Equilibristics involves an act that requires maintaining your equilibrium. Be it juggling, devil sticks, or living a high-wire act. The owner of a Magic Shop and the relationship with his favorite young students. His secret life. A double life. A despicable life. A juggle-club bully. An end of childhood.

20 pages, b/w.

Ian McDuffie: Ian McDuffie is much like Prince— if Prince was a cartoonist, watched Sliders every day of his life, lived in Chicago, and loved Philip Roth and Garfield, equally and passionately.

Visit Ian’s website, and pick up Equilibristics at Table 5 June 15 & 16th!

So equilibristics class turned into a circus free for all this week. We had tight wire, walking globe, (see video evidence above) diablo, devil sticks and juggling. It was a great way to end what was a really challenging fourth week. Our conditioning class was somewhat upped a notch to put it mildly, and not that I’m complaining but if I told you the name of one conditioning activity is called ‘suicide runs’ it gives an idea of the intensity of training. FYI, conditioning is every morning 😳.

I also had my first fall. Gasp! Shock! Horror! I was practicing a catchers to one leg drop on the silks and due to massively tired arms, fell out of it before getting into catchers. Luckily I managed to hold on and slid down the silks with my hands. Any silks artist will know that this is going to burn like a bitch, and it did. Luckily this was the worst of it and after a bit of attention and a couple of ice packs I was back in action the next day. Needless to say I’m having a restful weekend full of yummy food and chill time 😴😊.