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The Basic Shapes of Symbols- Triangle

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The triangle shares all the symbolic significance of the number 3, as a shape, therefore represents the many things that come in groups of three, from the Holy Trinity to the triple aspect of the Goddess. Triangles appear in many different signs and symbols. In ancient times, the triangle was considered synonymous with light, and the meanings of the triangle vary, according to which way up it is. When it sits firmly on its base, then it is masculine, virile symbol representing fire. The other way it becomes the water element, a chalice shape, emblematic of the feminine powers. Balanced on its point this way, the triangle also represents yoni, further underpinning the Goddess aspect. The equilateral triangle is a harmonious form, used to indicate the Higher Powers, providing a framework, for example, for the All Seeing Eye of God.

As a symbol of strength, the triangle reinforces the corners of the square, both physically and metaphysically. The solid shape of the triangle also makes its appearance in yogic positions, for example in the Trikona Asama or Triangle Posture.

SOURCE: “The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook- An A to Z compendium of over 1000 designs” By Adele Nozedar


Creating the Pinwheel Pattern: Glue up

Having all the triangles I need, time to start gluing them up into one pattern block. First is making a pair of central pinwheel hexagonal cells. This needs 18 sticks, in groups of 3. Three sticks go together to make one equilateral triangle and six equilateral triangles go together to make the hexagonal cell.

Working on a piece of glass because of all the glue, I assemble each of the triplets into triangles. Then more glue on the inside faces of these triangles and I can carefully assemble the final hex cell. I have to work quick; the sticks are so thin they start to bend out as they absorb moisture from the glue.

Wrap the cell in plastic and then lots of rubber bands to clamp. Once the glue has set, I unwrap and scrap away the excess glue from the outside of the cells. The plastic keeps this excess from drying. Not too hard to clean the glue away so I can continue gluing.

I cut the 4" long cells in thirds and setup for the final glue up. I’ve also made end pieces of pine to include. This is so I can both squeeze from the end while clamping and also have some start and end waste wood when planing.

Now it’s just a matter of quickly doing the final assembly, including small triangles of the darker woods to fill the spaces between the hexagonal pinwheel cells. Quickly because I have to get everything glued and placed correctly before the glue on the first pieces set.

Then side cauls and clamps and another clamp squeezing the ends. The side cauls, and the flat base are covered with clear packing tape so they don’t get glued to the block.

Next up: trying to plane off veneers. More when that happens. For now, I want to give the glue plenty of time to fully cure.

Home, a Nat/Clint/Laura Drabble

Because I am a dweeb who absolutely needed to write the wordiest, fluffiest drabble I could find as soon as I decided that I shipped them as a beautiful triad so hard. AKA, approximately twelve seconds after they introduced Laura. 

Uhhh this is my first fanfic on Tumblr though, so like, be gentle.

Title: Home

Words: 618

Rating: G? Maybe G+? 

Ships: Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton/Laura Barton (closed V or equilateral triad depending on how you look at it, but doesn’t matter for this fic)

Summary: Laura knows Nat too well.

The first time Natasha ever showed up in their bedroom was the same night they moved Callum to his nursery.

Her husband had been all talk about all of the things they could do with their newfound freedom. After all, the newborn bliss had quickly turned into six months of crying, grumpy, night-feeding purgatory. Blissful purgatory, she insisted. Still, “ready to go” was an understatement for both of him. But however delicious – and, at times, borderline bizarre – Clint’s dirty talk was, it fell silent when his head hit pillow for the first quiet night in eons.

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From Earth Science Picture Of The Day; May 25, 2015:

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
Photographer and Summary Author: John Adam

The Giant’s Causeway is a huge deposit of columnar basalt found in County Antrim near the tip of Northern Ireland. The predominantly hexagonal-shaped columns were formed some 50 million years ago by cooling lava. In the Causeway rock, the overall jointing pattern (columnar joints), is primarily due to shrinkage of the semi-solid interior of the lava flow after cooling. The internal stresses induced by thermal contraction on horizontal surfaces lead to the formation of vertical and approximately parallel columnar joints. Three-pronged cracks are started at many points of the top surface with angles of approximately 120 degrees emanating from those points.

A crude and simplistic mathematical model (neglecting all the physics) would involve the regular tessellation of the Euclidean plane by hexagons, which (of the three regular polygons, equilateral triangles, squares and hexagons) have the minimum perimeter for a given area. This is superficially similar to the mud crack phenomenon, although that occurs on a much smaller scale and is limited to the surface layers of the mud. Physically, as cooling proceeds, the cracks (which started at the top and base of the flow) propagate inwards and solidify as three-dimensional polygonal columns. However, although hexagonal patterns are very common, there exist many irregular polygonal columns with 3-7 sides on the horizontal surface. The columns also shrink along their length and produce ball and socket convex/concave joints, dividing the columns vertically.

Quantum quoins [hv = zero point energy = hf/2] are the building blocks of everything in our Universe….

Each having an opposite charge fascia possessing mass-energy momenta they combine through Coulombic attraction and the weak nuclear force to create spectral bosons and photons of light in EM fields as well as the Higgs bosons [charged mass-energy fascia] of all Matter topologies [fermions] themselves

Only through equilateral Planck quanta can the mysteries and paradoxes of modern science be resolved and presented in an entirely new geometric way so as to advance our and unify understanding of physics on all scales

apparently there is this old and abandoned wwii air field like 50 minutes from my house, in the middle of the desert. it’s shaped like an (giant) equilateral triangle and idk why but i wanna go there

Idk if I posted about this but when I get my star destroyer tattoo done I’m also getting a tiny equilateral triangle on my thumb as a sort of therapy thing??? cos I find them so calming and I’ll always have it and I’m really excited