Horse vocabulary in Finnish

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Hevonen - horse
Heppa, hepo, humma - poetic/colloquial/childish nicknames for horse
Tamma - mare
Ori - stallion
Ruuna - gelding
Varsa - foal
Talli - stable 
Aitaus - an area surrounded by fences, corral
Laidun - pasture, pastureland
Harja - crest
Turpa - muzzle
Kavio - hoof
Hevosenkenkä - horseshoe
Heinä - hay
Hoitaa - to care
Hirnua - to neigh
Varsoa - to foal
Ratsastaa - to ride a horse
Ratsu - riding horse
Vetoeläin - draught animal, draft animal
Sotahevonen - war horse 
Lemmikki - pet
Liha - meat
Rotu - breed
Poni - pony
Kylmäverinen - coldbloof
Lämminverinen - warmblood
Puoliverinen - half-blood
Täysiverinen - hotblood
Miniatyyrihevonen - miniature horse
Villihevonen - wild horse
Suomenhevonen - Finnhorse, Finnish Universal
Muuli - mule
Muuliaasi - hinny
Sebroidi - zebroid
Yksisarvinen - unicorn
Askellaji - gait
Käynti - walk
Ravi - trot
Passi - pace
Laukka - canter
Kiitolaukka, neli - galop 
Hevosurheilu - horse sports
Ratsastus - horse riding
Esteratsastus - show jumping
Kenttäratsastus - eventing
Kouluratsastus - dresage
Matkaratsastus - endurance riding
Lännenratsastus - western riding
Vikellys - equestrian vaulting
Hevospoolo - horse polo
Ravit - harness ricing
Vaunukilpa-ajot - chariot racing 
Satula - saddle
Valjaat - harness

Newsies x Equestrian Reader

Author’s Note: okay so this was a lot of fun to write, I really hope it doesn’t flop. An Equestrian is someone who rides horses. I really hope you enjoy this!



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-okay so you show in Western. You’re a Barrel Racer.

- Jack goes to EVERY show

- When you have the best time Jack screams, hoots and hollers

- you bet he races onto the track and ambushes you in a hug

- wants you to teach him how to ride

- he finds a Palomino horse @ the barn and FREAKS OUT

- he NEEDS that horse

- he falls off a lot

- eventually you guys enter races together and against each other

- then you guys come together and have a pre-rodeo show which ends up being fucking awesome

- you guys have a trophy/belt/ribbon ROOM

- you open up your own barn together in Santa Fe

- Jack loves to give kids lessons

- you kick ass in all the Barrel Racing Comps

- y’all are pretty famous Western Equestrians in Santa Fe


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-you ride western, specifically Reining

-he lowkey hates when you do a sliding stop

-he stands up when you enter the ring

-you win a lot of competitions

-since he’s really neat he hates how messy it is.

-he helps you pick out competition outfits

-he loves your horse

-whenever you get hurt he RUNS into the wring

-once you broke your leg

-Davey took care of you the WHOLE time

-he drives you to the barn and stays with you during practice


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- we already know he loves a good race so you’re definitely a Jockey

- he bets on you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

- when you win Race is EXTREMELY happy

- when you loose he just blames it on the horse

- which is R A R E for him he almost always blames the Jockey

- after hearing about an accident on the track he forbids you from riding in the next few races

- when you spend nights at the track practicing he’s right there in the stands

- if you’re tired or had a long race practice he will take your horse for you and untack, groom and turn out your horse for you

- (I forgot the name of them so I’m just gonna call them guides but at the beginning of the race another person leads the Jockey and horse into the gate)

- Race would be your guide even if he can’t bet on the race

- he gets nervous for you

- always brings flowers


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- you’re a show jumper

- you horses name is also Spot

- Spot doesn’t get the idea of silent applause

- lowkey shits his pants when you knock down a rail/pole

- when they announce you and your horse, “Now we have Y/N riding Brooklyn’s Pride” Spot STANDS UP SO QUICKLY

- it was his idea to have the horse’s show name as Brooklyn’s Pride

- he doesn’t know what’s going on but at the end when they announce places he knows

- when you don’t win he still gives you flowers, you’re always a winner in his eyes

- when you win this boy, literally SCREAMS


- is all you hear and you just laugh and continue on

- Spot always helps you untack, groom and load (other) Spot into the trailer.

- he displays all your ribbons in the lodging house

- you have your own corner of ribbons and trophies


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- You just do trails and teach lessons to younger kids

- Crutchy comes to every lesson

- this boy loves to go on trail rides with you

- sometimes when his leg is really bad he doesn’t wanna ride

- you have this one horse who LOVES Crutchy like

- the horse: Jimmy

- jimmy sees Crutchy and RUNS for that boy

- Crutchy loves to just lounge around the pasture with Jimmy

- you fall in love with them both all over again

- P U R E


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- you do Dressage (aka “horse dancing”)

- When you first tell Bumlets he gets really excited because DANCING

-you tell him it isn’t THAT dramatic

- he insists he has to see you do it

- you get really scared that he’s gonna be disappointed

- he’s AMAZED

- he goes to every show and roots so loudly!

- when you win he dances in the stands and yells “THATS MY GIRL!”

- you get SO embarrassed

- your face turns BRIGHT red

- whenever you practice he’s ALWAYS there

- “Y/N teach me please”

- Sometimes you find him standing next to your horse and trying to dance with him

- you sneakily take a video and always show everyone you know

- you try to quit because you get too stressed, Bumlets will NOT let you quit


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- You’re a trick rider

-your first gig was @ a local Rodeo

-you were SO nervous Mush didn’t know what was wrong

-you kept this a secret cause you know how dangerous it is and you didn’t wanna scare him

-you would come home with Bruises and cuts but you always said it was just dirt

-Mush found out when he followed you to the rodeo


-you didn’t even know he was there until after when he ran up to you and gave you the BIGGEST bear hug

-from then on he goes to every practice

-when you fall or have bad days he ALWAYS makes it better

-you taught him one of your tricks once

-he fell and busted his ass

-lots of kisses and hugs later and he was back on the horse

-he loves it but he also shits his pants whenever you fall off

-a very supportive boi

okay guys let me know if I should add more newsies and make a part two I really hope you enjoy this I worked hard on it!