The No helmet thing is my issue. I think we live in a protectionist society where we have to take all risk out of everything. Fear is good, it keeps up alive. A helmet is extra weight, throws the head off balance, obstructs vision, when a person falls the helmet increases speed of the head, it give a false sense of security, people will get on a horse they should not because they have a helmet, parents will put their kid on a horse with a helmet that they would not without a helmet. Helmets get caught on trees, branches, buildings and other things, I have seen lots of people get pulled off a horse because their helmet and chin strap got caught on something. Lots of studies that people drove more reckless when they had a seatbelt and helmet on. Also known as superman syndrome for cops and firemen, they have all this special protection equipment so they take more risk thinking the eq will protect bad decisions.

As a cop I rush into drug houses when I had my bullet proof vest on, I would not if I did not.

Helmets in the horse world has become a false sense of protection and safety. I have fallen and been thrown off more horses than most people, never wore a helmet and those falls taught me how to fall and protect my head and not do stupid things that caused me to fall or be thrown. No one wants to report it, but 99 percent of all people I have seen get hurt on horses wore helmets. Since that statistic does not fit into the protectionist agenda, it is not recorded or reported. They only report how many people are hurt on horses, that is a false statistic.
Helmet people tend to more inexperience and fear driven, that effects the horse, the feels that fear, read the water hose experiment on my site about fear, so when a rider is fearful they are less confident, they are slower to react, unsure, second guesses what they should do, fail to get involved as quick as a person who is confident, secure and realized the risk.

I see parents put kids on horses and they fall 20 times and cry and because they a helmet on the parents say just get back on. So the kid does not learn as much or as fast since his pudding brain is just getting bounced around and not hurt.

Wearing a helmet has become a status symbol and pushed on others, like many bully practices in the horse world, so people are shunned or forced to wear one just because others either want to or are too scared or insecure not to wear one. Liability and fear from getting sued is another reason the helmet is pushed or forced. Ignorance and lack of studies that show the negative of helmets is why helmets are pushed and forced.

Now comes the cry baby women sexist part: Women started the helmet fad, women promote it, women push it and the female dominated sports and horse world is run and dictated by women. So you get mad but it does not change the facts.

Men are being wussified in society and risk taking has become bad behavior instead of normal boy behavior. Men have to be in touch with their pink side and not do anything that a woman can’t do or they are sexist or hate women or they don’t respect women or they are trying to compete with women or they are trying to be better than women. Most of our greatest discoveries are by men taking risk, it is in our DNA and helps progress. Women are not like that especially after they have a kid.

Cars are 100 times more dangerous than horses, more people killed or injured, more accidents, greater speeds, Yet NO HELMET are worm? ummmm? This will shock some but cars were driven for years without seat belts. New York, Liberalism early, was the first state to make seatbelts the law and that was not until 1984.

Horses and man have been around each other for 1000s of years with NO helmets suddenly the Helmet fear protectionist think since the beginning of time everybody died of head injuries, I happen think maybe people used their brain for more than just a helmet holder.

So my issues with helmets go deeper than I don’t helmets or don’t like people that wear them.


think like a horse/rick gore

basically a man who doesn’t know a goddamn thing about helmets. my favorite part is the part about cars  'yet no helmet are worm’ because we wear seatbelts dumbass also it’s worn not worm but nice try. i can see he may have possibly fell off and hit his head more than once