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Gravity Falls Appreciation Day 11

Well, Bill didn’t get the love I was expecting him to get, but I think we all know why I keep doing this series.

Yup. That’s why, Stan. I’ve been holding back on this lovable Grumple Grunkle for a while now but here it goes! Reblog with your favorite Grunkle Stan moments and tag anyone that needs to share theirs too!

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Unpopler pinion: Gamzee is the only troll that truly matters

strongly agree; i dont know the name of any troll except Gamzee. Korkat? Equilateral? No. Gamzee is the only one that matters

Top 6 Tips As things go Driving Traffic To Your Blog

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Equilateral (only they were not )

Tigers have something in common with us
My lascivious darling

This insatiable need
Brewing within
Consuming every morsel of flesh
Cursing, ravenous in our veins

The rabbit wanders
Coyly on the underbrush
Careful, not making a sound

Hungry eyes follow
Hop by hop

One step closer
The tigers attack
Feasting on the rabbits innocence.

Story Behind the Song #1: “Faces and Colors”

January 26, 2016

If you’ve been to an Ivory Circle show or heard or read anything about our EP series, you might already know that much of my influence for this project was about coping with the passing of my dad.  This month marks the two-year anniversary since he died, but what some people don’t know is that there were many years of hospital visits, many years of answered and unanswered prayers, and lots of heartache leading up to his death.  His health really started to decline the year I quit teaching years ago—I moved back in with my parents (a major sacrifice for any 25 year old) and became one of my father’s main caretakers for the remainder of his life.  I don’t like to discuss the cause of his death, or what he suffered from, only because it tends to bring up unsolicited advice from well-meaning people about what could have been or should have been done to save him. If you’ve been through the loss of a loved one, you know that those well-meaning words just make the pain worse because in the end, you’re just left with the reminder that nothing can be done to bring back the dead.  

I started writing Entropy during the end of my last year of teaching and through the course of the following year.  “Insomnia,” in particular, was a song about the triggered anxiety-ridden feeling I would get late at night when I was on watch with my dad.  I felt a therapeutic release with this project I started—many of Ivory Circle’s songs were written after 12am while I was on the cusp of an emotional breakdown and the process of writing was one of the only constants in my life keeping me sane. Something that I originally conceived to just be an experimental demo of sorts became its own entity and out of decay came rebirth.  

When Chris and I decided to make our next full-length album a series of EPs instead, I decided to separate the EPs into three different parts, creating a theme of “relationships” with each one.  Equilateral was about my spiritual relationship.  I grew up in a conservative family but my spiritual upbringing and journey was nuanced and very much my own.  With so much uncertainty in my life growing up, my faith was one thing that I thought I could count on.  During this period when I was taking care of my dad in his last days, that foundation was proving to be less sturdy as the days went on. Isosceles was about my familial relationship.  I’m an only child, so really, it’s about my relationship with my parents.  “Faces and Colors” epitomizes this relationship for me.  It ended up on the Isosceles EP but better fits the theme of Equilateral—it’s a fitting bridge between the two, actually.  

Overwhelmed by places
I cannot erase the memory of our fall
Oh, but it’s a time to recognize my saints
But I’m not waking up at all

Pray over my head
Fill up on the bread
It’s all that I have to give while you may violently repent
For something I said but I never asked for a second chance
Just for this one to be a life I won’t resent

When we are faced with imminent death, are we going to go gracefully and peacefully, like Obi Wan accepting his fate against Darth Vader? (Yes, I know I am a big nerd for utilizing this reference.) Ultimately, we never really know until we are in that unfortunate position, but I imagine human instinct kicks in and maybe the whole “life flashed before my eyes” thing happens and finally (most likely), I picture our realized desperation. It’s our desperation to live, to be alive, to reject an afterlife for the life we have already been given.  This part of the song addresses what I imagine my own response to be if I were in my dad’s position or my own projection of my dad’s reaction to his fate: “I don’t need prayers for salvation or contentment after this life.  I just want this life.”  

There’s a scene in an episode of The Office where Ryan Howard asks Pam if she would rather have “$100 now or $5000 later” as a wedding gift. Before Pam realizes the mistake she made, she accepts the latter bargain.  We all know she should have taken the $100 because, knowing Ryan’s character, she’ll most likely never see the $5000.  Or what do we know?  Maybe Ryan will actually pull through– who’s to say?

What if this is the bargain we’ve made for ourselves?  Do we make the most of our lives now or hope for the best later? When there’s so much at stake, how easy is this question to answer? Is it truly even possible to do both?  

I see faces and colors
That long for each other
But I can’t live in the palm of your hand
Sisters and brothers look out for each other
For who wants to be misled

Spiritual practice seems to be the ultimate gamble.  But ultimately, what we can all recognize is that people want to love, to be loved, to belong, and to make the right choices.  Is there anyone who can truly say, “I want to make all of the wrong choices”?  Maybe, but those people are most likely dead or truly living in a rare state of perpetual apathy. It’s against our natural need for survival to inherently WANT to make bad choices or walk down the wrong paths.  Of course, we often do, but I doubt it’s the intention of most.  We want to do right– find community, find love, find purpose, etc. And across the spectrum of humanity we see evidence of this.  We long for each other but we can’t make decisions for each other or live in place of another.  What we can do is take care of each other and guide one another to right these paths for ourselves.  

Open wide our stances
For these silent dances are not just for us to redeemed
Every breath we take is overturned
By our intentions of getting to where we want to be

Pray over my head that I may be well fed
That we may discover love before we’re old
And before our deathbed may we be protected
From dangers and lies in the stories we have been told

Take care of each other.  Wish the best for one another.  We are all sisters and brothers.


season shapes are relevant

Everyone may see this reply as a joke, but I realized that the episodes actually line up coherently.

Season Octagon (1-26) is the first episode up to and including Ocean Gem. Basically the first half of season 1.

Season Parallelagram (27-47) is the episode after Ocean Gem (House Guest) up to and including Shirt Club, the second half of season 1… sans Jailbreak and the episodes leading up to that. Then stuff gets interesting.

Season Square (49-52) is everything leading up to and including Jailbreak. Square mom, anyone?

Season Circle (53) is Full Disclosure.

Season Irregular Decadon (54-69) encompasses Joy Ride to Sadie’s Song. This includes the Sardonyx arc. An irregular decadon is basically any shape with 10 sides that doesn’t look like a normal decadon, so it could be anything.

Season Equilateral Triangle (70-85) starts with Catch and Release and ends with an unknown episode. At the time I’m writing this post, only everything up to episode 78 (Log date 7 15 2) has aired. Season equilateral triangle so far correlates directly with Peridot’s redemption arc, and guess who’s impossible triangle hair also matches the season shape

At the time the origional season shapes post was made, only episodes up to Shirt Club had aired. However, we also know that crewniverse plans wayyy in advance. 

Looks like we’ve got more peridot-related episodes to look foward too. But there’s one more shape season.

Season Tetrahedron (86-104) is anything beyond the end of season equilateral triangle, up to and including the end of season two. This looks like another arc that will include the season finale.

A tetrahedron is a 3-D shape with 4 triangular sides, like a 4-sided die.

However, when ‘unfolded,’ a tetrahedron can look like this…

Whatever’s coming, it’s going to be interesting.

References: x x x

interesting tidbit? 

seems we’re in 2B now! though the way he phrases it makes it sound like it’s not all that official, or at least not particularly important. still, good to know. also, i think this actually matches up with different parts of the season jokingly being referred to as different geometrical shapes (a few episodes up to and including message received were “equilateral triangle”, i don’t remember what the next shape was called)

That’s not only interesting because I’m intrigued to see where this goes, but if Message Received is the equivalent to Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem, and, likewise, comes with a passel of big revelations (we’ve seen YD now, she’s formally aware that at least someone is up to something on Earth, and, pairing this with It Could Have Been Great, the formal confirmation of the Diamonds theory)

It would also mean that where the first season introduced Lapis, the second season introduced YD. 

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The wicked triangle’s lower eyelid curled upward, giving the equilateral monster an amused look. He pressed one of his little black hands to the side of his thin triangular body, and fanned himself with the other hand, his bricks giving off the appearance of darkening with a blush!


Things I Have Called Bill Cipher:

-triangle satan
-trianglebob illuminatipants
-the fuckin dorito
-wholly ooc dorito satan (in regards to a fic)
-cool ranch lucifer
-lemon demon
-triangle dorito cyclops
-illuminati spongebob
-satanbob trianglepants
-three lines: a terrible trifecta, if you will. a triumvirate of terror. (in regards to a friend drawing bill)
-the intolerable isosceles
-a scandalous scalene
-an exasperating equilateral
-isocsceles irritant

and of course:
-the shitty triangle

@agendersplendor did i forget any

please feel free to add your own


I’m sort of amazed this game is actually out. It’s been developed slowly over the last 6.5 years (all the devs working around college schedules) and there were so many discussions we had where we thought it might get trashed completely. But I’m really glad it we kept going with it, because we really think it is an excellent game and we really want people to play it!

Hiiro is an ambient exploration-based platformer with puzzles scattered throughout. It is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of your typical hardcore-fast-paced-shoot-em-up-with-zombies/aliens/robots. Exploration, discovery, puzzle-solving, and ambience.

“The music, the world, the calm … it’s like being late but without haste.” - Equilateral.es

  • No Death - You can’t die in this game. This allows for exploration without fear.
  • No Levels or Areas - Just one massive overworld to explore in any order you choose.
  • No Language - No labels, no instructions, no dialogue. You are alone in the world, and you are taught the controls without the use of words.
  • Play at Any Pace - Your mom could play this game and enjoy it, but so could a “gamer”. There’s no pressure to play at any particular speed at any point in the game.
  • Layered Ambient Soundtrack - that shifts subtly as you move throughout the world.

Website | Purchase | Listen to the Soundtrack