@bepiscola-official keeps asking for nonbinary Equius and so I figured day 7, quadrant mixing, of @homestuck-ff-month was a good chance to hit two birds with one stone! Equius and Nepeta are both pale and flush for Feferi (and pale for each other) so they’re both propositioning her in both quadrants ♦️♥️


(What do?)


(Hurt person bad no what)

(what do)

(need towel)

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cootiefish-moved-to-same-name  asked:

)(ello Equius! You never reely talk to me! Is it because im not a suitable )(ig)(blood!? 38?

CT: D —> Oh no, not at all
CT: D —> I honor your entitlement more than any other
CT: D —> I simply restrain from speaking to you
CT: D —> Because I’m not worthy of initiating a conversation, in your regard
CT: D —> I am but a lowly peasant to your royalty
CT: D —> I would never bother you with my trivial affairs
CT: D —> I will only speak when I’m spoken to
CT: D —> As a matter of unfaltering respect
CT: D —> Your Highness 

biblioholic93  asked:

Feferi Peixes and Equius Zahhak, #8, innocence. You're a beautiful human being for what you're trying.

She is nothing you expected her to be like in person, for you have had a deep set distrust for the sea dwellers since you were a child. This hate was probably passed down from Darkleer, which you don’t doubt after the torment he went through. But even after this prejudice, she is nothing like what you expected her to be. 

You chastise yourself when you catch yourself looking at her across the lab absently, your mind caught unawares by her perfection. But therein lies the strange part: why do you find her to be perfect? She is not the strongest, nor the smartest troll you know. She is beautiful, (you feel queasy at the thought) however, that was not perfection to you.

You snap out of your train of thought when you realize she is speaking to you.

“Equius? Shello?” She mimed knocking against your forehead and grinned. “There you are, I thought I might have lost you there!” You notice, with a grimace, that you are the only two left in the room.

“Yes. Greetings, Heiress. Is there something you need?” You say, straight faced. Your normal tough facade seeping through weary grey skin, giving you a neutral expression. 

“Wow! That’s the most you’ve ever said to me!!” Her laugh washes over you like sea foam. You can see why Ampora finds her to be such an attractive palemate. “So, I was thinking that I should at least try to talk to you, because I would very dearly like to be fronds with everyone while we’re stuck here. And I’m not just saying that! I’m sure we have lots in common." She sat herself down next to you - a bit too intimate for you liking - on the horn pile Makara had left. 

"I’m sure we do, Heiress, however-”

“It’s Feferi! Only the Royal Guards called me Heiress. It’s always Feferi to friends." 

"I’m not your friend, Heiress.”

“And why not?” She frowned, your heart fluttered. “Is it the teeth? People are always telling me they’re too pointy. Ooh, is it because yours are blunter? Some people say it makes them feel inferior! I definitely don’t mean it, I’m just naturally more frightening, I’m afraid-”

“No, Feferi, please. It’s not anything nearly so superficial, it’s just that-" 

"Hey! You said my name!” She smiled like a wriggler on their first 12th Perigee. “Can you say it again? It sounds nice when you say it!”

“Excuse me?” You blink behind your shades.

“Humor me, please?” Her eyes shined and, of course, an order was an order.

“F… Feferi. Feferi.” You said weakly. She bristled with happiness and began to fish for conversation as you resisted the urge to reach for a towel. This is the moment you realize exactly why she is perfect. It is the way she makes people feel like they are the only person worth talking to in the whole world. She makes you feel like protecting her from all harsh words against her, even though you know she is strong.

It was innocence, her entire person still as young as a wriggler, but with a soul as big as Alternia. You found yourself entranced, and you didn’t want to miss a single syllable that fell from her lips.

(( I hope that was okay, and thank you very muchly! )) 

CC: it’s too bad equifis)( isn’t a sea dweller… 
CC: the ocean is blue!
CC: i also t)(ink that )(e would be a really great swimmer! 
CC: )(is sweating problem and )(im being so STRONG aren’t problems underwater so )(e can pet my cuttlefis)( if )(e likes! 38D 

quick pic for yoshi, because she never asks for anything even though i told her to. here’s some equifef for you, since it’s so rare!