@bepiscola-official keeps asking for nonbinary Equius and so I figured day 7, quadrant mixing, of @homestuck-ff-month was a good chance to hit two birds with one stone! Equius and Nepeta are both pale and flush for Feferi (and pale for each other) so they’re both propositioning her in both quadrants ♦️♥️

cootiefish-moved-to-same-name  asked:

)(ello Equius! You never reely talk to me! Is it because im not a suitable )(ig)(blood!? 38?

CT: D —> Oh no, not at all
CT: D —> I honor your entitlement more than any other
CT: D —> I simply restrain from speaking to you
CT: D —> Because I’m not worthy of initiating a conversation, in your regard
CT: D —> I am but a lowly peasant to your royalty
CT: D —> I would never bother you with my trivial affairs
CT: D —> I will only speak when I’m spoken to
CT: D —> As a matter of unfaltering respect
CT: D —> Your Highness 


(What do?)


(Hurt person bad no what)

(what do)

(need towel)

Welcome to the blog! XD This was interesting -a pairing I’ve only seen one other place before, which is always fun.  Your compliments flatter me in the extreme, dear! *bow*  And I am sorry I got this out so late, this set took me rather a while to deal with.  Thank you for the praise, and the follow!

(I would love to draw one of these for each of my new followers, but I can’t go and look through your blogs for what you would like!  If you follow and would like a welcome, please write in with a favorite character/pairing/request and I’ll see what I can do!)

CC: it’s too bad equifis)( isn’t a sea dweller… 
CC: the ocean is blue!
CC: i also t)(ink that )(e would be a really great swimmer! 
CC: )(is sweating problem and )(im being so STRONG aren’t problems underwater so )(e can pet my cuttlefis)( if )(e likes! 38D 

quick pic for yoshi, because she never asks for anything even though i told her to. here’s some equifef for you, since it’s so rare!