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Fox Mulder’s Guide to Falling (and Staying) in Love with Your Partner

For author’s note and story description, see the first chapter!

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(On the Run) Bonus fic?

They’re lying in the back of a beaten-down Ford Expedition, both rows of seats down, because it’s the only way he can fit. The SUV is much like the one they made off with after busting him out of prison, only it’s more than two years later, and this one is green, older. It’s their fourth car in as many months, constantly trading vehicles in out of fear, danger of being found. But it’s been more than two years. If they were being looked for, actively pursued, they should have been found by now. They’ve run out of hiding spaces.

Which is why they’re pulled off to the side of a deserted California freeway. It sounds like an oxymoron, deserted and California freeway. But they’ve become masters at hiding even in the busiest of places, though the neglected domains of the country leave them feeling less tense. The folded-down seats, which give them room to sleep, are layered with their sleeping bags as padding, a thin blanket covering both of them, another one piled in a heap at his feet. Despite it not being the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements, there are worse places where they have slept.

Her head is on his bare chest and his fingertips are stroking her arm, the featherlight touch the only thing that seems familiar, even after being at this for as long as they have. 891 days. 21,384 hours. He’s not sure why he’s kept count. He couldn’t tell you what’s happened during each of those 891 days. Only that she was right there with him. And though the days have blurred together, he still counts each sunrise and sunset. Another day, together.

His fingers trace up her arm, past her shoulder, lightly grazing her face, his thumb mapping the freckles, committing their pattern to memory, eventually tangling themselves in her hair. He rubs her temple, a “hm” subconsciously emitting from her throat as his fingers continue their dance; his touch helps her wind down, lulling her to sleep. The crickets chirp and the moon is high in the sky. The windows are slightly cracked, allowing a comfortable, cool night breeze to filter through the car, ridding the sticky, hot air that was sealed, trapped from the afternoon’s sun.

They haven’t had a lot of good days, lately. They’ve been fighting, over everything, particularly how to manage with their remaining funds, which have almost been exhausted. He wanted to tap into their savings, which have been untouched for the past 891 days, but she claimed that it was still unsafe, despite his insistence that no one is really looking for them anymore. An admission from her regarding their fugitive status would be admitting that they have been forgotten, and he knows that she won’t accept that. She cannot fathom that she has suffered these past few years simply to have been neglected, in mind and effort, by the people who sought to ruin, obliterate, their lives. Their quest could not have been disregarded that easily.

Mulder can believe it, though. Scully has always had more faith than he has.

They’ve fought over where to sleep, Scully reasoning that motels were a waste, that they have enough room in the back of their car to sprawl out in slumber, Mulder arguing that his size doesn’t adhere to her sprawling qualifications and therefore the back of the car is not ideal to spend all their nights. He lost out on that one, despite his attempts to lobby for a softer surface to sleep on; he was tired of arguing with her. They fought over her finding a job, waiting tables at a run-down diner or running the cash register at a convenience store, just to buy the basics, like toothpaste and tampons. He claimed that employment of any kind would mean settling down, and they needed to keep moving. She threw his earlier argument about no one searching for them anymore back in his face, that it wouldn’t matter where they were anymore. He almost left her in Buttonwillow.

Their worst fight was about William, two days ago, after stumbling across a few remaining Halloween costumes when they stopped at Walgreens for bottled water. She thumbed through the firefighter jumpsuits and misty green scrubs, long princess dresses equipped with accessories. She found a 3T Spiderman costume and pulled it off the rack, smoothing where the foot had been slightly folded, smashed between the wall and the other costumes. “This is how big he would be now,” she had whispered to herself. But he had been right there, just behind her mumbling, “yeah, but we’ll never know,” in response. She had gasped and turned around in surprise, but after seeing the resentment in his expression, and not at his own statement, her own indignation overwhelmed her and she threw the costume in his face, storming out of the store. Their hostility and anger only escalated from there. He’s pretty sure a bystander almost called the police after witnessing their shouting match in the parking lot.

The night is forgiving, however. Daylight reveals their frustration, with each other and their world. It lays bare their scars and aging, worry lines permanently etched into their foreheads. It builds up their walls and they shut each other out. But night, night brings them a fresh start, a sense of comfort and familiarity, after spending so much of their time cloaked in darkness, in the shadows. At night, they can face each other. They can remember all that they used to love, about their former lives, about each other. About themselves.

At night, they are vulnerable, but tender. They allow themselves to be, because they have to.

He never imagined it would be this hard to love her. He thought that if they could survive their partnership, where they were constantly at odds, but bounded by the understanding that they were coming from a place of respect, of affection, then the two of them against the world would only strengthen their bond. But the work had always been their outlet for debate. Now, they have nothing, only each other off which to spar. He never expected for something, someone so right to feel so wrong. And though he recognizes how unhealthy their anger is, how their highs and lows come in overpowering waves, the thought of a life without her is incomprehensible, unfeasible. She is his Achilles’ heel.

He feels his eyelids getting heavier, drained from their constant relocation. He places a final kiss on her forehead, a surrendering “thank you” for all that she has endured because of him. He’s starting to think she might be right, about needing to settle down, about needing to find stability. He’s running them into the ground. As sleep creeps to the forefront, succumbing to unconsciousness, he pictures them on a rickety porch swing, surrounded by tall grass, encompassed in the warmth of a home shielding them from frigid autumn air. He wants to find this place and take her there.


In the category of “rooms that are driving me crazy” is our solarium or three-season room.  Somehow it, along with our master bedroom and finished basement, has become a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk that didn’t have a home elsewhere.  Besides being stuffed with junk that didn’t belong there, the room also suffered from the disorganized state of the stuff that DID belong there.  I’m embarrassed to even show the before pictures.  It was so overwhelming I kept putting off even starting.  Last evening I started by picking up the floor and giving everything a thorough vacuuming, which gave me the added bonus of being able to easily get to the door to let the dogs out without breaking my neck.  I then started with the small table in the corner and the cabinet and chest on the other side of the door.  The latter housed toys, sports equipment, swimsuits and accessories.  I cleared out all storage units, cleaned up and took to Goodwill toys my teenagers outgrew long ago, and washed all the swimming clothes and towels, since some had been left on the floor last summer and the cat has been napping on them ever since.  The big area rug seen flung on the table has been waiting there to be shampooed for about 6 months.  It’s now been shampooed and is drying in my living room.  The room is only about half done, but I feel like I’ve tackled the worse half and should be able to finish up the rest by the end of the week.

medusozoalove  asked:

Hey! I love your blog it is so funny, and makes my day a million times over. Do you know of any cool diabetes bags and/or sites that have really cool stuff for diabetics? Because I've been looking and haven't found anything so maybe you have.

THankyouu hahaa :) Here are a few sites that I like:

Prikkedief has bags for supplies, like cute clutches for pens. They also have clothing and posters– lots of things that are well designed and functional and happy looking. [my favorite so far] 

Monica Vesci sells clutches as well.

I think everyone should try PumpPeelz at least once. They are these decals that stick onto your pump, meter, Dexcom receiver– any kind they make designs for. You can even design your own I believe. Right now they have new designs for Halloween.

Lauren’s Hope sells medical ID bracelets that are actually attractive to wear everyday. They also sell accessories for your jewelry, like charms or chain extenders. They also have temporary alert tattoos. I have a whole post about bracelets here. (Go see!)
Another good place to look is ThoughtBlossoms

Type One Type Happy  is like, amazing. She has lots of things worth your time on her site ranging from apparel and totes to recipes, tips, workouts even. 

Diabetes Feel Goods has a lot of random useful things too.

Diabete Ez has lots of products too, like bags and pump accessories. Also, I think everyone would find Frio cooling pack super convenient. I’ve talked about that in a previous post and definitely recommend that as well as some type of case for your pump to secure it to your body and/or protect it. 
And just a side note: you can find a lot of different products on the main diabetes merchandise companies’ websites, like Medtronic. All this stuff is not cheap though, I’m warning you. But hey, what about diabetes is cheap? Maybe lancets, since you get a lot of bang for your buck ;)

btw Sorry I’m just getting to this question and this post is such a mess and that these are mostly girly things but I like them and I think a lot of you guys will too, so yeah :) Anyway, look around on instagram too. I can make a list of my fave useful accounts if you want in the future. Also, look on etsy. There are so many little shops that have diabetics in mind. Here are just a few that have items that are particularly fun looking and functional. Hope this helps !



is also great for a wide variety of products including normal-looking carrying cases for your meter and testing supplies. Forgot to add this one to the original post.

I’m thinking of starting a subscription box filled with cute ass coffee related stuff.

This could be brewing equipment, pins, accessories, coffee beans, you name it.

Anyone up for it? 

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - Localization Blog #3

Gadzooks, true believers! You don’t need to whip out your decoder rings to figure out that, in mere days, we’ll officially be in the autumn season. And I know what you’re thinking: “But Nick, you said Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection was coming this summer, and as of right now, you’re just about out of summer!”

Alas, it’s true. You’re not going to see Zwei pop up on Steam without warning – both because there’s more I want to share before the game finally comes out, and because…well, letting you know in advance so you can plan/budget/spend accordingly is good policy. But most importantly, you’re not going to see it pop up because it’s not ready for release yet.

I’m not great at math and even I can tell there’s something iffy about those fractions.

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Now Hiring

Dave flopped down onto his sofa exhausted, it had been a very long day and his balls ached so badly. Stood up again for a hook-up by some skinny twink. He sat there, deflated, as he pulled out his 5-inch cock and began to beat it wildly. It had been months since he had gotten laid, he put it down to his physique. A few years of gym neglect and bad eating had ruined his appeal to what was once a life of regular sex and conquests with almost anyone he wanted. He was about to orgasm as a knock came at the door.
“Oh hell” he thought. He hastily pushed his erection down into his boxers and went to answer the door. Standing there was a tall muscular man, dressed in a tight shirt and jeans. He smirked, “Good afternoon sir! I’m representing an online merchandise company looking for delivery and collection men to hired with immediate effect. Comes with a lot of perks and free samples. Would you be interested?”
Dave looked the man up and down, “Not for me thanks, I don’t drive and I aint no delivery boy”.
“Very good sir”, the man said raising an eyebrow. He reached behind him and removed a small package from his bag. “Well look at our merchandise quality and we will send someone round later to hear your final opinion for the job. Consider it a gift.” Dave rolled his eyes, accepting the box before closing the door and heading back to his living room. He sat down and examined the small box. Nexus Toys, was the label. Pulling open the small box he gasped as his hands pulled out a large leather bondage harness. “What the…” He fondled the leather and nodded approvingly of the quality. This certainly was something he would wear from time to time. Dave stood up and removed his shirt, sliding the harness over his frame, damn it fit like a glove. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a delivery guy.
He sat back down and pulled out his dick. It was rock hard at the sight of his slightly rounded frame standing in such a hot harness. Up and down he stroked, faster and faster, closing his eyes as he fely overwhelming pleasure course through him. Unbeknownst, his body began to change. Months of fat and neglect melted away, replaced in buff muscle and toned frame. His dick grew in his hand, thickening and lengthening until his fingers could no longer surround it. Dave opened his eyes and stood again looking at himself and his new body equipped with even more accessories, his pants now rubber and sculpted to his bulge. The doorbell rang again, not even bothering to cover up he walked to the door and opened it. Before him stood a slim good looking twink boy, carrying a small tablet and looking up at the muscular Dave.  The boy smiled seductively, “Would sir be interested in joining the company? I’m here to let you test out our gift.” 

Without a second thought Dave dragged the boy inside, pulling down his pants he slid his new fuckstick into the boys tight hole right there in his hallway. The boy moaned, riding the dick as hard as he could until he felt Dave cum deep inside him. Throwing him to the floor, Dave flexed as the transformation became permanent. He marched outside, climbing into the waiting van, ready to deliver….and collect all the boys who purchased from the companies site.  The boy picked up his tablet and looked up smiling, “Welcome to the company,” he said before following Dave outside. He sure loved his job, testing out the new collectors.
How about a new job?


Game Point Basketball Store

Yo, what up Tumblr fam! I am doing a soft launch for my website Game Point Basketball Store 🏀 gpbballstore.net

We are a Chicago-based Basketball Specialty Store with the aim of serving the enthusiast, after school legend, playground hero, the Rec league wrecker, coach, fan, spectator, AAU mom, and we have something for you!

Shop basketballs, basketball equipment, training aids, apparel, accessories, and more!

This was created out of the pure love for the game! Our goal is to be the “Golf Galaxy” of the sport and grow into a full retail setup. More details to come!

Please share, leave feedback on site, products you would like to see, tag a friend, etc

IG: gpbballstore

FB: gpbballstore

Twitter: gpbballstore

[Elsword]Magic Wardrobe Guide!

This is one of the guides that I could not even remember to post… I am sorry about the delay. :(

ElWiki hasn’t updated Magic Wardrobe yet, so I think some of you are still confused or unsure about this new system. This simple guide will help you with it (I truly hope; - ;).

One more thing is, this guide works for all Elsword servers. Until one day your Elsword server has this system, you can go back and read this guide.

1. What is Magical Wardrobe?

It’s a feature to apply the looks you want on an avatar while keeping the stat options you want.

2. How to use Magic Wardrobe system:

Magic Wardrobe can be opened using the new 마법 옷장 button (Magic Wardrobe).

It’s the button with the shirt icon. It stands next to the Skill Book icon.

After you click it, you have to wait for the loading of Magic Wardrobe. If your connection is good, It usually takes more than ten seconds. If your internet is bad, it will take more than one minute.

Then, Magic Wardrobe window will appear.

You can preview the unregistered looks using the category section on the left.

3. Register an avatar:

Register is only allowed for avatars in Magic Wardrobe and the items in the inventory. This means, you must take off your avatars/equipment before you want to resister them into Magic Wardrobe.

To begin the process, press  외형 등록 (Register).

Next, you need to choose an avatar/accessory/item that can be registered in your inventory. 

In this case, I will choose the Cresent Moon accessory from ElswordKR Thanksgiving event.

When you press the Magical Wardrobe Register button, your mouse will change to the clothes icon.

After you click on an item, the system will ask if you really want to regsister this item or not.

If you are sure about this, please need to press the left button. 

As you can see, my Cresent Moon accessory is regsistered. It appears in Magic Wardrobe window. 

Remember, you can also check all the currently registered avatar in your Magic Wardrobe.

Items registered into the Wardrobe will have the cloth hanger symbol. 


  • Registered items with cloth hanger symbol are locked. It will be un-tradeable,un-sellable and un-sealable. You can only dismantle them.
  • When you dismantle a registered item, there will be a SMALL CHANCE that you get Sage’s Magic stone or Purified(Dual) El shards.
  • Even if you dismantle the registered items, the items won’t be deleted from the Magic Wardrobe. You can still use and apply them.

This means, even if you try to put the registered items on the market board and press the sell button, the system will tell you that this item cannot be sold.

You cannot trade the registered items through mailbox, either.

There are still very few exception, but it won’t happen in other severs… I will talk about this and explain some reasons why KoG does this later in this post. Please read it. :3

4. Apply an avatar appearance/look:

Again, I will choose the Cresent Moon accessory as an example.

To apply an avatar appearance, you need to choose the registered item from the list.

Next, press the button 외형 적용.

Then, you will need to choose any accessory in your inventory to apply the appearance/look of Cresent Moon accessory. 


  • Only items in the same slot/type can be applied.

I will choose my Hamel Navy Officer cape, because it has the same accessory type with Cresent Moon (back accessory).

Again, the system will ask if you are sure about this. If you do not change your mind, then press the left button to agree.


  • When you apply appearance/look to an item, that item will also be registered in the Magic Wardrobe. It will also have the cloth hanger symbol. This means, that this item is locked, too.

After you finish with the Magic Wardrobe application, you only need to wear the item and enjoy with your new appearance/look. ’ u ’

As you can see, my Hamel Navy Officer cape has appearance/look of Cresent Moon accessory. 

You can change the applied item to the original appearance/looks.

My Hamel Navy Officer cape will be the example.

If I want to change it back to its original appearance/look, I will select the cape from my Wardrobe list (please remember that the cape has already registered), and apply it on the Navy cape in my inventory.

Now, it will have its original appearance/look!

You can apply apperance/look for items as many times as you want. It isn’t necessary for them to stay in one appearance/look forever.

Well, this does not mean that you are able remove the cloth hanger symbol… There is no way to remove it at this moment. 

5. Types of items that can be registered appearance/look:

This is very important, so please read it before you have any question in mind.

  • You can ONLY register avatars/accessories/equipment that appear in Magic Wardrobe category. If they are not listed in the Wardrobe, then you cannot register them
  • Timed items, un-identified and sealed items, promotion avatars, skill rings and mana necklace cannot be registered.
  • For golden accessories that can be found by Treasure Hunter profession. you can register them.


This one is also important!

  • You cannot revert registered items which have cloth hanger icon.

This means, if you register an Ice Burner piece, that Ice Burner is forever locked, until one day, KoG developers change their minds.

This seems to be fine in ElswordKR, because there are many cheap Ice Burner. However, for ElswordNA, it would be something else when most of Ice Burner costs your soul.

  • Magic Wardrobe is shared between all of your characters in the same account.
  • For Elsword KR which has two servers- Gaia and Solace, it only shares between your character in the same account and in the SAME SERVER.

If you have registered an item from this character (such as my Cresent Moon accessory), that item will also appear in other of your character’s Magic Wardrobe as well (the Cresent Moon will be in my Elesis’s Magic Wardrobe for an example).

In ElswordKR case, people have been asking to share Magic Wardrobe between two servers. KoG is working on it, but we are unsure whenever KoG decides to update that or not in the future. I cannot tell much. There is always an update case being canceled. 



There was one time, I registered my Elesis’s weapon accessory into her Wardrobe. The weapon accessory was locked. I couldn’t sell or trade it.

Strangely, I could still use her locked weapon accessory to craft for Gate of Darkness weapon accessory. The cloth hanger icon disappeared!

In ElswordKR, we can craft Gate of Darkness accessories from NPC, but in other servers (such as ElswordNA, ElswordDE), you cannot do it. 


I apologise for this. I forgot to add one thing… 

If you register dungeon equipment (such as Feita armors and more, as long as they are not any avatar), they will NOT have cloth hanger symbol. Therefore, you can still craft or trade them.

However, I haven’t tested with Henir or Secret Dungeon equipment. I will do it soon or ask someone has done it. I heard for them, they will have the hanger mark…

In case anyone asks about this, you can also register Sparring set. 

8. Reason why registered items are locked:

  • To prevent hacking or cheating. This is obvious.
  • To maintain the stable market.

KoG is sure about the fact that many people play Elsword for the sake of fashion. A lot of players only wants to look beautiful. If they can trade the registered items freely, then they have no need for using market much.

This is a bit confusing, but it is easy to understand. Let us have one example, shall we?

You would like to register Add’s Arch Angel Wing, so you could apply to all of your Add characters. If you were able to trade the registered item, you only had to borrow from your friend his/her Add’s Arch Angel Wing and applied it to your Wardrobe. You didn’t need to farm for ED to buy it from market or anybody else. You only needed to borrow, and the work would be done! You could look beautiful easily.

And this could lead to a result that the market would be… less-active, and players would feel bored.

This is why registered items are locked. You need to buy the items, register and apply them to use. 

Well, KoG WANTS you to grind ED for the stuffs you want. They actually give you “invisible” reason to stay in this game as long as possible. That is their goal.


There is nothing much for me to mention. If you still have question or something to add, it will be the best that you give me a message. 

Next guide:

How to purchase and put NX in ElswordKR (in game and on website). I’m kinda surprised when not many people around here know how to put NX pin by logging in Nexon website, so it’s time for you to learn… next time.

Zodiac Bedrooms

An Aries bedroom is probably clean or empty because they are never there. Any clutter is from things they use everyday like sports equipment, clothing, or accessories. Photos of friends and/or awards are their decorations.

Taurus bedroom can be a little cluttered but is probably well decorated. There will probably be a lot of candles and pillows. They might have a lot of trinkets and maybe a plant or two. They like an atmosphere that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

A Gemini room is filled with posters and can be colorful. The walls might be covered but the rest of the room is likely to be clean. A Gemini has a few messy days in their room but like themselves it is constantly changing.

A Cancer can be a pack rat. Their room is likely to be frequently messy. They probably have a lot of different things in their room from clothes to crafts supply. A Cancer has their own way of decorating. They probably have a few posters of their favorite movie/band and then the rest are pieces of artwork they and/or their loved ones have made.

A Leo is one to have a themed room. When younger it might be princess themed. When they’re older it could be as simple as having an all black and white room, a room that is just pink and lace, or a room filled with massive action movie posters.

Virgo wins the prize for having the cleanest and most organized room. Their room is also likely to be the plainest or emptiest. They usually keep practical items in their room and if they decorate it, the decorations are something they really love like one poster of their favorite show or a family heirloom.

A Libra will always be moving their furniture around, sometimes they will have a theme, and they may try Feng Shui. Libra is all about decorating and will always win for the most chic room. Even a Libra that is less creative will have a Flag, maybe a few action figures, and a poster in their room.

Scorpio is likely to have a room that expresses their personality clearly. A room with black and red walls with occult items everywhere can be a possibility. Or a bedroom that is filled with band posters and Polaroid pictures or a bedroom that showcases all of their awards and their favorite memories.

Sagittarius will probably have a unique looking design in their bedroom like a Mediterranean theme, contrasting colors, or a modern themed room. For the Sagittarius who don’t have time to decorate their room will probably have a bulletin board filled with places they’ve been and places they want to go or will have a map in their room.

Capricorn may have a simplistic bedroom style. A Capricorn can have a lot of stuff but it probably won’t be decorations. More like DVD’s, clothes, and tools or crafting supplies everywhere. They are also likely to have a nice clock.

Aquarius will have an odd room. Instead of a comfy chair they might have a bean bag or wheel chair to sit in. There might be a lot of technology in the room, possibly a lava lamp, and a poker table. Their window is likely to always be left open.

A Pisces bedroom can be random and messy. The decorations are varied from things they’ve made to posters of their favorite game. The floor might have clothes on it a lot. But they always have a comfy bed and Pisces is likely to have a cool lighting fixture or lamp. Expect to find a skateboard, slinky, or bouncy ball in a Pisces room.


Available Now!
Rise of the Tomb Raider: Play Arts KAI Figure

Looking for some new Tomb Raider merchandise? Check out the newly released Rise of the Tomb Raider Play Arts KAI figure complete with a range of accessories to equip Lara for any adventure - like the one above! 

“We aimed for a realistic construction in this figure, so of course we have honored the fine details, such as her jacket and other clothing, and her determined facial expression. Her hair, pulled up into a ponytail, is articulated by an orbital joint, making it possible to stage her in the dynamic poses characteristic of this fearless explorer.

The rugged finish on this figure, along with her many iconic accessories, such as her climbing axe, bow and arrows, and more, allow memorable scenes from the game to be recreated faithfully.” 

- Square Enix Play Arts KAI Team 

Product Details:

  • Fully-painted and articulated PVC action figure
  • Package: Window box with flap
  • PLAY ARTS KAI Display Stand included


  • 75mm W x  105mm D x  265mm H
  • Weighs 220 grams


  • Interchangeable hands
  • Interchangeable hand with arrow
  • Knife
  • Dual Climbing Axes
  • Handgun
  • Bow
  • Batch of Arrows

Pick yours up today in the Square Enix Europe Store and from various retailers in the US.

Hi Guys! I’m sorry the wait was long..I hope you enjoy! its a bit of a monster 12,900+ smuttish *I left some to the imagination*

If you would like to added to my forever tag list along with these lovelies let me know :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep courtkismet omgbananasnailus i-dream-of-emus gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted abullofshit sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzeslikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame please let me know if I forgot you or would like to be removed. 


If she was blaming anyone it was Chloe, well, maybe she should be thanking her.

When Rae and Chloe found out that Izzy and Chop were finally going to tie the knot Chloe took it upon herself to throw the hen do, even though Rae was the maid of honor, this was more Chloe’s area of expertise; and of course Chloe being Chloe, she decided to make it a bit naughty.

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