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Never forget when I was volunteering at equine therapy center that works as a healthy physical therapy place for autistic kids and kids with Down’s syndrome and the people who ran the place were like “wow! You’re so good at handling autistic kids(they actually said kids with autism but I loathe that term). What’s you’re secret?”

And I look at them kinda confused like??? It was fairly obvious that the autistic girl I was with didn’t like being touched, so instead in holding my arm across her leg to keep her on the horse, i elevated my arm above her leg and asked her if I could adjust her if she started shifting off the horse. She’d scratch or get upset if the bit was making squeaky noises or if the toy we were using had a bad texture.
All this stuff was obvious if one looked past a NT view
But I just said “I’m autistic too, I know the language.”

I really didn’t want to stop working there, the kids I used to work with were doing really well, one boy I was working with had actually started to talk verbally a bit after I told him that he didn’t have to and I wouldn’t ask him to speak if he wasn’t comfortable with it

But the people who ran the place kept scheduling me wrong, saying I had hours but when I signed in they had removed them, they never emailed me when they said their was a Christmas break so I show up for work and no ones there so I had to sit alone, 16 years old, in an empty parking lot. I couldn’t keep up with their shit scheduling and had to quit.

Also I hated my neurotypical coworkers gossiping about their neurodivergent students in the tack room before lessons began, unaware they were sharing a room with an autistic(me)
I may have reported them before I left….