(What do?)


(Hurt person bad no what)

(what do)

(need towel)

Welcome to the blog! XD This was interesting -a pairing I’ve only seen one other place before, which is always fun.  Your compliments flatter me in the extreme, dear! *bow*  And I am sorry I got this out so late, this set took me rather a while to deal with.  Thank you for the praise, and the follow!

(I would love to draw one of these for each of my new followers, but I can’t go and look through your blogs for what you would like!  If you follow and would like a welcome, please write in with a favorite character/pairing/request and I’ll see what I can do!)

calli-ma  asked:

fefquius ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

u shit

  • shops for groceries

they go seperately, feferi’s food choices of whale blubber and fishy things puts equius off, being vegetarian and all

  • kills the spiders

equius screams, feferi murders.

actually it looks like this half the time

  • comes home drunk at 3am

neither of them drink often, if at all

  • makes breakfast

whoever wakes up first makes it, but since equius doesnt like dealing with dead animals and feferi is very aware of this distaste they both end up eating salad no matter who wakes first

  • remembers to feed the fish

fef for sure! equius doesnt trust himself around anything glass so he lets her deal with that

  • decorates the apartment

equius would love to

feferi however doesnt let him, not because of the horse cock (dont dis the horse cock, that shit is fine art) but because she knows hes gonna spend all his money on paintings

she does a nice job with it though! very bright and lovely

  • initiates duets

feferi. equius has a hella nice singing voice so she does ti as often as possible; shes just so cute equius cant stop himself from singing along too

  • falls asleep first

equius; fef likes to stay up late, not doing anything in particular really, she just likes to. she likes stealing his glasses when he does, though sometimes she finds out that hes still awake a little too late

CC: it’s too bad equifis)( isn’t a sea dweller… 
CC: the ocean is blue!
CC: i also t)(ink that )(e would be a really great swimmer! 
CC: )(is sweating problem and )(im being so STRONG aren’t problems underwater so )(e can pet my cuttlefis)( if )(e likes! 38D 

quick pic for yoshi, because she never asks for anything even though i told her to. here’s some equifef for you, since it’s so rare! 

cootiefish-moved-to-same-name  asked:

)(ello Equius! You never reely talk to me! Is it because im not a suitable )(ig)(blood!? 38?

CT: D —> Oh no, not at all
CT: D —> I honor your entitlement more than any other
CT: D —> I simply restrain from speaking to you
CT: D —> Because I’m not worthy of initiating a conversation, in your regard
CT: D —> I am but a lowly peasant to your royalty
CT: D —> I would never bother you with my trivial affairs
CT: D —> I will only speak when I’m spoken to
CT: D —> As a matter of unfaltering respect
CT: D —> Your Highness 

It occurred to me, Sollux is usually shipped with either Aradia or Feferi, and so is Equius.

Also, sometimes Sollux and Equius or Aradia and Feferi are shipped together.

So what about a polyamory relationship between the four of them / a flatmates AU?