to face with the family dog, who makes enough noise to alert the daughter, who runs for help. Classic family case, with a canine twist”.

The detective nods, a grin across his face, “Smart and beautiful, how did the BAU get its claws in you before we got the chance?”. 

Spencer is downright angry at this point, and clears his throat, loudly. “Yes, well, we’re extremely lucky. Any more smart ideas Torsman?”. 

The glare on Nick, Detective Torsman’s, face is enough to shoot down a bull, and you just look at your feet, and around for any more evidence to take back to Hotch. 

“Well, you’re supposed to be the smart one, you tell me poindexter” you open your mouth to speak, but Reid interferes. “Well, she’s right, but you’ve clearly neglected to take the man’s computer in to your tech to be cleaned out and picked over, but with a brain like a neanderthal I would doubt you would even think of it. Oh, and did you fingerprint the inside of the window too? Probably used it as a stable place to hold onto when the victim hit him”. 

You step in between the two of them, and plaster a smile on your face, almost unable to make yourself sound happy. 

“Listen, there’s not a problem, is there? I just want to figure this out” it seems as though putting your body between them was the answer, but it doesn’t do much for how you’re feeling. 

Three hours later, after combing over every part of the house at least twice, you head out of the building. The night sky is something to be painted by the likes of the greats, and as you note the stars, you seemingly become the words that Torsman said earlier. 

“Now don’t go getting too cold” it comes back to you as a breeze ripples over your bare arms, and you instinctively pull them to yourself, hurriedly undoing the buttons once more, and pulling the sleeves all the way down, almost over your hands. 

“You cold?” Spence asks, as the detective locks up the house, “I’ll be fine, no worries babe” you say quietly, fighting against your teeth that want to chatter. 

“Set to go?” Nick calls, his voice growing ever closer as he walks up behind the two of you, practically causing you to shrink apart. “Yea, ready” your jaw tremors, up and down, up and down at the speed of light, and you mentally slap yourself for not bringing a jacket. 

“Well here, have my coat” he goes to take it off, and you shake your head, raising your hands. “No, really, I need this to reset my body back to the regular temperature of a place that’s not as hot as Satan himself” you joke, barely able to make it seem funny. 

“Sure” he replies, and the drive home is silent, save for the feeling that you’re about to scream as you catch his eye contact multiple times, and even worse when you look at Reid’s face in the mirror. 

When you get back to the station, Nick opens your door for you, and offers you a hand down, but you decline again, following Spencer’s angry footsteps into the warmth of the building, the rest of the team waiting for you inside. 

As you relay information to Rossi and Hotch, Prentiss points to the detective as he stands patiently behind your group, hat in hand and smiles. 

“Excuse me a minute” you say, barely above a mumble as you approach him slowly. “What’s up Detective Torsman?” he smiles, and shakes his head, “Please call me Nick, it seems too formal to call me detective for what I’m about to say”. 

Your brow furrows, and you look up at him questioningly, “Oh? What would that be?”. “I was wondering I mean I know we’ve only worked together a few days now, and I’m not the best at dropping hints, but would you like to go out with me tonight?”. 

Your stomach flips, and you look around, hoping for someone to tell you what you’re supposed to say.

“Actually, Nick, I.. Well uh-”, “Maybe you should back off and focus on the case, alright? I think she’d rather not go out”. You’re grateful for Reid stepping in, but grow worried quickly when Nick’s glare returns. 

“And you would know that how? You don’t read minds too, do you? I’m just asking her to dinner Doc, cool it”. 

As you open your mouth to speak once more, Reid crashed his lips onto yours, his right hand on your cheek, his left on your waist, as a spark lights within you. “Jesus Christ” Torsman groans, stepping back. 

Hotch just stares at the two of you, and Spence steps back, hand firm on your skin. 

“I don’t read many minds, but some how, I think I know her a bit better than you do, back off Torsman”. 

Tickle Tube (Septiplier tickles)

For my FIRST story I was sooooo lucky to get to do a collab with my idol, the incredible @thetickleeraven

I had such a fucking blast with this and yall should totally follow her. I’m so happy with how this turned out!! Comments are always appreciated.

Notes: This has tickling (duh), and its septiplier (double duh), please be respective.

Tickle Tube

“Come ooooooon Mark!” The irishman squealed, practically bouncing through the rusted old gates in from of them. Jack convinced Mark to visit his old home in Ireland, and the man-child was thrilled. He had taken him all over his town, through his old house and stores, and even bought him dinner. It was adorable for Mark to see Jack so enthusiastic and sentimental. But as a final stop, the irishman demanded they go to the old playground near his house.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, calm yourself,” Mark chuckled, following the sporadic man. The green haired lad danced and laughed and rambled on about each piece of equipment; the monkey bars, which he was too tall for now, and the swings… which didn’t fit his butt. And of course, he dragged Mark to the old tube slide.

“Oh man, this was my favorite when I was little…”  he purred a bit quietly, dazing off a bit in his own mind before turning, his cheeks tinting a delightful shade. “I mean… it still kinda is… but hey, wanna try it out?”

Mark immediately shook his head, “Hell no, Jack, you’ll get stuck in that old thing. Y'know these kind were recalled in America… kept breaking.” But the irishman shook his head, determined to prove him wrong.

“But these are the best kind! See? They got holes to watch the kids!” And he stuck his arm in the bean shaped holes that spotted the sides and top of the slide. Mark bit his lip, hesitant but knowing the adrenaline-pumped lad wouldn’t listen anyways. Sure enough, the green haired man bounded onto the set, sitting down in the opening of the slide. Hm, it WAS a bit tight near his feet, but he had a point to make. So, with a laugh, and his arms in the air, he pushed himself in.

Slide. Squeak-

“Oh shit…” came a tiny voice from inside the slide. Mark blinked, seeing the tips of Jack’s shoes sticking out.

“Uh… Jack?” he called, confused and anxious, only to walk closer and burst into laughter. “Ohohoh my gohohod!!” The red haired tuber doubled over in laughter, clutching his sides carefully as he heard Jack whimper in obvious embarrassment.

“S-SHUT UP YOU ARSE!!” Came the higher-than-normal squeak of anger from the tube. There was the rumble of shifting, but as it was obvious, he was stuck. “FUCKING HELP ME!” he yelled, pissed and embarrassed.

Mark took a minute to recover from his laughter, and slowly grew a sly grin, “Oooo, you need my help now, do you? I thought the tube was big enough~” he sang and then burst into another round of laughter.

Jack growled, anger replacing his humiliation. “MAAARK!!” he shrieked, and his boyfriend had to pause to cover his ears.

“Fine! Smartass…” he muttered under his breath and headed over, studying the tube. “Well… hm…” He grabbed Jack’s ankles and yanked, but all that came was a grunt from Jack, and with one more yank his shoes just ended up flying off, sending Mark with them. He muttered as he landed on his back, blinking at the now socked feet curling uncomfortably in front of him.

Suddenly, a mischevious grin arose on his face as he suddenly realized how he could get out… and maybe get a bit of payback from the smartass irishman.

“Hmmm, oh man,” he drawled, acting as if he was seriously stumped. “I don’t think I can get you out… we might have to try something else…” He knew Jack couldn’t see the shit eating grin he was wearing, but he tried controlling it nonetheless.

Jack, however, was now squirming nervously. On top of being stuck, he could’ve sworn his shoes came off… “W-Well what else can we try!? I don’t like this!” He pouted, giving another wiggle of an attempt.

Mark snickered, hoping he’d say just that. “Weeeellll… I have an idea…” And he crouched down by Jack’s socked feet, picking up a small but thick twig that was next to the slide. He bit back his evil snickers.

“Well! What is i-”


Oh, it was that.

“MARK!” Jack squealed before dissolving into hysterical giggles “Nohohohot thahahat! Plehehease!”

Mark chuckled. “What’s wrong, Jack? You seem a bit tense.”

“Yohohohou dihihick! Stohohop fuhuhucking tihihickling me!”

“Oh, does this tickle? I had no idea.”
“Yehehehes ihihit dohohohoes, yohohou bahahastard”

Mark grinned, his eyes narrow as he then gave an over-sympathetic hum. “Oh man, well it would suck if you were ticklish then, huh? Hm, I don’t know whaaat’s so funny though~” He couldn’t help but snicker, continuing to jab the twig carefully at his toes. Jack’s feet scrunched up and his whole body shook with uncontrollable giggles.

“Mahahahark! Plehehehase!” Jack pleaded in his fit of giggles.

Mark cooed at the bubbling laughter that his cute boyfriend poured out. He wished he could see the probably beet red face inside the tube, see how much his taunting would work… “I mean hey, it’s just an idea… you can always say no~” And continued, dragging the blunt stick against his socked sole, awaiting for pleads to stop…

Which he knew wouldn’t come… heh.

“Ihihihit mihihihight hehehelp mehehehe gehehet uhuhunstuhuhuck… Ihihihi guhuhuess…” Jack giggled. Mark thankfully couldn’t see the blush dusting his cheeks. 

Mark paused, his face hurting from the wicked grin he wore. He did NOT just use that as an excuse… If Mark knew anything about his boyfriend, it was that he would never admit such an adorable thing as he liked it. So, he would make him.

“Ohhh really? Damn, can’t believe you’d admit my brilliant plan is working! I mean, I know how much you haaate this and I wanna have it be over as soon as possible for you… maybe I should just finish it now~” And he stood, tossing away the twig and humming innocently, poising his hand near the hole open on Jack’s right side. He could see his body tense. “Unless you wanna change anything~?”

“I-ihi gotta gehet out sohomehow, rihight?” Jack giggled, his face burning. He was blissfully unaware of the hand just centimeters from one of his worst spots.

With a chuckle, Mark neared his hand, a bit proud (and maybe a little disappointed) Jack was eager to leave… but hey, might as well make the most of it. “Fine, somehow it is!” And he started wiggling his fingers against Jack’s side, paying very special attention to the slightly exposed skin from his rising shirt. He made sure to brush that nicely.

Jack shrieked and cracked into uproarious laughter, thrashing inside the tube and rocking the whole slide. “MAHAHAHARK! NAHAHAHAT THEHEHEHERE! NOHOHOHO!" 

His boyfriend beamed as Jack’s bucking only managed to ride his shirt up even more, exposing his tummy and hips to his view. "Ohh, not here? I thought you wanted to get out~” he snickered, his fingers having a little mercy and gliding lazily against his exposed tummy.

Butterflies tickled the inside of the irishman’s belly as Mark tickled the outside, making his face flush more and his tittering laughter grow, his head thrashing from side to side. “FUHUHUCK MAAAARK!!” he shrieked and threw his head back, his legs kicking a bit at the bottom… but he had to admit, he was sliding out a bit more.

“See how well this plan’s working! But we need a bit more… Hm…” Mark pondered how else he could make things worse, or better, for Jack. He glanced around him and something caught his eye. A long black feather from a bird laid abandoned on the ground. An evil grin grew across his face as Mark picked up the feather, spinning it in his fingers as if to examine it. “Oh Jack~! Guess what I found~” He placed the soft end of the feather on Jack’s right side and quickly flicked it across the skin. 

Jack gulped in air as Mark had stopped for a moment, grateful as all hell for some relief. Testing the slide, he noted if he reaaaally pointed his toes, he could feel the ground! That was good-

“U-Uh, w-what did you f-” Uh oh. “fffFAHAHAHAHACK!!!” Jack imploded into spratic laughter, his back even arching a little to try and escape the feather’s kisses. Holy hell, it tickled worse than fingers! “MARKMARKMAHAHAHARKKK!! PLEHEHEASE NOOOHOHO!!!” He shrilled, and they could swear Chica could hear his laughter from L.A. His pleading turned into silent bursts of hysteria. But through his madness, he realized he WAS sliding out more!

“Wow it’s just a feather, Jack.” Mark chuckled, adding in his wiggling fingers alongside the flicking of the feather. “I can only imagine how bad this is…” Mark growled. His grin couldn’t have been wider than when he heard poor Jack’s reaction.

“I BEHEHEHET YOU FUHUHUCKING CAAAHAHAN!!!” His laughter raised about thirty octaves as he felt fingers added to the torturous mix. He was losing energy to thrash and wiggle, and was nervous he wouldn’t be able to fully get out… but his thoughts were quickly replaced when he felt his feet hit the ground. He was almost out! “I thihihnk its wohohorking!! MahahaHAHARK!!”

“Oh I’m so happy it’s working.” Mark growled. Time to make the most of what little time he had left. He leaned his head in through the hole in the tube so his lips touched the bare skin of Jack’s side. He sucked in air… and he blew. 

The moment he felt lips and stubble Jack screamed. He went hysterical, his chest hurting from the mad laughter, his arms pushing, legs squirming- 


Jack suddenly launched from the tube, still in a mad titter of giggles, his body curling up as he scratched at his side madly to relieve the tingles. He panted, sucking in air and wheezing, dabbing his eyes dry. Holy shit… he was out!

“Mark! Mark I’m-” he whipped up to turn to his boyfriend-

Mark had part of his head in the hole in the tube, his hands on either side pushing at the slide, seemingly in an effort to get his head out. “Uh… Hey Jack?” Mark chuckled nervously.

Jack blinked, and even have just laughed as hard as he did, he burst into another round, doubling over. Oh this was fucking priceless. “Yohohou’re kihihidding me?” He tittered, grinning ear to ear as he hurried over to peek inside the tube, snickering at the blushing face he met. “Oh man this is tohohoo good…” Jack couldn’t help but think. An eye for an eye…

Or maybe an ear.

Silently, Jack slipped carefully into the tube, only his head and shoulders to make sure he wouldn’t get stuck in an endless cycle. He leaned up and started nipping at Mark’s ear, evil giggles purring in and echoing in the tube.

Mark squealed and dissolved into hysterical giggles. “Jahahahack! Nohohoho! Ihihihi’m sahahaharry!” Mark desperately pleaded, knowing that after what he put Jack through, Jack would not be having any mercy.

“Awww, but Markimoo, I’m ooonly trying to help you get unstuck~” He giggled darkly, his hand sneaking up to tickle under his chin, “Coochie coo!!” He puffed some hot breaths into his ear, then nibbled, making obnoxious nomming sounds, his fingers trailing to his sensitive neck. He knew Mark wouldn’t be stuck for long, so he was gonna make the most of it. If he got in, he could get out.

“JAHAHAHACK! NOHOHOHO STAHAHAP IHIHIHIT!” Mark absolutely howled with laughter. His whole body was jerking from side to side and he already felt tears of mirth in his eyes. He desperately tugged on his head, trying to escape the unbearable sensations

Jack slowed to a hault, grinning and admiring his giggly boyfriend, shimmying out and standing, eyeing his body. “Y'know, I can see why these things were recalled…” He giggled and walked over, easing Mark’s neck out of the awkward hole. He didn’t want Mark to actually hurt himself, his neck not snapping was more important to the irishman than tickles. Well, he did sneak in a few prods to his sides as he felt Mark unhinge his head.

“Yohohou… dihihihick!” Mark giggled, rubbing the shells of his ears to rid himself of the leftover ghostly tickling feeling. 

Jack wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, nuzzling his neck with his hair cheekily, “Aw, I’m sooo sorry~” He made a pouty face and snickered, eyeing him cutely. 

“Shuhuhut uhuhuhup!” Mark playfully pushed Jack away, chuckling as he did so.

But of course he didn’t and prodded Mark in the chest, “See!? Told you I could fit!!”

Mark widened his eyes, laughing indignantly, “Oh come on! I had to tickle you out!”

Jack narrowed his eyes daringly, preparing himself to bolt, “Iffff I remember correctly, I tickled you free~”

Mark gaped, then pulled up his sleeves, making a charge for the irishman, who hadn’t darted out of a gate so fast in his life. 



Reformatory Caffeine Lab

How can one cafe so consistently blow away all your previous thoughts on what was possible with coffee? Run by 4th generation Colombian coffee farmer Simon Jaramillo, Reformatory has been on the Sydney coffee scene since January and raised the bar to another level. 

Located on Foveaux St halfway between Crown St and Central station is this insane industrial/comic themed cafe, in what was once a large garage. Attention to detail is an understatement, with all the latest state-of-the-art coffee equipment adorning the main bar. In traditional Italian style, seats are non-existent and instead are small cast iron tables bolted to the wall at elbow height. On the entire stretch of one wall is an incredible comic feature painted by Melbourne artist Heesco, depicting a mad professor/Joker-type villain as a portrayal of Reformatory’s crazy pursuit of amazing coffee. 

And the coffee is amazing in every form. Single origin coffees from the owner’s own roasting and pulled on the custom La Marzocco Strada MP are mind-blowing. Some of the world’s best beans make regular appearances on the options for filter coffees, to be had in almost any form imaginable (aeropress, chemex, siphon, pourover, plunger etc). 

Simon and his team are also incredibly enthusiastic and ready to chat and explain almost anything about your coffee. Small touches of care further add to your specialty coffee experience; dry grounds served in a separate dish for a dry aroma of your coffee, cold drip coffee served in test tubes, and quality glasses and cups served on beautiful wooden boards. 

From what we’ve seen over the past few months, the standard is only getting higher as Refomatory pushes the limits of what is possible for a cup of coffee. If you’re in Sydney for any amount of time this should definitely be on your list to visit. 


Were you guys aware that Satan had a hobby of designing catwalks?!

Neither did I until I did strike here.
Equip with many bars and beams to walk, or stand up into and even some at your feet to trip over! He did such a good job it’s technically qualified as a “Hard Hat Zone!”
That last picture? I’ve lovingly nicknamed it “The Indiana Jones Hole.” Not because the Holy Grail is in it, but because of the way you have to enter it. There is an air duct so low (see the Source Four Jr standing beside it) and covered with insulation that you have to belly crawl in and out. There’s not one but TWO of these.
Once you start walking you CANNOT stand up straight at any point so even when carrying lots of cable or instruments you have to crouch to half your height and hobble out in a manner that would make Igor proud.

I struck an entire show in a day and a half on my own…my back is going to hurt for the rest of my life.

I’m sorry this is long…I didn’t realize I had so much to say on it.

Tour the most expensive home for sale in the U.S.

This could all be yours for a cool $250 million.

The Los Angeles, Calif., home boasts 38,000 square feet and comes equipped with six bars, a massage room and spa, a theater and an 85-foot infinity pool.

The home, built by Luxury developer Bruce Makowsky, beats out a $195 million mansion in Manalapan, Fla., which formerly held the record for most expensive home listed in the United States.

Makowsky said in a statement that the home was created “for the ultimate billionaire who wants the best of everything that exists in life.” More.

(Photos: Berlyn Photography)

Tickle Tube

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark and Jack go visit Jack’s old playground from when he was little, Jack sees his favorite slide and decides to try it out… and gets stuck…  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! COLLAB WITH @septiplickles THEYRE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER THEY JUST STARTED A BLOG GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! Also he did like, 65% of the work on the fic so REALLY go thank him for this one! Thanks @septiplickles

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